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    Mana whores!

    My question is regarding the disc tree and more to how to manage with mana. On the more intensive fights i tend to oom pretty damn fast.

    The most recent was prolly my 1st Lk 10 kill on this char : . The only thing i had different was using the 122 int trinket from triumph badges for the extra mana instead of Nevermelting .

    I was running with 33.8k fully buffed but still managed to oom on the last 8% of p3 and by oom i mean spamming pw:S up to the point at wich i had enough mana to cast it.

    Went trough 2xShadowfiends and Arcane Torent+Silver of Pure Ice on Cd. Managed 1 Hymn and had 2 innervates + a Mana Tide and a Mana Pot..and still i oomed on those last 8%. I know the gear isn't stellar but by looking at genuine main spec Discs they run with abit less haste( the reason i have so much haste is because my mainspec of this alt is shadow) and around the same amount of mana regen.

    Question would be what could i improve in terms of managing cooldown or itemization wise in the limits of reasoning what could i swap around to handle my mana abit better. I know shadowfiend is best used after a Hymn and the same goes for Arcane Torent but on such a intensive healing fight with so much movement i didnt manage to time my Hymn with the other spells.
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    Re: Mana whores!

    Are you shielding tanks during P1/2? If so you need to stop. Your mana problems will disappear for the most part after that. Also, are you properly down-ranking/bridging shields for P1/2? If your shields are ~8k then you can shield everyone except tanks then heal normally as Infest will only destroy half of your shield.

    Going OOM on LK as Disc usually the result of shielding tanks, or not managing shields properly, which means you will not be getting the proper returns on mana from Rapture.

    1. Are you shielding tanks? If so stop.
    2. Are you shielding targets based on Weakened Soul, or if they have PW:S? You should only be reshielding once a shield is actually destroyed.
    3. Did you plan Hymn usage around Shadowfiend, Mana Tide, or Innervate usage? If not then you should be, it will give you more mana.

    You also mentioned only 1 Hymn, the fight is rarely <8 minutes, so you should be getting 2 Hymns off per fight. One just before the first transition and one once the last spirit is down during P3.

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    Re: Mana whores!

    don't shield over a shield rapture won't do its magic

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    Re: Mana whores!

    Indeed, dont ever shield a tank in phase 1 and 2, It'll ruin your Rapture cd. Another thing, its something to get used at but try to perfectly time your shields so they stay for 2 infests, and i mean PERFECTLY timed! 2 infests will completly absorb them and hello 8x infest

    Also I used hymn at the very start of the second transition (since there isnt that much dmg yet) and my fiend when i was back on 20% -ish, i used my fiend

    We also 2 healed this shit, disc priest and paladin. Not sure if many ppl did this be4. But it work out quiet well If a Healer gets grabbed by a valkyr or gets put into frostmourne, it can get tricky but comunication is the big thing. If one of those happened, tanks used cd's to get throught

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    Re: Mana whores!

    Yup there seems to be my problem. I completely disregarded Rapture.I was not downranking for the same reason i was not thinking about Rapture,a shield on a person with infest never broke because of infest thus not giving me the mana back.

    I was shielding tanks on Cd and the raid with 1 second left on the shield before knowing the infest was soon to come.

    To be honest i am more used to a druids never ending mana pool and seems i was mindlesly going trough the priests one.

    Thank you for all the tips and Happy Easter ^^
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    Re: Mana whores!

    Depending on your strat and raid comp, it's possible for melee to be taking damage from Drudge Ghouls during P1. IF so, you don't want to bubble them either: just bubble the ranged group and precast a PoH on the melee group.

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    Re: Mana whores!

    Get a Solace for the Mp5.
    The Int. trinket is shit imo, I used to run that + solace then i got althors and used solace and althors.
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    Re: Mana whores!

    People preach shield spam on LK and I just don't think it applies in every case. That can get inexperienced players or direction-followers in trouble. Yes, shields are great tools against Infest and Vile Spirits, but you will go OOM if you shield everyone for every occurrence. PW:S can handle two Infests with good timing, and really to be honest, there's very little healing necessary in P1 so conserve your mana where you can. You're in the habit of using your mana CDs which is good, but always be on the lookout for ways to maximize their use. Some like to combine Fiend and HoH, some HoH and Mana Tide, etc. It can work if you do it correctly, but you can still survive by doing each singularly as well. And its not necessary to completely avoid shielding the tanks in P1/P2, but it can be useful to mind the Rapture proc timer. If your shields are up for the first Infest, they won't break so you know you can get a 12sec Rapture CD on the tank in the meantime.

    Its mostly one spell that makes disc so useful on the LK but its also the downfall of many disc priests on that encounter. Its all the small things, weaving your CDs or shielding selectively, that makes disc easymode on LK.

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