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    Looking to recruit someone. You would be the one buying the cd keys.
    NA not EU sorry
    Any server.

    I already have 2 other friends who are going to be RAF'ing with us. so we expect level 80 in just a hours of play.

    I Play 14 hours a day and so do my friends. We have been playing for about 4 years now.

    Pm me if your up for it. Please no immature people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gramexer View Post
    Looking for recruit to Kor'gall EU

    I offer:

    * Bags
    * Some gold for mounts and skills
    * Nice and friendly player, who can help you with you problems.
    * I play at least 2h per day up to 10h
    What you need?

    * You must provide CD-Keys and Gametime yourself.
    * Well there is nothing else that you must do.


    I have 4x 85 at moment. Please send a Private message or skype(Gramexer) if you are interested.

    Looking looking still looking :f I'm so alone 8'(

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    EU recruit being called to arms!

    And i am looking for you to be that recruit!

    Moonglade EU is the server where you will benefit the most, doing a realm change is up to you at a later time!

    What i can provide: Gold for your essentials! Bags? Check! Skills? Check! Dual Specc? Check! Flying mount, the slow one, check! And cold weather flying!
    What else can i provide?
    LOTS OF TIME, more then 1 character to 80!
    If you are new to the game i am willing to teach, been playing for 4-5 years!
    I am generally a nice person and usually in a good mood.
    Lets not forget the level 25 guild i can provide us with!

    I will also provide you with Vanilla and TBC(after that my bank explodes with the force of a thousand dying suns)

    What do you need to do?
    Buy your own Wotlk CD-key if you wanna go beyond 70!
    Your own gametime!(dont forget the free month, which become an extra month of fun and excitement!)
    Your free time, i cant provide you with that!
    And a good attitude, or atleast a good pokerface!

    This is what i can offer! Moonglade Alliance! IF you wanna do a fresh start we can do that on any EU realm on any side! I am willing to do like you want!

    Either throw me a PM or add me on skype: big-t-mf

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    Quote Originally Posted by fasians View Post
    Looking to Recruit in World of Warcraft

    im looking for someone whos wants to be recruited, and want to get x3 xp till 80 on one or multiple characters
    You may ask why i should go this server?
    its very strong alliance rppvp server, almost instant bg queres(max 1 min), high populated server a:h rate is 6:4, strong battleground, its rp server so all people are nice and mature , Server good many pve raiding guilds also theres plenty of pvp guild whos ruining rbgs atleast 2 times in week

    We can level by dungeons , battlegrounds or quests
    If we level by dungeons i can level tank or healer fo instant queres

    I'll Supply the Following Below

    1. 25 lvl guild spot
    2. Gold
    3. Runs
    4. Bags
    5. Knownledge
    6. X3 xp boost till lvl 80
    7. Multiple 80+ Characters
    8. Zygors addon (optional)
    Your Required to Supply

    1. Your Own Keys and Gametime for Your own Account
    2. time to Level Character(s)

    Add me on if youre interested leveling in this owesome realm :P
    Skype: SALTUKAS3
    msn: [email protected]
    Mail: [email protected]
    kinda looking again please pm me its EU not us people please read post :3
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    Defias brotherhood alliance

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    Looking for somone to be recruited on US-Cho'gall Horde (could be alli) I provide a 25 level guild and Mounts/gear up to 80. Cho'gall horde is in the top 5 most progress servers as well as pugs clearing 7/7!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Encountered View Post
    Looking to RaF YOU![EU]

    We would be rolling on Draenor Horde(very good Pve server, veryactive and balanced on both sides)

    What I will provide:
    * Gold for spending, mounts, spells and willing to give bonus gold if we reach lvl 60.
    * Bags
    * Enjoyable leveling company
    * A lvl 25 guild.

    What you need to provide:
    * Provide your own gametime and expansions
    * Will to level the character
    we can level as many toons as you like and you are free to choose what ever class/spec you want. Will be queing dungeons and questing inbetween.

    I'm from Belgium but i don't mind speaking english by voice chat or on WoW.

    Gimme a PM here if interested please!
    Still looking

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    Hi everyone .

    - After playing my Priest over and over and over again I feel the need of a few alts to gear up and level to level 85.
    And as RAF (Recruit a friend) now works all the way to level 80, I see it as a good opportunity to get leveling, as TBC and WOTLK expansions bore me to death by spamming quests over and over and over again without gaining alot of xp.

    - As said i'm playing a level 85 Human Holy Priest on the server "Argent Dawn - EU" wich is a ((RP)) realm.
    Even though it is a roleplaying realm it is still a nice realm for both pve/pvp, we have rated BGs and lots of raids going on all the time (And mostly mature players) not saying everyone, but ofcourse Argent Dawn has scum like any other realm .

    - All you have to do is to provide your own keys (To WOTLK expansion atleast).
    And I will take care of the rest, such as gold, bags, glyphs, skills, mounts, guild perks, boosts, epic flying, knowlegde about any class and more.

    - If this sounds like anything for you, please feel free to send me a PM.
    Best regards.

    - Rinascita - Argent Dawn - EU.

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    Looking to RaF on Blood Furnace (US)

    What I will provide:
    * Gold,mounts
    * Bags
    * Skype and/or vent
    * A lvl 25 guild.

    What you need to provide:
    * Provide your own gametime and expansions
    * Will to level the character

    email: scott-randall (at) live.ca
    skype: scott_eh

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    Looking for: being RaF on Dunemaul [EU] Alliance

    What I will provide:
    - My codes with expansions
    - Around 10h/day to play after 3rd August (going holiday tomorrow)

    What I expect from you:
    - Money leveing with you
    - Lvl 25 guild
    - Time, a lot of it - I want to level around 4/5 characters to 80
    - Preferably the fastest method to level up

    I will buy 60 days of prepaid afterwards.
    PM via forums

    @current edit
    I am willing to get raf as well on Auchidinoum, on horde side. Leaving for golidays for a week, will be back @ 5th.
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    I sent you a PM in your inbox if you didn't notice

    - I hope to hear from you!

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    Looking to RaF YOU![US]

    We would be rolling on either Mannoroth if you'd like to be Alliance(very good Pve server, veryactive and balanced on both sides) or on Proudmoore, if you wish to play horde

    What I will provide:
    * Gold for spending, mounts, spells and willing to give bonus gold if we reach lvl 60.
    * Bags
    * Enjoyable leveling company
    * A lvl 25 guild.
    * Alot of playing time so we can level many characters

    What you need to provide:
    * Provide your own gametime and expansions
    * Will to level the character
    we can level as many toons as you like and you are free to choose what ever class/spec you want. Will be queing dungeons and questing inbetween.

    I don't mind speaking by voice chat, ventrillo or on WoW.

    Gimme a PM on here or Shoot me an email at Gswarriors8 at gmail dot com ( no spaces obviously) if interested please!

    Also I am willing to pay for your first month of play time if you are interested, after the one month bonus from vanilla wow expires.

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    I WANT"to RaF"YOU! [EU-Vek'nilash]

    Hello all, With RaF now working until level 80 its time to make some new chars! so why not use this forum to find some potential recruits
    If i do 'RaF' you we would be rolling on eu-Vek'nilash [horde preferably bcoz my mains are there]

    What I will provide:
    - Gold for you to spend on general stuff such as repairs, talent respecs if needed and your skills and glyphs alike.
    - I will buy ur lvl 20,40 Ground mount skills, 60 normal flying and "at least" half of the epic flying cost, if we earn enough gold during leveling i'l spend the 5k for ya
    - I will sort you out with all bags u need.
    - Aswell as gold and ingame stuff, im a heavy user of skype/vent/Ts3 so we can use that 100% of time if u like, makes for a better lvling experience imho. (im a down to earth kinda guy so the banter should be quite enjoyable)

    What you need to provide:
    - All you gotta do is buy vanilla WoW, which now comes with Burning crusade for only £10! which is a geat deal tbh.
    - The above gets to lvl 70 id prefer to get to level 80 so you'll need to get hold of Wrath of the lich king( if you really have trouble in getting hold of/paying for wrath aswell, depending on the person i can make exception and just level to 70 isntead of 80)
    - Not a hardcore attitude but i dont wanna play for just 30mins a day, even with 3x exp stil take ages to level that way hehehe. Someone who has the "will" to level the character is what im after.

    Extra Shizz

    Im more than willing to level more than just 1 character with you we can level as many toons as you want, also your free to choose what ever class n spec you want. Generally speaking we'll prolly try to dungeon spam whilst questing in between the queues, unless you have an aversion to such things and you want to quest totally and occasionally do dungeons that im totally cool with dont mind questing instead.

    Also if im paid near/around the time that we ding level 80 and i can afford it, il buy you some additional gamecard (2months gametime)

    I am 22yrs old male from U.K i speak very very terrible french & spanish, so best just to stick to english on skype/vent/TS3 :P

    Gimme a PM if interested please!, i hope to hear from some of you ty.

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    Hello I would like to recruit someone US server. I would be open to being recruited if someone helped me come halfway on the costs associated with doing that. I have gold on Staghelm US you could have if I recruit you.

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    Cool *Looking for Recruiter* Experienced player and 7/7 in FL content

    UPDATED:Not Looking, thank you!
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    Looking for someone to Recruit on Darkspear-US up to level 80. PM me

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    US -- 24/7 Player looking to carry Raf.

    I am looking for someone that wants a second account. I can supply gold for your toon and anything you request. I will be leveling the toons 1-80 myself, unless you would like the assistance. I will do 4-5 toons 1-80 in the time we have. Whatever toon you want I will do it for you. let me know if you are interested or post for more details

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    Looking to recruit someone on Frostmane Horde, PM me.

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    Looking to Rez Someone and hand out FREE SCROLLS!!!!

    Hey Guys.

    I am looking to provide anyone with a Scroll of Resurrection ( US Servers) that would like to come back to the game.

    Its just that I have been in hard times recently with too many unplanned for expenses this summer as well as with future expected expenses before I head back to school in the fall. I could really use a month of playing time to ease my expenses. Since Wow is the cheapest form of entertainment where I am from (a small town) I could really use the game time to keep my busy during the nights for the summer.

    Please feel free to PM me if you are interested or would like to know any further information. Send me a tell and we can talk further.


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    Looking for someone to recruit me [EU]
    You will need to provide battle chest and wotlk, i will buy cataclysm myself
    I will create new acc [i have main account already]. I am very active, online most of the time. Will level as many as possible characters, u get most of benefits granted characters, free month, rocket mount, boost, gold, any help u need. I will also help you with gold if u need more at 85 to level professions or just to start playing normally
    So that means we will play on my realm[high pop pvp realm - horde],i will dualbox 2 accounts, will provide gold,boosts and transportation
    Pm me here or add msn [email protected]
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    Looking to recruit someone.

    You provide cd keys, and game time.

    I provide 4+ years of wow experience
    and the most flexible schedule anyone will ever give you.

    Also it won't just be us 2 leveling, I have 2 other friends who have their account linked and will be leveling with us to level 80. (multiple times if you choose)
    since its 4 of us I expect reaching 80 in a couple of hours.
    I will provide gold at 85

    Looking for someone chill and mature. Someone that will make leveling fun.
    Contact me on skype: alexzamora12

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