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    Some Demonology Questions!

    Hello, I decided to try out demonology after playing a bit of affliction and I want to make sure I have the priorities down before I pull my hair out wondering what's wrong, so here goes...

    Always ensure LT>CoE if no boomkin/uhdk, else CoD, unless target is dying in less than 1 minute, then CoA>Corruption>Immolate
    Shadow Bolt until Molten Core procs, then cast Incineratex3, and back to SB
    Replace SB completely with Soul Fire, keeping up Decimation only with SF and completely ignoring MC procs

    My questions to the more experienced are, about the MC proc, if a DOT(s) is anticipated to come off or comes off during the Incinerates, do I reapply the DOT or focus on using up the 3 MC charges ASAP? The next is, do you find casting SB during the <35% to keep up Improved Shadow Bolt worth the while or just SF mindlessly? Thanks!
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