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    i am looking to recruit someone who can grant my druid upto 80 ,i can boost you in dungeons when you need help also.
    region: EU
    server: burning blade
    faction: horde
    what i can offer you: gems for your character,some gold,a level 25 pvp arena and rated bg guild,
    how often i play: i play wow atleast 13 hours a day

    please PM me if interested

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    Looking for someone to do RaF with.

    I will provide
    -Gold(for mounts-up to normal flying)
    -A fast and easy leveling experience as well as helping you understand the game(if needed)

    You provide
    -All game keys, and time to play the account.
    -Be a friendly person
    -And anything else you feel will make the leveling experience a fun one.

    please reach me via. PM

    would like to level on Dragonmaw-US -Ally side.

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    Still looking for someone serious to recruit on Frostmane EU Horde. Offering a high level guild, dungeon boosts, 5K gold and I can dualbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxieA View Post
    Looking to give away Scroll(s) of Resurrection [EU]
    In the current moment I cannot pay for World of Warcraft gametime so I'm giving away my Scrolls of Resurrection [EU]
    I have 4 left and if someone wants one, send me a PM Thanks in advance!

    PM me name and adress and ill send you a scroll!
    Still looking! Anyone wants please send a PM with email

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    Looking to recruit someone to an EU server

    What can I offer?
    -Play on most days
    -a few years of wow experience
    -Knowledge of most classes
    -Gold for skills/bags/mounts
    -RAF experience

    What is required of you?
    -You should play frequently, hopefully a couple hours a day
    -You must be knowledgeable of WoW (at least know what you are doing)
    -You must be willing to level at least one set of characters to 80
    -Your own CD Keys
    -Your own Game time

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex5412 View Post
    Looking for someone to recruit on EU realms i'm very active and can play many hours a day I dont care about realm or faction it's your choice you just have to get cd keys and gametime for yourself and if we play on one of mine realms I can get someone to boost us+ i will buy us bag and mounts up to 310% mount and money to train with if you are interested please add my skype or post here my skype name is :Alexandermoeller1
    Still looking for some I can recruit

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    Looking to recruit sombody on EU Horde Stormscale

    What do i offer:
    - Gold for proffesions when max level is reached (85)
    - 280% flying
    - Huge insight in the game

    What do i require?
    - Being able to play between 12 and 16 CET for the next week
    - Own cd keys
    - Commitment

    We'll be leveling atleast one char, i can do one more if you want

    PM me for more info

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    I'm looking to recruit someone on the US Ironhoof realm, horde side. I am looking to make a few characters, and after we can do a server of your choice.

    What I can provide:
    -Guild with the xp buff
    -Vent if wanted
    -Knowledge of the game
    -PLENTY of game time (most all times)
    -Gold for training/mounts/etc

    What you MUST provide:
    -Mature and enjoyable playing experience
    -Provide your own game keys up to 80
    -Plenty of game time, I put a serious note on this
    -Depending on our que time for random dungeons i expect to be questing in the mean time.

    Looking for serious and dedicated people only.

    You can play any character you wish, but would prefer healer or tank for faster dungeon ques.

    If you are interested, please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlucill View Post
    Looking to give away scrolls of resurrection.
    Pm me with name and email address. Thanks
    I am still looking for someone. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dumau View Post

    Illidan Horde (US).


    Battlechest + WOTLK + Gametime.
    Lots of play time.

    I will Provide:
    Fast 1-80 experience (16 hours /played per)
    All training, gear, mounts (including epic flyer for 1-2 toons, depending on how many we do).
    Vast knowledge on WoW, if you're a new player or just coming back to Cata I can help you understand the game so you're ready for end game once you hit 85.
    A friend. I'll always be able to help you out whether its running dungeons or PVPing to get your character geared.

    You can contact me VIA PM or my AIM which is aplasticoctopus if you have any more questions or are interested in starting RAF with me!

    The sooner I can find somebody the better.
    Still ISO.

    Pretty much anyone with all keys + lots of play time gets priority.

    I'm EST time zone and can play nearly 24 hrs if you're up for it.

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    Hello there Im looking to recruit someone for recruit a friend;

    What I want from you;
    1) Buy your own cd keys (classic/tbc+wotlk)
    2)Have enough time to level a few toons to 80 because it's too easy via dungeon spamming.
    3)Will be willing to play on Misha-Alliance.

    What I offer you;
    1) Paying for all you're mounts and abilities etc.
    2) A friendly nice play to chill chat on skype or so If you wish.
    3) If you are new basically teling you the mechanics of game.

    PM me and I will talk to you then

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    DO NOT ...I repeat do not try and RAF with a toon named pixlol. This guy is from an impressive guild but basically he is just trying to scam a free month . He is a college kid who does not give one crap about doing anything he says he is going to do....just warning everyone .

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    I would like to be recruited.

    I'm 21, student and very active. I've played WoW since vanilla.

    Play times: Whenever you want me to, i will adjust to when you want me online. ( Looking for someone very active )

    Info ( Please read ) :

    - You to purchase Vanilla + TBC + Wotlk ( I'll pay my own Cataclysm )
    - Be very, VERY active. Going to emphasize on ,,VERY" !
    - I'm looking to level at least 1 of each of the following : Druid, Warrior, Shaman, Priest, Paladin. So be willing to level at least 5 characters.
    - Supply gold for training skills, nothing more. Mounts are not needed, nor bags.
    - I don't mind whether you're alliance or horde. I've played them both. Nor do I mind whether you are EU or US. Like I said, I'm flexible.
    - Take leveling seriously, it must come before raiding, pvp'ing etc.
    - Aiming to level at least 5 characters within the first week.

    So, as you can see, I'm pretty dedicated to what I do, if you consider yourself dedicated, and looking for a friendly experienced player to share some game time, I'm the man.

    Give me a shout either via replying to this, or via Skype on : Thebunny22 -> add relevant info when adding me otherwise it might get declined. ^_^

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    Looking to BE recruited us alliance darkspear ASAP
    i have the keys and game time ready and everything i have a lot of time to play and want to 2 or 3 80's maybe more Want to get it done ASAP want to lvl up by doing dungs and some bg's

    What you must provide:To want to lvl a couple of 80's,Gold for mounts training and etc,A good amount of time to play

    TO get a hold of me message me on here

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    Quote Originally Posted by sycto View Post
    Looking to BE recruited us alliance darkspear ASAP
    i have the keys and game time ready and everything i have a lot of time to play and want to 2 or 3 80's maybe more Want to get it done ASAP want to lvl up by doing dungs and some bg's

    What you must provide:To want to lvl a couple of 80's,Gold for mounts training and etc,A good amount of time to play

    TO get a hold of me message me on here
    I sent you a PM, hope you're still available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FatMF View Post
    Looking to recruit to Sylvanas EU.

    Offering items to get started with after you pay for the vanilla, and 20k gold after you pay for at least one month of game time.

    I can also level your character myself if you want me to, or I can boost us through instances to get it done faster.
    Works for either faction, can't boost through instances on horde side though.
    We could do quests, dungeons or BGs, whatever you like the most.
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    Looking to recruit someone to Stormreaver US
    I provide:
    4 years of wow experience
    plenty of gold for mounts, abilities, etc
    lots of playtime to get a couple characters to 80 very quickly
    you provide:
    all keys and timecards
    lots of time to level
    good attitude

    send me a PM or a message on AIM jeremiahogl or text me at 205 612 9191 if interested

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    Looking to give away my Scrolls of Resurrection! Send me a message with the appropriate details.

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    Looking to recruit someone, Horde or Alliance on Ravencrest-US. I can supply bags, mounts, training, etc. on either faction. Let me know if you're interested.

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    I'm looking to reactivate my EU wow account. If you have a scroll of resurrection available please pm me.

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