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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm


    Fucking does you right all you skilless QQ'ers who say '' I WUUV BLEWD DPS IT BEST''. Time to pay attention to what you are doing and when you're doing it tards, GJ blizz 60% Noobs out, now to teach the rest.

    To the person who said BLOOD DPS, UH PVP, Frost tank:

    Learn to play.


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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Azeroth
    So far I don't like a single change that's been announced.

    The worst part is they're going to design the Blood Tanking around the assumed fact that they'll have the healing from Death Strike, and then if they don't have their diseases on a target they don't get healed and they die.

    Fuck blizzard is terrible.
    WAH! WAH! WAH! Go and quit then! Changes are always interesting. Nerf or buff.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Firstly I have to say, just by looking at some of the responses, what kind of community has the WoW community become? Some of the first responses are essentially "Yay! Incoming QQ! Haha you suck!" Really? Since when is it appropriate to be this much of a douchebag? Do you say to yourself "Wow, some people won't like their class being changed, I should go be an asshole about it!"? Grow up, seriously.

    Secondly, I'd have to say I feel this is a step backwards for not only the class but the game itself. I've always played a tank, and I love tanking. I tanked everything through the end of BC with my paladin, but never really enjoyed the class. Deathknights were a godsend for me, because I really enjoyed the flavour of the class, and I could pick whichever tree I wanted and still be completely viable as the main tank for my guild. I originally started out as a Frost tank, but soon found I liked Unholy better for the cooldowns. I had absolutely no problem MTing all of Wrath as an Unholy, even when everyone said you have to be this or that cookie-cutter spec. Unfortunately, now everyone will have to be the same cookie-cutter spec. There will be no more variety in DK tanks, you will no longer need to understand your talents as long as you have the same spec as everyone else. Rather than put in the actual effort to keep DKs as a multi-tree-viable tank, they're taking the easy way out. I find this is in keeping with the idea of the "B" team being in charge of WoW, what with everything being converted to badge farming, homogenization of half the game, a half-assed expansion on the horizon. Heck they're even going to give away the DK class mount via a loot quest now. DKs don't feel like a "Hero" class to me anymore. My DK really doesn't feel fun at all anymore, especially knowing that any choice I had in gameplay is essentially being taken away in the near future.

    Honestly it just feels like another step in the watering-down of WoW. It seems to me all the creative devs have been moved to more "important" projects.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    I'll miss blood dps, but I'm cool with this. More dps talents for the other specs, perhaps.
    Vek'nilash/Skywall US

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Is anyone else disappointed by this sudden turn of events. The mastery preview made it seem like they had a very clever solution to this very obvious problem (that was pointed out almost immediately by the community) and said that it would be presented when the DK overhaul was going to be presented. After all this waiting and anticipation they issue this statement today and it's essentially a suggestion of the community that they took and a total 180 degree change from one of the things they said they liked about DK's the fact that they were going to try something new and different where each spec was capable of both DPS and tanking.

    Since that design paradigm has obviously been a mistake, here's another solution blizz. Don't make Blood the tanking tree, the logical tanking tree is obviously Frost. Continue to make Blood the physical DPS/self healing tree so it can work like an arms warrior while Unholy remains the spell damage/pet dps tree. Frost should be made into the tanking tree so that all those tanking 1 handers can get dual wielded for tanking DKs,much in the same way Prot Pals and Prot Wars wield a 1handed STR tanking weapon and shield. As a nice side effect, you don't have to design STR DPS 1handed weapons anymore and continue to make only AGI DPS 1handed weapons which can be used by Rogues/Shaman/Hunters.

    Also I doubt people are as attached to DPS DW Frost as much as DPS Blood/DPS Unholy, after all wasn't DW DPS frost only recently made viable in 3.3.3?

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Quote Originally Posted by Panoramixe
    At least we'll see less completely clueless dk's. Like the ones saying "frost is the tanking tree" in WOTLk, while not taking any tanking talents.

    Honestly that's probably the best change about dks I've seen. Tho I will miss blood dps coz it was fun.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Quote Originally Posted by ShiftyInc
    After a year i still havent been in a group with a good dk tank. they all fail imo, that is ofc since i never found one.
    Are there still tank DK's? I never ever saw one since 3.3 in a random hc all where DPS.
    pre 3.3 I saw some sucky DK tanks. never one thats really good.

    Also blood is good for tanking since selfhealing is more usefull for tanks then dps since dps doesnt take the much damage. Also I wonder what they gonna do with frost keep it the DW spec or make DW usefull for all specs.

    2 days from now we all know.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Myeh, makes sense tbh, the whole Tri-tank thing was alright, but it just didn't pan out in the long run. With things like Uncrittable being talented in Cata it just wouldn't have worked to have all three tree's Tank viable, this is best for all as it allows Blizz to focus on making the Blood Tree a viable tank tree, without worrying about how it will effect Dps, and allows them to make Frost and Unholy Dps without throwing in tank talents for those that chose to spec that way.

    and tbh most DK tanks I see nowadays are Blood, and most Dps are either Frost or Unholy, so in the long run VERY little is going to change.
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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    I always saw Frost as the tanking tree. Frost Presence and the general motif of using Ice and cold to shield yourself was something that seemed natural to me.

    Not to mention that yeah, I liked Blood DPS a whole lot.

    Still this was probably a necessary change. Sucks though that now if I want to DPS with a two-hander I have to pick Unholy which is probably the least fun of all the specs. Hopefully this will at least make DK tanking feel more natural.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    With the changes Blizz wants to do with raid healing in Cata, blood would be the best spec either way. Stop tunnel-visioning one change and crying.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    While I agree that frost feels more like it should be the dedicated tanking tree, the problem there is that we'd lose frost as a DPS tree. I always found frost to be the most fun DPS tree.

    Not really sure what I think about this change...
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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Great change imo, DK's definitely need to be focused on 1 tree for tanking. Always huge speculation on what type of DK tank someone is when they join a guild / raid, and then the grimaced faces or happiness over that DK tanks personal choice instead of something closer to warriors / pallys, Is he prot or dps ?

    Good to see Blizzard doing something right in cataclysm

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Look my toon and servers my name look her up i like my frost tree for tanking in all honestly ppl complaining about this and that blood has self healing and such but i enjoy frost soo much more becuase of the mitigation sure 8k death strike heals and vampiric blood help but you know won't really save you from 22k hits while in that spec i go frost and those hits go from that to 18k not to mention a dk is a avoidance tank frost aloows for dwing which provides much better avoidance vs a 2h weapon with stoneskin not to mention you can still get abotu 5-6k heals for death strike to boot threat output i've rolled both and honestly good rotation with frost gives you more. anywho icc geared and i might not have downed lich king yet but i'll get a pug someday >.<

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    The biggest concern I have with this is the change in playstyle. Currently I do play a frost DW DK tank and I loveit quite a bit. I love the feel of being able to Howling blast, I love the chime of my addon when I get procs of Rime and Killing Machine, I like that I can pop UA for a surge of threat as much as I can pop it for a surge of armor [which I admit, is not nearly as nice as either Vampiric Blood or WotN].

    I tried to blood tank and it didn't suit me. I didn't like the AoE, relying on DnD, then tabbing through my Heart strikes wasn't to my preferences, and I've always had a distaste for slow 2h weapons because it always felt too slow for me. People can talk about "OMG, BLOOD IS HIGH END TANKING, FROST TANKS ARE NOOBS" But playstyles are playstyles, and with with the accessibility of the game anymore it's not that great a problem for casual gamers or people who don't take raiding so seriously but still want to progress to be able to take specs that they're more comfortable with or play better.

    If a healer can keep me up without complaint but I can round up adds, trash, or groups better because I'm frost is there that great a problem?

    I'm just hoping that they do something to make blood at least more entertaining as a spec, and yes, though I feel like frost is more suited as a tanking spec. [in before, "OMG BLOOD IS THE BEST NOW!"] I don't see why they choose blood as the tanking spec right now instead of frost while trying to validate the choice as "They have the better cooldowns" If it still means they have to completely rework everything in the first place and move some of the talents from Frost and UH into blood anyways.

    I love procs, I love alerts, when I played my warrior tank I loved hearing Sword and Board Proc so I knew I could shield slam then and there. It's how I feel about howling blast right now. I'm glad they're getting ride of Rune Strike because frankly, a button that DK's macro into almost every move they have without having a major worry about RP for CD's is more a chore than an ability. I don't want to think that DnD will be the only AoE that a DK tank really gets either since abilities like Thunderclap, Consecration, and Maul are much more mobile. I always felt like Howling blast was a good way of getting some of that mobility without having to spec into something like Moribidity, glyphing for DnD, or keeping a 2pc Tier talent for the sake of better Aggro on groups

    All I can do is hope that with all they work out that it will in fact be for the better. That they create some way to fill in the gap of pleasure I took from being a frost tank when this is all through, because the change will not be a small one by all likelihood.

    So, in recap.

    1) Blood should have procs when tanking. The last thing we need is DK tanking having its own "96969696"
    2) Less reliance on DnD for AoE. Paladins are overpowered in this, as it's been said several times. Druids have a spammable button, warriors have Shockwave and Thunderclap. I think DK's should have something to make their AoE more mobile.
    3) Imp Blood Presence. This will DEFINITELY have to change if it's a tank talent. Which is one of the reasons why Frost seemed more logical. Imp. Frost Presence is much more valuable to tanking, so they might change the talents around. I can see blood presence becoming something more like, "Hardens the blood, making the DK more resistant to injury." Or something where frost becomes more like, "Covers the DK in jagged blades of ice that increase damage on a target."
    4) Hysteria finds a new home.

    Because, hey, we can be sad that we're losing our favorite specs. But at the end of the day it's a small announcement, we're not the only ones who'll be changed [look at the whole dispel thread after all], and in the end, we have no idea just yet how it's all going to turn out. But dear god, if they make DK's Sword and shield... <_< then the Q_Q can begin in earnest ;b

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Oh wow.... didn't expect that.... I do think a dedicated tanking tree is a good thing though, just wish it wasn't blood

    Not complaining though, this is a great step in the right direction.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    I am SO happy about this!

    I've been a DK Tank since I got my beta key. The only part of this expansion I missed out on Tanking was Ulduar, due to real life conflicts.

    I am really, really excited about the direction they're taking the Class. It's always been street dreams that we'd actually have 3 viable, competitive Tanking trees. It just doesn't work like that, especially when you factor in how many different variations of "cookie cutter" specs other Tanks have (I know of 2-3 different Warrior tank specs).

    Looking forward to whatever write-up they're doing. This was enough of a teaser to get me into Cataclysm!

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Holy shit look at this. 17 pages already. Oh the hate. Oh the QQ. I love you blizzard.

    On topic: Blood is the only viable specc for tanking. That's it. Frost tanking sucks balls and so does unholy.
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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Did no one read the part where they said that they are moving talents from Frost/UH to you're more than likely going to lose nothing you liked...other than probably DW tanking. I'd expect a Howling Blast type move to MAYBE become the 51pt talent in blood (which honestly, giving blood HB and frost DRW wouldn't be so bad).

    I'm glad...I thought it was stupid that every tier I had to pick between blood or frost and focus frost for AoE and blood for single target. It was honestly annoying to have 2 tank trees and no DPS because I needed to swap back and forth for some fights.
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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Wow that sucks. :|

    Skivoh your an idiot. ;D

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Wait... but... frost presence... why is... blood...


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