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    Destro or aff 2v2

    yeah hey, i've started doing a lot more 2s recently with a rogue, i've been playing mostly as destro and it has been working quite well, until we hit 1.9k. i get destroyed so fast by most teams now that i can barely get any damage off at all. even if i get an immolate up it's usually gone straight away. my question is should i consider swapping to affliction for 2s now that we're at a higher rating? my survivability would go up and that's what i'm after but is it worth the loss in burst, and will our team suffer as a consequence?

    TL;DR: is aff better than destro for lock/rogue past 1.9k rating?

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    Re: Destro or aff 2v2

    Destruction is good if you can pull it off, but it is too vulnerable to interruptions and dispells.
    It can be done, just requires some luck and sufficient skill to do so.
    Affliction suffers from the lack of burst, and if being destroyed so quickly is an issue then that might suffer there also.
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    Re: Destro or aff 2v2

    With a rogue, destro.

    With anything else, affliction.
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    Re: Destro or aff 2v2

    aff won't give u the burst your team needs and has previously succeeded with. Maybe you've just gone as far as you can with that comp?

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    Re: Destro or aff 2v2

    Quote Originally Posted by krasgoth
    With a rogue, destro.

    With anything else, affliction.
    This is 100% accurate.

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    Re: Destro or aff 2v2

    Quote Originally Posted by Clarkis2001
    This is 100% accurate.
    Well I would say most Double DD Lock Team shoud go Destro. I Play with a mage and as Alfi I dont realy see it working
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    Re: Destro or aff 2v2

    Quote Originally Posted by Leios the Worstcase
    Well I would say most Double DD Lock Team shoud go Destro. I Play with a mage and as Alfi I dont realy see it working
    Hmm, I see your point. But Rogues die really fast when their CDs are up, which is why I said you have to be Destro. I'd think that a good Affliction Warlock could make other comps work, though you are right that most double dps prefer a Destro Warlock due to the burst option and CC.

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    Re: Destro or aff 2v2

    Affliction can be run with a rogue just fine. There are a boat load of aff/mutprep teams out there. I suggest running with a VW in order to survive a tad better.

    Start with sap on non kill target


    Also, don't be afraid to port to reset the fight. This can let your rogue get another sap off. <3

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    Re: Destro or aff 2v2

    It really depends. With another DPS, it's normally wise to go Destruction, same with some healers, a Priest for example, but with other classes like Druid it's probably wise to go Affliction.

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    Re: Destro or aff 2v2

    i only pvp as desto and i was 2's with a frost mage and i know how tough it can be against pally/priest comps. We couldnt get past 1800 either because your team relies so heavily on burst and as the teams get more geared/skilled, it becomes less viable. If you dont get the kill target down in the 1st 30sec your chances of winning generally go down alot unless you reset the fight like someone stated. But again skilled high rated teams wont let you get out of combat.

    For now afflic is the only viable 2's spec for a lock for 2k+ imho. I am sure there are ppl out there who would say otherwise, but ive come to the conclusion that even if you could get a harder to play spec that high you could get the noob faceroll cake spec even higher.. even though the games can be over 10mins -_-

    And regarding pets, start with a succubus for the cc (she only has ~6 sedduces worth of mana anyway) and fel dom a vw shield if u get in trouble (after trinket/portal/healing macro) and u going down. If its a mage or shammy use a fel pup instead.

    This is the macro you want to use adapt it for all your pets, its mashable which helps alot.
    /cast Fel Domination
    /cast !Summon Succubus(Summon)
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