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    Recount Addon Issue

    So just recently my recount addon has gone south. It use to display the time and encounter of every target, as current fight. As many know, recount display almost ever action done in raid or out, as either current or overall. Today, it will only display overall so i have to reset recount everytime if i want to see current dps. If i click on current fight and a new encounter occurs, it will just bring back the overall and not the current. It only has two display options as either current or overall, it no longer will display the time and dps done to that specific target. I have reinstalled recount several times and played with its options, but still seem to be not having anyluck.

    My main question is, how do i make recount display my current dps with the time of encounters and the name of each boss?

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    Re: Recount Addon Issue

    Are you keeping it up to date? Thats the first thing I would check.

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    Re: Recount Addon Issue

    My version of recount was acting weird after the 3.3.3 patch also, just had to update it and its been working fine since then. Otherwise, it may be another addon interfering with it. Always update addons that seem to be buggy though, always the first step.

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