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    Litch King video wallpaper

    I made this quickly so it needs to be refined but if you are runing Dreamscene in Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can use this to have this animated Litch King sitting on his frozen trhone.


    i recorded it while i was getting footage in icecrown.

    enjoy. If you can clean it up please repost as i'd like to try make a better version of it *slight jump as it loops*

    You must have Aero and Dreamscene setup.

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    Re: Litch King video wallpaper

    You mean a "Lich" King wallpaper? if not, whos litch?
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    Re: Litch King video wallpaper

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrus
    You mean a "Lich" King wallpaper? if not, whos litch?
    Yes yes. It's the Lich King... Lich can also be spelled Litch I guess?

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    Re: Litch King video wallpaper

    Litch.) A Litch is an Arcane (as opposed to Divine) spellcaster, that has magically increased their lifespan to the point of becoming undead.

    Lich.) A powerful, skeletal, undead creature who casts spells to defend itself. In life, a lich was a powerful spellcaster. When it becomes a lich it is now an unholy creature whos power in casting spells is amplified into a veritable killing machine, via its majicks.

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