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    Logitech G11 random problem

    Hi all,

    Ok i have a G11 logitech Keyboard and one day it stopped working, when i pushed any of the letters on the keyboard nothing came up, now the weird thing is that the lights still come on. Also, when i plugged the keyboard in and ran the auto detection test on the logitech website, it picked up the keyboard, i also installed the Keyboard profiler software and when i plugged the keyboard out and back in again it was deteced by the software.

    Im completely baffled as to what it could be, any suggestions are welcome.


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    Re: Logitech G11 random problem

    Should you have the option, then try it on another computer or if your computer supports usb keyboards during the boot, then try to bring up the boot menu by pressing F8 (I think) prior to it entering windows (assuming windows ofc).
    Either of those should indicate if it is a hardware or some very unusual software issue.
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