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    I have recruited 10+ people using the old RaF program and I am looking to get more new players on board using the new and updated Recruit of Friend system. While both RAF programs have one big disadvantage - the recruited person does not receive any rewards, I have created my own rewarding system for the new player:

    1. As soon as you hit level 21 you will receive:

    • 4 big 32 slot bags to make sure you never run out of inventory slots
    • 10000 gold to help you until you reach the next reward level

    2. At level 60 you will receive gold worth of 1 WoW token which gives you 1 month of game time.

    3. For each reward I receive from the RaF program I will give you 50, 000 gold. I receive a reward after you add game time to your subscription. There are a total of 6 rewards so this is 300,000 gold for all of them.

    Due to the fact I am qute busy I will NOT be able to play with you for the most part. I am just interesting in the rewards so my offer is good if you do not mind leveling solo.


    See you in World of Warcraft
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    Hello! I'm looking for someone who can join my RAF link, I offer you 2mil Gold at once for 12 months, please PM me here if you are interested, EU Alliance

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    Hello boys, i play on Grim Batol/Aggra/Frostmane,

    If you need help and advice getting started i'm your dude, i've played for more than 16 years now so i know plenty about the game.

    I can give you some Gold and Bags to get you started and help on whatever you need to feel welcome.

    My refer a friend code:


    Thanks and see you in game!

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    Hello there, if you are looking into starting the game right now, i have a link here so you can become my recruit.
    If you need any help or info i will always be there and i can surely help out your starting stages and more with gold, some carry and more.
    My recruit a friend link is the following:


    Thank you and see you in came if you decide to use my link ^^

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    Here is my raf link:

    https://battle.net/recruit/2VQG52MF7M (valid until 07/05/2024)

    EU, alliance/horde

    I can help you with bags and give some gold too
    I am a very nice guy and you can ask for any advice/information too.

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