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    Dot Timer

    So I just picked up my Spriest and started playing it again. I downloaded Dotimers but it's really aggravating me. I only want it to show my CDs and dots/debuffs on enemy targets. I've been through the complex configuration but I can't find anywhere that I can turn off all buffs. I've got it now to where my CDs are shown on one anchor and my dots/debuffs are on another anchor. Along with my dots/debuffs it is showing my buffs that I have given my party, but i've turned off party buffs. Anybody have any suggestions on configuring Dotimers or maybe another addon to try.

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    Re: Dot Timer

    I am going to jump in and recommend ForstXorcist. It shows your DoTs on multiple targets as well as your cooldowns, and lets you keep track of temporary buffs if you need to as well.

    This was the first google image result for it, stolen so I can show you how it looks. I have the buff timers turned off for most of the usual things like Inner Fire, Fortitude, ect.
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    Re: Dot Timer

    ForteXorcist is amazing, great addon for tracking dots, debuffs, and all things of the sort. Has a really cool cooldown tracker as well

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    Re: Dot Timer

    ForteXorcist is a great addon, but It uses up too much memory for me.

    I vastly prefer EventHorizon. Link

    The thing I like about it the most is that it not only shows when (all) of the next dot tics will occur, it also shows a thin line on Vampiric Touch that shows when you should start casting VT to have max uptime (something which no other dottimer i've seen does, and I absolutely love it)

    (taken from the wowinterface page - shows what I mean).

    You can also configure it though its config.lua (no ingame config UI which drastically reduces its memory usage) so that it only includes the spells that you want. For example, I only have it show VT, MB and DP so I can manage the timings of those. (it has modules for every class as well)

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    Re: Dot Timer

    EventHorizon is awesome imo. All you need, no extras, and easy to set up.
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    Re: Dot Timer

    EventHorizon is no doubt very good, but it is a new learning experience.
    If you prefer the more standard bars then NeedToKNow is an option, but unlike Forte does not show you everything, in fact it shows you nothing until you add it specifically.
    Means a more minimalist result.
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