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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    [updated 4/15/10] Still looking for a recruit a friend, apparently my last interested "friend" broke both his hands and sent me a text explaining so /shrug

    Greetings, i am currently looking to recruit a friend

    Server: nathrezim
    Faction: horde

    what i can offer: 16 slot bags, mount and class training, your normal and epic ground mounts and 1k gold (which will be included after all said training) and a level 60 character (leveled from 1 naturally)

    what you will need (to be done in order):a code provided by me, a trail account created, a trail account upgraded to a full account (vanilla works, but burning crusade would be alot easier on the grind, BE starting zone is easy mode) and a 2 month subscription

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Region: US Eastern
    Server: Draka-US (It's a central time server)
    Faction: Alliance

    I'm mainly after the 2 person flying mount.
    I'll help level 1-2 toons to 60+ and you're welcome to join my guild as well as raid when the opportunity arises.

    Contact me through Private Message on these forums.

    Edit: I'll be willing to reroll on another server, as long as it's US Central or Eastern ServerTime.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Quote Originally Posted by bendora
    RAF means something different in Europe. :-X

    Actually, in my parts of Europe, it has a different meaning:

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Server: Silvermoon-EU
    Faction: Alliance
    Looking for someone who's starting a new account, I'll give enough gold for skills as well as Apprentice + Journeyman also maybe expert mounts, repairs and what-not later on. In a fairly active leveling guild atm, im active quite alot on world of warcraft. I only have 1 character on the server so i can level as many alt's as you want.

    I can be very serious about the leveling or we can just have fun while we level it's up to you anyway will work with me Also if you like i can continue to level with you until we both reach 80!

    Also if you want you can have an account that is already linked to my account with 1 free month and the real world of warcraft installed with key!

    PM me if your interested

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Looking for someone to recruit me or I recruit them I really dont mind.

    Would like someone that is able to dual box really as I might not be here a lot due to a lot of college work. Time's i'm usually on are: 5 - 7PM UK time and anytime after 10PM UK.

    Would be nice the person can just really boost as many 60's as possible and I would try hard to get online as much as I could.

    It would have to be a nice Horde PVP Server EU side Stormscale pref.

    1st Class I would like would be a priest after that anything will do

    Would be cool if the person could train my character too, mounts and bags stuff like this.

    In return I will buy WoW and Expansions, and also 2 Months gametime so that the person can get the mount and gametime.

    Anyways if someone is interested please PM me, msn - mick4kez @ hotmail.com - email = fabolous1990@gmail.com

    Thanks and look forward to rafing with someone

    Currently RaFing with TillieTill so unavailable as of now thanks for other interest

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I'm looking to recruit someone. We can roll on any US server, I don't really care. But all of my characters and gold are on Blade's Edge - US. If we start on Blade's Edge, I'll provide bags, mounts, and, 2000g for you, when we hit 60.

    I'm willing to team up with someone who is completely new to the game, or a seasoned veteran. If you are new, I'll be sure to teach you the ropes and start you out nice. I have extensive knowledge of every class, and will do research for you if I don't know. I am also able to dual box if needed.

    I am in the Mountain timezone, and will be able to level with you from about 3, till 7 when I raid.. then after raid till 1 or so in the morning (mountain standard time, remember).

    If you're interested, send me a private message, or email me at a7xsfan@yahoo.com

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!


    • Introduction
      Need someone to recruit. I have 2 accounts, able to boost level 1-60 instances quick as hell with RAF bonus.
      I'm very active, playing from usually 08:00 to 02:00 GMT+1 in the weeks and like 13:00-04:00 in the week.
      Boosting 2 characters to 60 possible and helping you with group quests through outland and northrend aswell to reach level 80 quickly and smoothly.
    • What you get
      You get 1-2 quick boosted level 60 chars by a level 80 player with the RAF bonus. You will also get help with group quests in outland and northrend to make it smoother for you. Finally giving you 10k gold to start out with as a payment for the mount (ofcourse the only reason i want to RAF). Please contact me with in-game mail or whispers.
    • What I get
      The free month and the mount.
      1-2 useless level 60 alts.

    Yixx - Orc Warlock
    Last Hope
    militriax@gmail.com (msn/email)

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    mind if I say something useful?

    the people looking to get into world of warcraft

    leave your e-mails

    and if your european or from north/south american

    it would be much easier :P

    or do the reverse and have the people looking for these type of newbies

    to add there e-mail so they can contact them

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Quote Originally Posted by ClarkKentofAzeroth
    mind if I say something useful?

    the people looking to get into world of warcraft

    leave your e-mails

    and if your european or from north/south american

    it would be much easier :P

    or do the reverse and have the people looking for these type of newbies

    to add there e-mail so they can contact them
    Actually, its probably not a good thing to leave your email out in the public, never know who would try to spam or scam you in emails.
    Its better to private message each other and discuss this stuff in private.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Server: Aman'thul US
    Time zone:UTC/GMT +10 hours (Eastern Standard Time EST)
    Faction: Alliance

    Looking to recruit someone to level a priest with, have an 80 DK to run us through instances (My other acc)
    I'm on most days 5:00pm to 10-11pm every night except wednesday and thursday (raids)
    Message me for more info.

    <Socially Unacceptable> Is recruiting http://su-amanthul.guildportal.com/

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!


    I'm looking for a player to recruit (preferably a returning player, but newbies are welcome as well).

    I play on Grim Batol EU, and I have plenty of gold to help us with mounts, gear, repairs, boosts and so on.
    I'm interrested in leveling 1-4 characters to 60 before the 90 days are up, and I'd be very happy to help you all the way to 80 after that.

    I prefer horde, since all my toons on Grim Batol are hordies, but alliance would work fine for me as well. It's not too hard to get gold and items shipped between factions using the neutral AH.

    It's your decision what class you want to level, and how we're going to level; questing, boosting, BG spam, instancerunning etc.

    I'm from Denmark (changed my main shipping adress, so yes, I can RaF. No worries ..), but as you can see, my English isn't too bad either.

    If you're interrested using Ventrilo (or something else, for that matter) for communication, that's fine. I do have a working mic.

    I'm pretty much a geek, meaning that I play as much as 5-8 hours on weekdays, and almost the whole day on holidays and weekends. (GMT+1, by the way.)

    I'm most likely gonna roll a disc priest to start off with (insta dungeon queues YAY!). If you're up for starting another toon after that, I'm probably going for a tank or another healer.



    1. You should be able to both write and understand english.
    2. You should be relatively mature. I don't want people nerdraging 'cause I misspull a few mobs and wipe the group. (Aint gonna happen, I never make mistakes. Never.)
    3. You must have money to buy your own gametime, account and all that.
    4. Your account must be eligible for Recruit-a-friend.


    If you've got any questions, or want to get started, please PM me or whisper Evela/Raizia @ Grim Batol EU.

    I can't wait to get started! :]

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Region: US
    Server: Mal'ganis
    Faction: Horde
    Timezone: EST

    I would like to level 2 60's using RAF. Would like to invite someone that would be willing to level both characters within 30 days (Average 3 Hours per day). Please be moderately experienced. Will be leveling mostly from Questing, Unless you know someone that would be willing to help boost.

    What I will be giving: Gold for Bags,Mounts,Training, and occasional Gear Upgrades and some bonus gold for whatever you feel like buying. I will also give 2000g when we are done leveling all characters and the bonus levels are given to two additional Alts. With another 2000g when the mount is given.

    What I want you to give to me: Pay for your WoW Game and also use a prepaid Game card so I can get the mount and free month a.s.a.p.

    Be Aware that I won't be starting RAF until the New Mount is being Given!!! Feel free to PM me beforehand.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Region: US.
    Server: Cho'gall.
    Server Time: EST (-4 GMT).
    My Time: PST (-8 GMT).
    Faction: Horde.
    Characters: Mabball, Destriazar, Bloodbackmtn, and Aaba.
    Classes: Willing to level Druid or Priest since I have a 70+ of the other classes.
    Giving: Free 16 slot bags, mount training, gold, and end game content help.
    Wanting: Player that either speaks English or can type it, he/she plays a lot (4+ hours a day), and that will pay for the account with game card for free mount.
    Note: If you are looking to make a tanking class I'd be a good partner since I'm wanting to make a healing class! To contact me either PM me through MMO, e-mail me at admielke@gmail.com, or message me in-game to one of my characters above. And I'm wanting RAF before the new mount changes. My 80's on Cho'gall are Warlock (Mabball), Ele Shaman (Destriazar), Prot Paladin (Bloodbackmtn), and Rogue (Aaba).

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Region: US
    Server: Andorhal
    Faction: Horde

    I am looking for recruits so I can get the Zhevra mount before it's gone. All you need is a classic WoW CD-key (or you can upgrade online for $19.99) and a 60-day game card.

    What you will get in return, is 15,000 gold on Andorhal server horde side. My character is Ryuskywalker, you can leave him a in-game mail if I'm not online.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!


    LF someone I can RAF on European servers. Im paying the 2months gametime, you only have to buy the game itself. Saved you out ~43euro Why I'm doing this? I want the RAF mount and by doing it this way I save out the money of buying the game myself. I can boost you to 60 if you want, but not needed if you dont want so. Also, I expect you to buy the 2 months yourself first and I'll then pay you back, since if I would just give the gametime card codes you might use them for your main account, scamming me.

    PM me here or mail me at warcraftt990 @ gmail dot com

    Edit: I'll only be able to boost you if you come alliance - auchindoun

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Worldpart: EU
    Server: Kazzak

    I'm looking to Recruite you!
    I am looking for a player that already knows how to play wow and i dont need to guide him too much through the game, also know how to level fast.
    Im playing horde on the eu-server Kazzak.
    I am willing to level multiple charecters up too 60 asap.
    I will also give u some gold at the start of the game to give u a little boost to train / mount etc. i have also some friends that could maybe spear some time on boosting etc, but i cant boost us with my main acc.

    As said before, I don't mind leveling multiple chars on, but i would prefer them to be on Kazzak and on the horde side because i cba leveling on other servers and diff faction. Main reason is then i cant help us with gold / boost etc.
    You can let me know here by a PM if you wish to RAF with me.
    Im from Norway so i speak norwegian:P But i do understad german, bosnian, english and nor ofc and if u cant speak either of those 4 languages, i wouldnt pref to raf with u tbh ;P

    Thanks for reading, let me know if interested!

    PS: if u want to raf (and since im not often here on MMO-Champ) u can logg on Kazzak and search for /who Strifney and u will find me there, since im online most of the time!
    And 1 more thing, u will have to buy the account / gamecard urself, i will just RAF u.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Realm: Bloodfeather [EU]
    Faction: Horde

    I'm looking for a RAF partner since I would like to have the X-53 Rocket when it arrives and perhaps leveling another alt, preferably a mage :P

    I am The Horde - Play Free Online Games

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I am Looking for a person that I can RAF
    We would Play on EU Stormscale Horde Stormscale is the best pvp realm in EU and is extremely good for pve so you have nothing to loose playing here.

    What will i do:

    I would supply you with 1000g+ For bags,skills etc. I will pay 2-3k gold for every 60 we get.
    I can get 80's to boost us so we get x3 exp. (60 within 24h playtime)
    I Usually get to 80 within 5-6 days playtime (relaxed playtime with pvp/bg/dungeons) (non RAF) so I do know how to level.
    I Do know how most classes work so if your new i could guide you.
    I am from UK so my English wont be a problem.
    I Would like to level at least two chars over the RAF period. It would be ether mage/lock/priest

    What I want from you is:

    To Buy Vanilla wow (only max 10 euros)
    Pay for 2 months of game time (another 20euros)
    Level couple of chars to 60. Will only take few days for each 60 so we can have full server within the end of RAF period.

    In the end you should minimum have WoW vanilla account with 3+ lv60+s and 6k+ gold.

    Contacts: Skype Ronyz999 or Email: ronyzronyz@googlemail.com

    Thank you.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Heya MMO CHAMPS!

    Always wanted to have this certain class to lvl 60
    maybe a new main for cataclysm *(like myself)*
    playing alliance for 2 years and wanna try horde now?

    This is your chance !

    Im looking for a Recruit a friend, ON ZENEDAR (pvp) EU REALMS HORDE!
    the service that boosts your exp through mobs and quests with 300% till lvl 60.

    For cataclysm i want to have a new main ready, but since i cant decide which class yet im looking to lvl 2 or more! (ugh shaman or mage)

    This is what you can get if you RaF with me AND YOU PROVIDE THE ACCOUNT!!

    - 4x 20 slot bags
    - if we lvl 1 char to 60: 2000g (enough for skills , lvl 20 ,40 and 60 mount)
    - if we lvl 2 chars to 60: 5000g
    -If you buy a 2 month gamecard so i can claim the new passenger flying mount: 20.000g
    - ofcourse you will get a class of youre choice to lvl 60.


    age 18+
    speak/write decent english
    playtimes: 09:00 am - 16:00 pm ( only need 2-4 days to reach lvl 60, perfect if you're a week off)

    Hope i gave enough information, if not here's my msn:

    or just contact me ingame on zenedar horde: Tusktooth

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    LF RAF, I recruit U!!
    Balnazzar -- EU - - Horde

    What i expect from u - your own cd key, and a starting 2 month subscription (game-card will work)
    What i have to offer - 20,000 when i get my mount, boosts, bags, extra gold if needed, preferably casual player
    Contact = a_saade_now@hotmail.com - u can send email or msn,

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