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    How To Train Your Dragon

    Saw this movie last night and it was extremely entertaining. I had really low expectations of this movie but I was really impressed (not to mention I love anything related to vikings)

    Only disappointing thing about the movie was Hiccup's voice acting done by Jay Baruchel. It was dull, unemotional and just downright bad. But the rest of the movie was hell of a lot of fun.

    Anyone else seen this movie?

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    Re: How To Train Your Dragon

    So, that's the english name of Draktränaren?

    Forget I'm watchin' it, everywhere it's gonna be dubbed on Swedish it seems >.<
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    Re: How To Train Your Dragon

    Glad to hear it's decent -- I liked the trailer, but it was really difficult to guess whether it would be good or completely terrible. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see it sometime.

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    Re: How To Train Your Dragon

    Going to watch it with my sister because she is visiting.

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    Re: How To Train Your Dragon

    i watched it with my little sister 3D.it was a good movie to tell ya the truth.Nice use of the 3D technology too.Worth watching
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    Re: How To Train Your Dragon

    not bad. thought the 3D was distracting but overall a fun flick.

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    Re: How To Train Your Dragon

    I was really impressed with this movie. Dreamworks may not be Pixar but they are keeping up rather well. Even my boyfriend and his friends liked it so don't be afraid to go with your girl when she bugs you =]

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    Re: How To Train Your Dragon

    It's definitely a fun movie. I think the only thing I didn't enjoy was the dude who voices hiccup (although awesome) didn't really seem like his voice fit for the character..

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    Re: How To Train Your Dragon

    Yeah this was a great movie! Hiccup's voice was a rather bland when you compare him to the other characters, but once you get past that it is really good. I def recommend

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    Re: How To Train Your Dragon

    I liked the movie a lot. Didn't see it with my sister, but whatever.

    Hiccups voice was alright.

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    Re: How To Train Your Dragon

    To say I liked this movie a lot would be a massive understatement. Sure the message is old and played out, but the way it's told is very heartwarming. The flight scenes are especially well done and the soundtrack is just, simply amazing. Like a lot of people I didn't really have high expectations for this movie when I first saw it, but after I walked out of the theater I just wanted to turn right back around and see it again ;D Definitely see this one while it's still on the silver screen, in 3D if you can.

    Oh and by the way, if you don't fall madly in love with Toothless you have no soul :P

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