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    Northern Ohio, US
    Have 2 scrolls available for Horde Us Firetree

    email me

    necrofryer AT gmx.com

    need people who are subbing for at least 30 days for mount.

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    Mal'ganis Horde Side, have a scroll to give!

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    I am looking to use either RaF or SoR. i have scrolls to give.
    i am looking to be on US- Darkspear.
    i would like to recruit some newbies or people who are starting a second account also.
    im pretty much down for anything so just let me know.

    PM me and we will go from there

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    Looking to cast a SoR for anyone who needs one. my main is Octavia on ally side of Alterac Mountains so please pm me if your looking for one.

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    Have scrolls for EU available. PM me your email address and if you want, specific server and horde/alliance.

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    EU scrolls available, i'm on EU-KAZZAK & EU-TWILIGHT'S HAMMER

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    Got 2 scrolls for EU available. PM me if you're interested.

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    Got another scroll for Stormscale eu (pretty much the best pvp server for horde out there) Pm if interested!

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    Got SoRs available for US realms. I can create a character in any realm you deside. PM / reply me if you're interested.

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    Looking to recruit [EU]

    We'll start on a Runetotem Ally side, but if you prefer another server we can start there (however i'll not be able to provide us with gold).
    I'm a really good player, know the game very well. I want to level as many char we can, and we'll do it fast.
    I expect you to get your own cd key, and purchase game time.

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    Lookin' for a hordeside SoR on any EU realm you'd desire ([email protected])

    Thank you in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimme View Post

    Lookin' for a hordeside SoR on any EU realm you'd desire ([email protected])

    Thank you in advance.
    sent =) enjoy

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    Hi I am looking for an SoR partner Server : Shadowsong Character Name : Yanut

    please reply with any questions

    Thanks for the help everyone I appretiate it !!!!
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    Thank you Galaen
    This is the point where /headdesk doesn't quite cut it.. So I start using /bodywall

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    Hey looking to RECRUIT YOU - EU HORDE

    Im an experienced player with 13/13 heroic, 7/7 heroic and 8/8 heroic in cata aswell as end game experience from tbc and wotlk, im looking to recruit on TWISTING NETHER - EU, im on every day and looking to level around 4 ish (can be more) toons to 80, 85 if we want to keep going.
    Looking to start ASAP, can talk on skype etc... looking to have fun aswell as leveling

    You provide - Game keys

    Ill provide - Gold
    level 25 guild
    Active player

    Add my real ID [email protected]
    or send me a message here if your intrested

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    I have one EU SoR available for today - PM me your Battle.net email and any faction/realm requests.

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    Would like to send out a Us SoR I can't respond to PM's yet so just pm me your info and the server/faction you want

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    Anyone on EU servers need SoR?
    Just PM me your e-mail and I'll send it to you.


    Side note: I'm playing on Kazzak - Horde, if you wish to come and play with me and few more friends you are more then welcome.

    If you come, you'll get 4x+ bags for your newly started character, help with questing, boosting through dungeons and friends to play with. Will buy you ground riding and much much more.

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    I have a SoR available on EU servers.

    If you are Alliance on Xavius or Horde on Sargeras I'll even throw in 10k if you purchase 1 month sub !

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    Anyone who is looking to do RAF I'd love to RECRUIT you, I am on spring break so I have tons of time to level. I have have level 3 toons to 85 I know fast routes and what to do.To get in touch with me is by adding me on skype : anniewerd

    Thank you and if you choose to do your RAF with me I appreciate it (: [US]

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