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    News (5th March 2007)

    Leotheras Europe first kill by Nihilum

    LFGComic #23 is here ! You can also check their archives

    Maulgar and Gruul strategy got delayed (just a little, don't worry) and should be available today (at least for Maulgar).
    We had problems with an hard drive yesterday, site wasn't accessible from 21:45 to 22:30 (GMT +1).

    [compare=32837,en,wh,2.2.0 (Live);en,ol,2.3.0 (PTR)]
    [compare=32867,en,wh,2.2.0 (Live);en,ol,2.3.0 (PTR)]
    [compare=21389,en,wh,2.2.0 (Live);en,ol,2.3.0 (PTR)]
    [compare=30089,en,wh,2.2.0 (Live);en,ol,2.3.0 (PTR)]

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    Re: News (5th March 2007)

    Woot first & last post probably :P

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