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    Giving scroll to EU players.
    If your playing on Kazzak EU (Horde), Genjuros EU (Horde) or Zenedar EU (Ally) i will give you 10k gold. PM me =D

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    Giving out SoR on bladefist eu alliance

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    Giving out scrolls on US, servers you can transfer to are Darkspear-Ally, Runetotem-Ally, Staghelm-Ally, and Ravenholdt-Horde. Looking for someone that will pay for the month required- I will pay you 10k after you pay on Darkspear ONLY.*
    Send me a PM or email (if you can't pm) if interested- muffletoh AT gmail DOT com
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatInternet View Post
    Giving Scrolls to whoever requests, US Lightninghoof Horde; US Sargeras Alliance.

    send a PM if you can, or respond to this with a quote.
    sent you a PM!

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    Hi there Azurenys, I can't use PM nor quote yet cause im a new user, But i'd love if you could use a SoR on me, I want to start playing again and it seems you really have an good offer! I was a quite good raider, 7/8 HC firelands etc..

    And i can't write my email, ugh.

    Best Regards // Laiq

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    Offering SoR for EU realms. You can either stay on your existing realm or come to Runetotem-EU. You get free level 80 character, 7 days game time and upgrade to Cata.

    PM me the name and realm of one of your existing characters or otherwise the email address associated with your battle.net account.
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    Giving Scroll for EU realm. Will throw in a "Herald of the Titans" title if you are willing to meet the requirements for it.

    Contact me PM for details.

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    Multi Glad Rogue lf SoR! a big bonus if you have chars on Stormscale (EU)! PM me for my details!

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    Anyone after the mount on US/oceanic send me a message if your up for the month subscription cost for it, I'm not overly interested in playing but I hear some collectors of mounts are in a bind to find*inactive people fitting the requisites.

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    Giving away SoR for EU-Realms. Just PM Realm/Char OR Battle.Net-Mail. Will send the invite immediately.

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    Have an EU scroll.

    I have 85s on Al'Akir Horde, The Venture Co. Horde and Draenor Horde.

    PM if interested.

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    Excuse me for being ignorant, I'm just on a cell inet and it barely moves; are you able to transfer your char to any desired realm, or does it have to be the same realm as the one who sent you the scroll plays on?

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    Handing out scrolls for EU realm. I'm even on Twisting Nether (PvP), a very high population heavily Horde focused realm with lots of competitive raiding guilds 25m and 10m alike. But also a very active PvP community. Or you can stay on your existing realm obviously.

    PM me your associated battle.net account or the name and realm of one of your existing characters.
    Giving the first person to PM me his associated battle.net account and accepting SoR a 1000g starting bonus.

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    Giving out SoR on US Jubei'Thos, Horde faction. PM me details.

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    Giving scrolls for US Mal-ganis Horde PM me*

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    Giving out SoR for US Aggramar on my second account.

    Send PM with details!

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    I have one more SoR remaining! PM your char/realm or email!
    US -Aggramar

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    Scroll of resurrection is available for use. Do not have to transfer to my server just trying to be friendly. PM me for an invite.

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    Giving scrolls on EU pm me or send an email [email protected]

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