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    Hi all,

    If anybody is interested in comming back to the game, please, feel free to use my code below.

    Shadowlands is quite good to be honest minus a few kinks that need fixing but it's better than BFA for sure.

    I am glad to help all with answering questions or helping out in leveling and whatnot.

    Hi, I accepted your invitation. Can you confirm if accounts are linked? I don't see any game time, it should be 10 days?

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    Hey everyone,

    Decided to give this a shot but if you're interested in joining WoW or do a trial and see if you want to join. Use my RAF link plz: battle.net/recruit/WKQV6RJ6ZH

    hit me up if you have any questions:

    Bnet: Vyce#1261

    Discord: Vyce#7144

    If you do decide to make a chara on Kil'jaeden realm on US then I can provide bags for your inventory for your starting journey! trust me, more bags slot is the best start in WoW!

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    I have recruited 10+ people using the old RaF program and I am looking to get more new players on board using the new and updated Recruit of Friend system. While both RAF programs have one big disadvantage - the recruited person does not receive any rewards, I have created my own rewarding system for the new player:

    1. As soon as you hit level 21 you will receive:

    • 4 big 30 slot bags to make sure you never run out of inventory slots
    • 10000 gold to help you until you reach the next reward level

    2. At level 60 you will receive gold worth of 1 WoW token which gives you 1 month of game time.

    3. For each reward I receive from the RaF program I will give you 50, 000 gold. I receive a reward after you add game time to your subscription. There are a total of 12 rewards so this is 600,000 gold for all of them.

    Due to the fact I am qute usy I will NOT be able to play with you for the most part. I am just interesting in the rewards so my offer is good if you do not mind leveling solo.


    See you in World of Warcraft
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    hi everyone, i'm looking for a players partners who want to level with me: I have an inactive account with characters to max level and I have a lot of gaming experience. If you offer me the WOW token I would be willing to play with you!

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    LF someone to recruit me in US realms !
    send me an email at mojtaba.k.379@gmail.com and tell me what rewards i'll get by accepting your RaF
    i'll accept the best one :P
    i have been in EU side of wow for past 14yrs ! and i already know everything about the game :P u will get at least 12 months of game time rewards from me ! that's 4 30days game time ! 2 mounts 1 pet and alot of Tmog stuff

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    Old time OG Been around since Classic. Recruited +5 people with the old system and never had an issue. I'm after recruiting someone to EU, Horde or alliance as I have Max level on both. 3 Realms full. I'm looking to level my last few alts ready for shadowlands 9.1. Patch. (I'm willing to buy you a mount and 2 months Gametime/If you prefer something else can also be arranged.) with Ingame Bonuses included- Bags, As much Gold as needed, Help whenever as i play Daily. I know all the quickest routes with all the proper set up, wouldn't take us long do a couple of max levels.

    Add my Discord and we'll get started with the RAF Link ASAP. #


    Look forward to seeing you ingame

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    Looking to recruit a returning or a new player! [EU horde]

    I can offer you wide variety of end game PVP/PVE tips and tricks .
    Also included i will provide you with gold (around 200k) worth of game token every 3 months that you play after RAF is active!!!
    Some starting help with gold/bags is also available .

    Servers are Horde Draenor && Sunstrider connected realms, both works fine!

    If interested contact me on discord for any questions and referal link!

    Discord: Pomonolo#9071

    See you in game.

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    LF to recruit only ONE person on EU realms (I prefer Kazzak horde side or Jaedenar ally side)
    I already have an experience of recruiting and leveling together.

    What I can provide:
    - good knowledge of game (10+ years of playing, 5+ years of mythic raiding, some pvp)
    - friendly, mature, patient and fun company
    - I will help you to level from 1 to 60
    - we can talk during leveling on discord, if you wish
    - gold for your needs (heirloom gear, bags, riding skill)
    - at level 60 you will receive gold worth of 1 WoW token which gives you 1 month of game time.
    after three month one again gold worth of 1 WoW token.
    Totally you will receive more than 500,000 gold.
    - I am available most of the time in weekends or after 7 p.m. during week

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me!
    My bnet tag: Hyperactive#2258
    Discord: Vargo#9812
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    I used to make super long detailed posts in order to stand out, but I don't feel the need anymore; I've played since classic, can supply us with gold on any server (I'll buy/sell a token), guarantee funny shinanigans in Discord and will play whatever class/role helps us make fast groups. I'm available 24/7 due to not working for a while. If you'd rather not group then that's fine, just me know. My main Alliance server is Dalaran/Stormrage, my main Horde server is Area 52, but I'm obviously willing to play on any server you want.

    Don't let my lack of fancy post dissaude you, I've done this with over 6 people in the past and we always had a blast.

    Discord: AsciiAficionado#5065
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    Hello everyone! I am a chilled South African WoW player that plays on EU servers - I am very chilled. I am just looking for someone with whom to level one or more characters. Together we will get 50% XP boost which is quite significant and will make our levelling experience as smooth as butter. I can supply you with in-game benefits too like grabbing some mounts together, supplying you with some gold for bags and a lot of the lore of the game as we travel through it. I don't do any raiding or have any commitments at the moment so I'm really available 24/7 for levelling and just having fun.

    If you are interested:

    Contact me on Battle.net - MuffinMan#2876

    and I will hook you up with the link or answer any more questions you may have.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

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