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    Re: Another Help me Build a System Please :)

    That build is nearly identical to mine. I used a different class of G.Skill RAM (not Ripjaw, though I wish I had), a Gigabyte motherboard (still P55 chipset, though), and the 1TB Caviar Black drive. Otherwise, it's essentially identical to mine, down to the TIM you plan on using.

    It's a nice build, especially if you plan on overclocking. That i5 just has so much more speed in it. Stock clock speeds don't do that CPU justice.

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    Re: Another Help me Build a System Please :)

    Buy your computer from and use their price match with and choose their Purolator shipping option. I've found that Purolator is far more reliable than UPS. Buying with NCIX will greatly reduce the cost if you're willing to use their price match, they'll pretty much price match anything provided it's the same thing.

    For example: Your motherboard at Newegg will cost $160 but if you buy through NCIX you can price match it with this website that has it for $145

    It all adds up eventually and it does save quite a bit, plus shipping from BC or Ontario warehouses is cheaper than New York or California to Canada. Plus as long as you don't live in BC you'll avoid paying PST with NCIX.
    The only problem with NCIX is navigating their website is a real pain in the ass, you'd be better off knowing exactly what you want and making sure they have it before placing an order.

    Directcanada is also dirt cheap and offers free shipping over $300, but it's free UPS.
    This corsair 650HX is very cheap and NCIX has no problem price matching it. You could probably save $100 if you make a few small compromises, NCIX doesn't have nearly as much to choose from as Newegg but they're still pretty good.
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