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    My own UI art.

    So I made my own UI artwork. Tell me what you think. I was trying to keep it simple and not to complex!


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    Re: My own UI art.

    Looks pretty sweet, though you've got the Horde symbol there, even though it looks more eastern-influenced to me than anything else. But either way, thumbs up, broski. Dig it.

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    Re: My own UI art.

    Looks good for a first. Be proud!

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    Re: My own UI art.

    If you get an addon like "Prat" you can get rid of the scroll buttons from your chat log....will look much nicer

    I'd also recommend "Sexymap" to take care of you minimap button clutter......and it looks nicer to :P

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    Re: My own UI art.

    Pretty cool, I would make a few changes for my own of course, but then again I don't have much experience with it. I really wish I could make a custom UI that wasn't full of errors or heavy memory usage.

    My ideal UI would have Grid bars in the top left below my personal frame (Xperl-ish). With grid setup to show all major debuffs and health to filter right to left. I would have Omen and Recount in the bottom right like yours only side-by-side. Some form of bartender in 3-4 lines w/binds. Buffs and Sexymap in the top right, with boss DoT/Debuff tracker below that. Some form of a health bar mod for adds, Ora2, and of course a boss mod. I would love to be able to set this up and customize the color configuration with them all together.

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    Re: My own UI art.

    Not my kind of style at all, as I prefer is no-color (grey) and simple. But gj
    - Trim

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    Re: My own UI art.

    I don't like it for my self. But afterall it is a good UI, mate. Ofc, you could do alot of changes on it (Pitbull is not very beutiful and for instance use SLdatatext instead of Titanpanel)

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    Re: My own UI art.

    Also Buttonfacade: Caith makes every UI's more beutiful 8)

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    Re: My own UI art.

    Locked. Read the rules.

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