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    Looking to RAF someone!

    Preferred Server is Wyrmrest Accord (US) [This is an RP serer, but I don't really RP. Just found it to be a nice, relaxed server]

    What I can provide:

    -Money for Mounts (Including: Cold Weather and Flight Masters Liscence)
    -Guild with XP boost perk.
    -Gold for training.

    About me:
    -I have been playing WoW since it launched.
    -I will generally be online during weekends either early morning or at night. (I have classes during weekdays and I work 3pm-10pm EST fri-sat, but it can vary).

    What am I looking for?
    -Someone who is interested in weekend play.
    -Sense of humor is a must!

    What must you provide:
    -Your own game account.
    -Your own game time.

    How to contact me:

    AIM: Eliek19
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    My account is eligible for SoR. If my account gets a month of gametime, yours gets one. Anyone feel like giving me a free month?
    (You just pay for your month over my acc and you get your month as a reward on yours).

    Well, you might be thinking, what do I get out of it?
    - I'm looking to reroll so I might start on your server and I'll play with you. I find myself a pretty good wow player considering my experience so you might gain a new friend and someone to play with in WoW.
    - I will also skype with you if you don't want to do any of this before you talk to me and got to know me further.

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    I'm looking to recruit someone on the US Blackrock realm, horde side. I'm only looking to make ONE character and no more. I'm on PCT zone. I'd prefer you be as well.

    What I can provide:
    -Guild with the xp buff
    -Vent if wanted
    -Knowledge of the game
    -PLENTY of game time (except nights)
    -Gold for training/mounts (not the epic one)

    What you MUST provide:
    -18+ no dumb asses that are 16 but think they're mature, ran into problems there
    -Provide your own game keys up to 80
    -Plenty of game time, enough to get this over with in 1-3 days
    -Depending on our que time for random dungeons i expect to be questing in the mean time, not sitting around for 15+ minutes waiting

    If I receive some half ass message with "Ill do it, raf me!" that's an automatic no for me. SERIOUS people only! Don't waste my time.

    I plan on rolling either a rogue or a ele sham, you can make whatever you want, i don't care. Like i stated if we're not getting instant ques then we'll be questing so be okay with that.

    Interested? PM me and i'll get back to you asap.

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    send me a message if u need a SOR

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidmarksteve View Post
    send me a message if u need a SOR
    I can't send a message because of my low post count. Please send me one.

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    I thought I may reword myself, cause it wasn't clear. I am offering to cast scroll of resurrection on you, and I'm playing EU WoW, if you can't SoR people from US in EU. So feel free to PM me if you want to come back to the game and feel like helping someone along.
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    Looking To Recruit

    Server: Gurabashi (US) (got gold+boosters on that server)
    Faction: Horde

    What I'll Provide:
    A Shitload of gold (310% flying skill/bags/skills and upon dinging 80 i will give you enough gold so you can buy yourself some awesome 85 cata BOE's)
    Knowledge ( I been playing WoW since day 1, been in some realm first guilds PVE wise and also in a guild that was ranked in the WORLD TOP 10) Can show you my main char for proof achievements etc ^^
    Level 25 guild.
    85's to boost us.
    Vent or Skype (Got both)
    My personal cell number for communication (via text)

    What I Expect From You:
    You provide your own CD-Keys/Gametime
    Have voice chat capabilities (Big plus if you got a mic with you)
    Able to play a lot (Looking to ding 80 ASAP so some rushing would be nice but i understand if you have a job or kids ofc!)

    I can basically play 24/7 now so time shouldn't be a problem for us.
    I understand if you have work or kids w/e i'm not asking you to play 24/7 as well ^^.

    If you are interested be sure to send me a PM.


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    Hey Zve, I can't PM... I'm interested though! My skype is same as forum name, hit me up!

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    Looking to recruit someone on Mal Gains Horde
    - Can help with money and bags
    - Great leveling experience
    - Available every day
    -Friends to Boost us to 80
    Leveling as many characters up to 80 as you want.

    -You should play frequently, hopefully a couple hours a day
    -Your own CD Keys
    -Your own Game time

    If your inrested you can contact me on Skype: awakeningx or pm me and i will get back you to asap. I am also willing to buy the Wrath cd key pm me or get in contact with me on skype

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    I am still looking as previous contact flaked. I will be supplying game time for you in exchange for below. Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hokiebird View Post
    I'm looking to recruit someone back to wow/looking to level a bunch of toons on Mal'ganis or Illidan server or both on the horde side. I am looking to make a few characters as fast as possible. I have a huge gap of time available for the next week to ten days as I am waiting on my new employment to take shape. After that my playtimes will be late at night (EST) and early morning due to the fact I am a bar manager and most of my afternoons/nights will be taken for work. Your timezone does not matter to me, as long as my playtime works for you. Once again for the next seven to ten days I have unlimited playing ability and would love the opportunity for us to take advantage of it.

    *** I currently do not have any toons of merit on either server. I just have some real life friends that have been on mal'ganis for years along with some former guildmates. If need be I can transfer one of my alts off of my current low pop / dying server in order to feed us gold. This would be mainly a fresh start for me while keeping my main to raid 2 days a week on a dying server.

    What I can provide:
    *Lots of available time. PLENTY the next week to 10 days
    *Vent if wanted and skype
    *Knowledge of the game from a shadow priest perspective (my main, have raided progressively off and on for years)
    - **I will also buy you time card if after the initial time period should you choose in order for me to receive the mount as well.

    What you MUST provide:
    *Provide your own game keys up to 80
    *Plenty of game time, pref with regards to the next week to ten days, so we can get multiple toons to level 80

    I plan on rolling another priest along with a warlock and warrior or rogue. If you like to tank or heal class that would be great but isn't required, make whatever you want, you do you.

    If you read this and are interested please send me a PM and I will get back to you asap

    Thanks for your time

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    Looking for a person to RaF on Darkspear (US)

    What can I offer?
    - Mature man without work that can play alot.
    - Knowledge of all classes and old school player.
    - Gold for mounts etc
    - Friends to boost

    What is required of you?
    -You should play frequently, hopefully a couple hours a day
    -You must be knowledgeable of WoW (at least know what you are doing)
    -You must be willing to level at least one char to 80. We can start on your server and then do 1 on Jaedenar, or all at jaedenar if you wish.
    -Your own CD Keys
    -Your own Game time

    Will pay for your Xfer off of server if wanted.

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    Looking for an RAF partner... I have CD keys. Will make as many 80s as you wish and is willing to do it on your server as choice. Would like a partner with gold and is
    perhaps willing to transfer ONE character I may make on your server to my main server? It would be greatly appreciated! I have plenty of time to RAF quickly.

    Skype: disco922 Contact me with any details! Also willing to trade cellphone numbers for anyone interested in RAFing.

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    Offering Scrolls of Res.. Contact me on yahoo... [email protected]
    Or msg here.

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    Looking to recruit someone on Mal Gains Horde
    - Can help with money and bags
    - Great leveling experience
    - Available every day
    -Friends to Boost us to 80
    Leveling as many characters up to 80 as you want.

    -You should play frequently, hopefully a couple hours a day
    -Your own CD Keys
    -Your own Game time

    If your inrested you can contact me on Skype: awakeningx or pm me and i will get back you to asap. I am also willing to buy the Wrath cd key pm me or get in contact with me on skype

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    Ok from now on I'll just repost my 3 previous requests in one post as needed until I get someone.

    As of right now my accounts are INACTIVE and thus I want to RAF with someone so I can play WoW. See the three quoted texts for the elevator speech, PLEASE read ALL THREE for the full picture.


    I forgot to mention this too but I have Ten Scrolls of Resurrection. Two accounts x 5 Scrolls = 10 SOR. Shoot me a PM if you'd like me to cast one on you ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by Aurabolt View Post

    US Alliance Cenarius, Uther, Shadowmoon, Maiev, Carine or Darrowmere

    I'm looking to RECRUIT a few people to do RAF with. Before I get into what I'd like, here's what you get just for taking the time to RAF with me:

    1. The <Serene Adventure> Treatment: I'm the Guild Master of <Serene Adventure>, which exists on all four of the listed servers I play on (Cenarius, Uther, Maiev and Darrowmere). Guild Members automatically get the following just for being in my guild:

    A. Free Ports with my Mages (I have a level 50+ Mage on two of the servers in each Guild--Leonparker on Uther and Angeltoss on Cenarius).
    B. Free Crafting for Life from ALL my chars (I have every single profession represented on all six servers)
    C. Free Riding/Epic Riding + Mount/Epic Mount at Level 20 and 40, respectively.
    D. Guild Runs guaranteed.

    2. Free Dual Spec @ 30: Once you hit level 30 I will give you the 10G to get Dual Spec.

    3. 100G to get you started + Gear for your class (Including DEATH KNIGHTS).

    4. Free Ports/Summons to complete certain Holiday Achievements (Midsummer, Lunar Festival, Hallow's End, etc.)

    5. 250G should you get the full game as thanks for the free month of WoW.

    Now that we have that out of the way, know that they are ALL guaranteed should you do RAF with me. You don't even have to join my Guild for #1 but you can if you want XD

    Now on to what I need in a RAF partner or five ^_^:

    1. Preferably someone willing to play on one of the servers I already have characters on: Uther, Cenarius, Darrowmere, Maiev, Carine and/or Shadowmoon UNLESS we swap Real IDs, which mostly eliminates the need for us to play on the same server.

    2. A willingness to level a character to at least 60. You are getting TRIPLE experience, after all.

    3. A willingness to buy the full game, if possible and/or 3 months of WoW. You now get The Burning Crusade free of charge via digitial download so...yeah ^_^

    4. Be sociable. It'd be boring if I did all the talking, yes?

    5. MUST be a legit player. I've had prior experience dealing with people who use RAF for malicious purposes and know what to look for.

    6. If new, be open advice on being good at their class.

    Note you must say YES to all of the above or no dice. Take it or leave it.

    Extra Info:

    -Now, as thanks for buying the full game and/or getting 3 months of WoW. I will buy Wrath of the Lich King for you free of charge. That way you'll have access to Northrend once you hit 68 plus the ability to make a Death Knight (WotLK required).

    -Please PM me or E-Mail me so we can work out the details if you are interested. You may send me a PM or contact me via E-mail at [email protected]. The subject should be RAF or Recruit a Friend so it doesn't get purged from my Inbox.

    -My offer will stand INDEFINITELY as long as people are willing to let me recruit them. I live in Boston so that's the Eastern Standard Time Zone (US EST). If you live outside my time zone, let me know so we can work on times that are good for both of us to play.

    Here's the updated text from my second Recruitment Posting:

    Quote Originally Posted by Aurabolt View Post
    I want another XT-53 Touring Mount so that means I'm recruiting again!

    I want to avoid any screw ups like my first RAF so I'll lay things down in three Catagories:


    1. Must commit to playing on one of the US Alliance or US Horde Servers I play on for at least the free month AND/OR exchange Real IDs for the purposes of keeping in touch. The servers I play on are Uther (PvE) Alliance and Horde, Cenarius (PvE) Alliance, Darrowmere (PvE) Alliance, Shadowmoon (PvP) Horde, Maiev (PvP) Alliance and Carine (PvE) Alliance.

    2. Must be sociable, dedicated and mature. I can be fun and reward people who are fun =D

    What I Give You

    1. My real ID (you get it in-game).

    2. My contact info: [email protected] (NOT my Real ID, I'm not stupid), aurabolt84 (AIM), MMO-Champion PMs and/or my personal forums. I give you all of this now, #1 after.

    3. 500G, x4 Bags and every FP on Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms if you choose Cenarius (my XT-53 Touring Rocket is there) to hold you straight to Lv. 68 (or 80 if you get LK).

    Sidenote: I have a Guild on Cenarius (Alliance, as well as my main and another 85), Darrowmere (Alliance side), Uther (Alliance and Horde side), Maiev (Alliance side), Carine (Alliance side) and Shadowmoon (Horde side). Ergo, I must STRONGLY suggest picking one of those to RAF with me. 'cause I can really hook you up =D

    What I Need from You

    1. Your contact info.

    2. Your time, patience, etc.

    3. Able to speak/understand English.

    4. Willingness to play on one of the servers listed above.

    ...On the off-chance you're rerolling for me and you have a Celestial Steed/Winged Guardian on your main, I'll buy you the two Vanity Pets of your choice or RAF for you. That's more than generous, I think ^_^
    And finally the last posting I made:

    Quote Originally Posted by Aurabolt View Post

    Looking to recruit someone via RAF.

    Here are the servers I play on, all US:

    Uther Alliance and Horde
    Cenarius Alliance
    Darrowmere Alliance
    Shadowmoon Horde
    Maiev Alliance
    Cairne Alliance

    Whoever helps me out will have the favor returned as soon as I get my next paycheck. I'm doing this for the free month + Mount so...yeah.

    What I can offer if you if you're willing to help me out are as follows:

    -Care package to start on one of the listed realms (Gold and Bags)
    -Free Rides, etc. on Cenarius (my 85 Warlock has the 2-seater RAF Mount)
    -1 RAF Recruitment from me to you

    My contact info is as follows:

    Skype: aurabolt84
    MSN: bthomas_04
    Twitter: Brendan2k5
    Real ID: You'll get this later.
    My Actual E-Mail: [email protected]

    Let's get in touch and try to work something out xD
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    This time I'll leave you the Links to 3 of my Wordpress Blogs: 1. Serene Adventure 2. Video Games 3. Anime Please subscribe if you like what you see. As a Bonus, I'll throw in my You Tube channel =D

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    Looking to recruit someone.


    Very active and highly progressive/fast PvP server with a great level of skill, one of the top 5 servers.
    Will provide gold, mounts (including epic) bags etc.
    Have a lot of playtime available (14+ hours a day)
    Can easily be boosted.

    You MUST provide your own cdkeys and gametime.

    Contact me via pm or dronian g m a i l or post

    Im sure you can figure out the contact part, can't post it properly due to post limit.
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    Looking to recruit someone on Sylvanas - EU
    What I can offer you is :
    A serious player with a vast knowledge of the game
    500 gold to start with and 1000 per every level 80 we have done together
    Level 25 guild
    An english speaking person without problems of understanding and communicating

    What I am looking for :
    A serious player who has time to level up
    Your own World of Warcraft + the Expansion packs
    Gametime(if you turn out to be serious I might consider getting you a gamecard)
    Someone who understands and speaks English

    P.S. I am bulgarian,but I can speak and understand English(as stated above) and German.Contact me here via PM if interested.

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    Looking to SoR someone. Let me know if you need a rez on here or send me an email to [email protected].
    I came, I saw, I moonfire spammed it.

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    Looking for a person to RaF on Blackhand (US), Horde

    - Dualbox to level your character for you
    - Gold for mounts and bags
    - Friends to boost

    What is required of you?
    - Either need account info or a way to contact to coordinate times
    - You must be knowledgeable of WoW (at least know what you are doing)
    - You must be willing to level at least one char to 80
    - Your own CD Keys
    - Your own Game time

    Basically, I want to RAF on Blackhand without me buying a second account. If given the account info, will level multiple characters to 80 with a third party boosting without second party needing to be on. If person is not comfortable with that, I can trade servers to compensate for money invested. Willing to negotiate offers.

    PM if interested.

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    I have five SoR's to give out on US.

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