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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Worldpart: EU
    Server: Twisting nether

    I am looking to RAF a (new) friend!
    I am aiming towards players who want to return to WoW without having an old account, or just plain new people.
    My realm is Twisting nether EU horde side.
    Will help boosting in instances on my main and ensure you have some good gold to start with 1000g ish you can get more as well depends on how much i like you but you will atlest get 1000g.
    I will also help you with group quests in outland / northrend when I'm not raiding on my main i will also help you get gear once you reach level 80

    Thanks for reading, let me know if interested!

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I'm really looking to level one or two characters to 60 (maybe more, but it all depends on time and/or if you would want to.

    My only problem is I don't have the money to buy a Vanilla CD key. If you are concerned about this at all I'll link my two other characters I've leveled with RaF, see if you want to talk to the guy who recruited me (and paid for my CD key), and I'll level to 20 on the trial with you.

    We can play on my server, US Lightninghoof (Alliance) or your server or whatever server of your choice. I'll play either Alliance or Horde.

    My play times are at night (EST).

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Looking too raf i will be able to provide epic mount normal mount flying mount bags and gold i would like to make this on darkspear either ally or horde im not fussed just send me a whisper on darkspear horde on <Boneidledude> thanks

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I am looking to recruit someone through RAF.

    I will provide you with the gold you need for skills/mounts.
    You need to provide yourself with Vanilla CD key.

    We will be leveling on Sylvanas EU, Alliance side. (Very good server, great PvE and PvP, and with the recent departure of Method and all their fanboys we are enjoying lag-free server. Alliance wins WG most of the time aswell.)

    I am free to play with you from 15:00 up to 23:00 server time (Or 16:00 to 24:00 GMT+2) with the exception of weekends when i can play as much as you want.

    If you are interested PM me.
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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Hello,Im looking for a RaF friend :].
    Server:Karazhan (EU)
    Side:Horde,if you want i can create a character in alliance,no problem for me.
    Got some gold and free hours to exp together.
    If you are interested pm me on mmo.
    Armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...han&cn=Looterk
    PS:If you can speak Polish it would be great,my english isnt perfect.
    See ya :]

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I'm looking for someone to recruit me, I have played WoW in a while but when i did play i had 5 80s (Rogue, DK, Hunter, Paladin, Shaman) So i know how all these classes work, but im looking to start up again and level a mage, priest, and/or a warrior (preferably priest if i have to choose one only) I want someone to recruit me and i'll level to 60 on the new account and then transfer to my old account so i dont have to purchase BC and WoTLK again and then level 60-80 with you on that account but same character and server. I'm looking for an American Server, horde or alliance. Either Works for me. I play usually in the afternoons/night time and most of the weekends. I am in MST or gmt -7 time zone (colorado time zone). PM me if your interested.

    Short Version if that was TL;DR
    Faction: Alliance or Horde
    Classes : Priest, Mage, and/or Warrior
    Server: US server, preferably high pop
    Will pay for my account and subscriptions (maybe go half and half for monthly subscription, so its like you pay for one month and i pay for the other? If you cant do that its fine )
    Am looking for someone who can help us level 1 or more characters FAST together and can provide money for mounts,skills, bags and the usually
    Not a noob, can play the game, and well.

    Hope to hear from someone soon!
    Cylo - PM on here if interested

    *EDIT* Found someone thanks guys

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I recruit you!

    Server: Blackhand US
    Side: Horde

    I will pay for training, mounts, bags, and will give you some gold to start with, and I will also pay for your vanilla key and maybe get you a 2-month gamecard for free.
    However, we must get to level 20 first before I give you your vanilla key and gold. ( I do this to make sure you don't bail out)
    I would love to start asap

    Playing time: 9AM-10PM during weekends and 4pm-10pm during weekdays.

    Please send me a PM here on MMO-Champion.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!


    Looking for someone to do RAF with!
    I'm on Darkspear-US, Alliance side.
    Can provide you with gold of all skills and mounts, if we level more than one character to 60 can provide you with epic flying mount also.
    Just hit me up.
    I'm looking to level a Warrior, Shaman and Mage.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Fiddlesnarf - US - Azgalor - Alliance
    I'm looking for someone to Recruit.
    Of course I can provide any and all necessary gold for training, gear, mounts, professions, etc.
    Message me here or mail ingame if I'm not on.
    Just message me with any questions you may have.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    World Server: US

    Timezone: Eastern

    Requirement: None

    You are free to choose any server you want and any side you want. I am generally on during late night/early hours (EST of course). However if you want high level and monetary assistance you can choose to pick my server Wyrmrest Accord. I am accepting any type of player, from the players who have never played a game before to the players who will /gquit if anyone thinks 20 ap is better than 9 agi on a rogue. I'm more experienced as Horde than Alliance leveling. I am only interested in the mount, so I will spend all and any time I have on helping you learn the game (given if you're new).

    TL;DR: I'll go anyplace, so you can get a quick 60 on your friend's server.
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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Server: Doomhammer-EU
    Faction: Horde
    Looking for someone who's starting a new account, I'll give enough gold for skills and will supply at least netherweave bags to begin with, as well as mounts, repairs and what-not later on. In a fairly active raiding guild atm, so 20:00-22:30 most days will not be able to level, though the entirety of next week minus this time is free due to it being easter break. After that timeframe gets a bit weird, but can still commit a fairly decent amount of time to levelling. Due to already have a multitude of alts can only promise to level 1 character, maybe 2 but doubtful.

    I still have a warrior, druid and priest to level so would consider playing as a tank or a healer to compliment a dps or another tank/healer for dungeon queues.

    Also, I am perfectly fine with either zerging up to 60 very quickly, have done it before in 3 sittings over 3 evenings, admittedly they were 8ish hour sittings. Or taking a laid back 'for fun' approach, and I do intend to take the RaF character to 80 so can continue levelling as a duo 'til then if you'd like.


    That's my main. PM or throw me a /w in-game for info or for a referral.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    RAF means something different in Europe. :-X


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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Hey all so im looking some1 to recruit me i can buy the game and stuff PM me for more info

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    realm: Zenedar ( biggest EU pvp realm (english speaking)) H O R D E

    Hey there, im a 23 year old dude, playing wow for nearly 3 years now.
    Im basicly looking for some1 to RaF with because of rerolling a new main.

    I will provide the following things for you:

    - gold for skills,
    - gold for lvl 20 and 40 ground mounts
    - 2000g Cash when reaching lvl 60
    - Social experience ( xD)

    My play times are : mon - fri 08:45 am - 16:00
    Basicly 2-3 days before we hit 60 if you can play the times i can. Fast gold for you and a character on 60 !

    You will have to provide the new account + keys ofc.

    you can mail me here or add me on msn --> me_pim@hotmail.com

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Hello, I would love to recruit someone on Kilrogg-EU.
    Rather horde side than alliance.
    Alliance is overpopulated and might get us better queue times for randoms between questing but i know way more people on horde that could boost us.
    I have currently 2 level 80's (shammy and priest) and my priest is a tailor and an enchanter so i will provide bags and (possibly if needed) enchants. I am also tailor so if you make a clothy i can make gear for it,if you make something else i will pay money for gear.(i will also pay for skills and mount and spells) . You will have to pay your wow CD key and gamecard. I can play from 16:00-23:00 usually unless i have family business to attend/school business to attend.I'm not paying over 9000G for gear that gets replaces anyway,just so you know,and it's not like you need all mounts from the vendor either so :P

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Im looking for someone to recruit a friend with
    I am the Us-Stormrage server but i will move to where ever.
    I want to be the person to send the email to u and get the mount.
    Would like to get 1-2 characters out of this horde or alliance.
    If you are interested PM
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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Us servers on alliance with higher pop then horde. Pm server and leveling method.

    Looking for someone to recruit me but have to buy original wow key i will upgrade to wrath and you will get free month/mount and i want gold for training and mounts to reg flyn.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    US Realm: Alexstrasza preferred, where all my gold is, and friends willing to boost when needed.

    I would like to be the person inviting you, I can offer 1k off the start, and send more as needed for mounts/repairs.
    Wanting to level multiple characters, one of which would be a mage.

    I have Skype and Vent. Aim if needed for contacting me(jakeiex94).
    You will need to buy the keys+account as I'm currently lacking on money.

    PM if your interested or more information about my plans/about me/times available. I'd be glad to answer any questions you have.

    Currently on EST timezone.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Im willing to RAF with anyone just send me a recruit to bastardizedalbert@yahoo.com. Im only willing to roll on Cenarius im very sorry and alliance.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    World: US
    Server: Frostmourne

    I'm 16, Australian and looking towards RaFing a new friend.

    I'm looking for people who want to return to WoW but have gotten their account lost (or anything relating to a problem as such) and alot of newcomers who would like to come and just play for the experience.

    I play Horde on Frostmourne, I have quite a few characters but that's not a problem, I'd be willing to level any character with you except for maybe a Paladin or Hunter (:P). There'd also be no problem in re-creating if you get bored of that class and/or want to play around with the others.

    I have a spot or two left for new characters and I'd make sure you get the best leveling possible, have some gold when you need it (600g will last you until 70.), and constantly have the best gear for your level (doing instances in the Dungeon Finder, I can also show you how that works). At the moment I've been leveling a Priest and Warrior both solely on the Dungeon Finder, they both have around 2/3 days /played time and are in the 60's, I haven't completed any quests since level 15 (on those two characters).

    As I said before I would enjoy leveling another character, I make plenty of alts, all the more to enjoy playing them with new friends.

    Horde is mainly a preferred choice as I know all of the places to level, all the cities well and all my gold is on there aswell as all my characters being Horde. Alliance would be another choice, but my knowledge precedes me only making a character upto level 30. :P

    You can let me know by PM if you wish to RaF with me or you can E-mail me (see below).

    My native tongue is English, so I would have trouble understanding you otherwise.

    I hope we can create some sort of bond as I've done with many people in the past. Most of the people I instance with are on my MSN and there are still plenty more filling up my list. :P

    Thanks for reading, let me know if you're interested! ~ Peace; Maskara!

    Note: It would help alot if you had some sort of messaging program such as MSN.

    E-mail: serialvelocity@live.com

    Edit: Frostmourne is found in the Oceanic section, technically it's a US server but the population consists mainly of Oceanic-based (i.e Australian) ethnicities.
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