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    LF RAF:

    I can provide a copy of the vanilla game, gold, bags, and armor.

    What you provide:

    The only thing I ask you provide is the 2 months game time purchased ASAP as I'd really like to get that rocket mount sooner rather then later. We'll be leveling on the Moon Guard server horde side. That's all.

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    Greetings, I am looking to be recruited on any EU realm.

    You provide:

    All I need is the wow vanilla and tbc keys. No need to purchase bags, mounts or anything like that in game.

    I provide:

    I will purchase the 2 month game time immediately after receiving the keys. So u get your mount and free month in no time.

    Looking to level 1-3 different toons. More if you want.

    Looking forward playing with you :P

    You can send me a PM here, will be checking frequently.
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    ************Looking for RAF-partner - RECRUITING YOU************

    If you're looking for a RAF partner, Then your lookin at the right spot.
    == What i can offer ==
    4-5 k gold , bags , enchants, jewels, power leveling and just a cool friend to be around
    Im on everyday so i work with anybodys schedule
    would love to roll 3-4 chars with you but 2-3 is fine w/e your schedule is.

    shoot me a pm if your interested for my info or you can talk to me on vent or skyp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nilmar View Post
    Looking for a RAF partner
    Im wanting to recruit YOU

    I've played WoW since vanilla, so i have a lot of experience in general and also at leveling toons (mainly alliance but i have some knowledge of the horde quests also, if your wanting to quest)

    I can offer:
    A dedicated player who can play for as long as you like and meet YOUR schedule
    A talkative guy always up for a bit of a laugh
    Extensive knowledge of the game and majority of classes

    What you provide
    Your own keys/gametime
    Dedication to leveling toon(s) - preferably more than 2
    Fun and laughter!
    Atleast being able to speak/type the english language, so we can chat while leveling

    I don't care on the server we play (preferably not PVE only servers though)
    Not fussed on the faction we play,

    the first toon i level will probably be a Warlock or priest, i don't require you to level as a tank or healer if you don't want to, if you want to then all the better for instance queues ofc!

    About me - my name is Simon, I'm 20 and I'm from the UK and currently studying computer science at university in Newcastle.

    *Note* I am recruiting YOU, we can either level just to 60 or through to 70, or if your feeling adventurous through to 80 - if we level through to 80 i would recommend leveling how ever many toons to 60 first to take full advantage of the XP boost since it doesnt cound past 60.

    If your interested PM me on here or Email me at Ayeayefirefly <@> Gmail <.> Com

    Still looking for someone to RAF!

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    I'm looking to RECRUIT someone for Recruit A Friend. We will be playing on the Horde or Alliance side of US-Whisperwind although I'd prefer the Horde side. I am looking to level at least one character to level 60, but am willing to level many characters.

    You Provide:
    *A decent leveling schedule: Outline your leveling schedule in a Private Message. Side adventures from leveling are cool sometimes too.
    *A love for the game: I don't want to play with someone who is burned out on the game. I want to level with someone who has a passion and love for the game.
    *A good attitude
    *A social personality: I want to level with someone that will talk and not give me the silent treatment so it doesn't feel like an endless grind. Seems much more rewarding and you get a new friend out of it.

    I Provide:
    *All of the things I expect you to provide
    *Vanilla CD Key
    *Mount fees and outlands flying
    *Gold for training
    *A grand desire for success.

    *Send a private message to me if you are interested in being recruited or have any questions.
    *New and experienced players are welcome.

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    Looking to recruit someone. I'm on Vashj-US, Alliance. Looking to level one toon, but would like to level a couple more if your schedule allows for it. I play most days after 5PM PDT, I don't work weekends, so I'm on any time sat/sun. Mon/Tues, I can only be on before 3PM or after midnight.

    All I want from you is:
    * That you're actually on to level the toon(s), which is why you're here...right?
    * A sense of humor and general nice personality. (The guy that recruited me was alway making racist jokes and was an annoying pain in the ass to be around)
    * Enjoy and understand the game. I know it's an alt that will be leveling quick, but it makes it easier if you know the game already.
    * I don't care which role you play. I will be leveling a lock or mage first, then a druid if we get around to it.

    You get from me:
    * Vanilla key (if you buy a 60 day card right away, I'll include a tbc key.)
    * 2k Gold
    * Bags
    * Mount Money (in addition to the 2k)
    * Skilled player that still enjoys the game.
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    Looking for someone to recruit ME. On any EU server (preferably Russian ones).

    You just have to provide:
    * Basic understanding of English.
    * Understanding of humor.
    * Vanilla key.
    * Some gold (around 100-200).
    * Desire to get character to 60 ASAP.

    You'll get from me:
    * I'll pay for 2 months subscription after we'll get first 60 level.
    * I'll buy tbc as soon as we'll reach 58 level.
    * Skilled player that knows how to play his class.

    (I Would like to level Multiple characters to 60)
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    Looking for a Recruit-a-friend partner. I'd be recruiting you.

    Can play pretty much whenever is good for you, would like to get 3+ characters to 60 or higher and would provide money for your mounts / training and such.

    Knowledgeable with most classes and can provide much help, along with a quick questing baseline.

    PM me if you'd like to know any more, or would actually be interested in trying it out.

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    hey guys im looking to be recruited for RAF i have lots of expierence with WoW and RAF so we will have a fun time all i need is a Vanilla wow cd key and if u give me BC key as well i will buy a 2month gamecard so u can get ur free rocket mount Message me at my aim-Deadlyshotz22

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    Red face

    I'm recruiting you! (Horde, Shadowsong EU) (PvE Realm)

    I'm a experienced WoW player, I got several 80's, I'm just to lazy to do the normal leveling method. I work during the day, so I'm only available to level up at night (from 19:00 GMT 0 onwards) and weekends (pretty much all day). I want a mature and experienced player, that know the game and the class. The realm is Shadowsong, Europe. It's a mid/high population realm with nice people and balanced economy.

    I'm providing:
    - Gold for skills and mounts (up to level 60 [yes, I'm also paying your flying skill and mount for Outlands])
    - 4 frostweave bags (20 slots)
    - World of Warcaft Classic key
    - Nice guild (if you want)
    - Depending on how things go, I might be able to provide World of Wacraft The Burning Crusade key.

    What I'm expecting from you:
    - Dedication
    - Decent knowledge of the english language
    - Your own TBC/WotlK Key
    - Decent knowledge of WoW.

    I'm aiming to level 2 characters, a Rogue and a Warrior, so it'd be great if we could level up those 2 characters together. If you want more information, feel free to contact me through mail (anarionpt [at] gmail [dot] com), msn (eu [at] filipeneves [dot] net) or via PM.

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    Looking for a partner for RaF, with my brand new account.

    I have no schedules for now, and willing to play numerous hours to get multiple level 60s.

    I am a friendly guy, who speaks English and French, I have experience from past years, in wow, I just quit due to IRL reasons and will like to start on a brand new account. Only American Servers please, PvP will be preferred, or RPPVP.

    Pm with information of how much hours/daily you will play, schedules, server, etc...

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    I might be interested. Ill post back in a couple of days,

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    Greetings Everyone !
    My name is Michael and I'd like to invite You as my RaF !

    Why me?

    I play World Of Warcraft since 2005 (5years). This time gave experience with all classes. From full raiding PvE gear to 2200 arena team. Now I want to find someone to help him too !

    Server: Burning Legion
    Side: Alliance
    My characters At this moment got 2x 80 : Rogue and DK . Rogue 5.6k gs pvp and pve geared.
    Professions: JC, Mining, Engi

    Country Poland
    Languages: Polish, English
    When I play? 7 days in week, from 10:00 - 02:00.

    What Can i offer?
    1. A lot of information, advices.
    2. Gold for skills, respecs,
    3. Gold for mount !
    4. Gold at start !
    5. Gold for bags , eq. ETC. (rare / epic items too)
    6. Help with making quest, I'll be Your shadow !!!
    7. Boosts through dungeons !
    8. Help at skype/Teamspeak/Ventrillo

    You'll get 60 in few days with me !!!

    FROM ME You'll recive everything what's hopefull to lvl up fast !

    If You're interested PM me .

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    Looking to be RECRUITED!

    Won't be able to start until about 3 weeks from now, but looking for someone who plays late night/early morning US. I am located in england currently, so I'm 8 hours ahead of PST and 5 hours ahead of EST. Would prefer an EST server but if you fit those hours and play PST, I can make it work. I've played off and on for 3 years now, looking to get back into the game after a 9 month break. I will aquire my own keys/account(will buy 60 days, you'll get your mount), all I ask is that if possible you can help out with bags/gold. For 2 weeks (out of town 9OCT-11OCT), M-F and potentially weekends, I will be available to play Midnight PST/3AM EST to roughly 9AM PST/Noon EST. Monday and Friday I will be able to play an additional 3 hours later (wife has class.) This would work especially well if anyone else is EU located playing on US servers. Again, I know my way around the game, so don't worry about that. Looking for atleast 1 60, but possibly a 2nd if we can get it done in time. If you're interested PM me here, I check daily and will give you my skype name so we can hash it out further over voice chat if you want. Thanks! Also, either side is fine. I've played both but know more about horde leveling although I prefer alliance these days.
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    Hey hey MMO Champ.

    I am looking to RECRUIT YOU. The person I was doing RAF with has dropped off the face of the earth, so I'd like to start over.

    I play on the Stormrage-US server, Alliance side. I have an 80 Rogue in a guild of close friends, and we've gotten up to the Lich King in 10 man. We do not do 25's, but the server is well established, so it isn't out of the ordinary to see 25 pugs get 2+ wings down.

    I'm hoping to get a couple more 80's before Cataclysm comes out, and since it's summer time, I'm going to have a lot of downtime before grad school in the fall.

    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Stormrage-US
    Alliance definitely dominates this server, and we almost have WG. Stormrage is a very old server-- it was one of the servers at launch, so it is definitely a well established server.

    What I provide:
    Gold for your mounts and training, and more than likely gear.
    I'll be honest. It's between semesters, I'm unemployed, and I've got very little to do. So, when I've got downtime, I'm going to be on WoW.

    What you need to provide:
    Your account + 2 months time. Sorry, I pay enough for this game, I'm not in the mood to pay for another account.
    Experience in the game
    Be able to play for a few hours at a time. I'm fine with taking breaks, we all have lives.
    Willing to level at least 1 toon to 60. A couple would be very nice.

    I'm fine with leveling whatever way you want, but dungeons would be the best choice. I'm thinking of rolling a tank, so that could help.

    If you're interested, here's how you can get hold of me:
    Email me. Adendris at gmail dot com
    Message me on here. I check it often.
    Message me in-game. I'm on Stormrage-US, either on Adendris, Kaylende, or Razia, or Tanaris-US on Saavedro or Vandyr.

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    Found a RAF partner. No more pms, ty ^^
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    I am looking to Recruit YOU for some US-based leveling!

    Sever: Aerie Peak
    Timezone: PST/CST
    Main Character Name: Affiniti
    Guild: Uprising (US 21st HLK Kill)

    What I provide:

    Gold for bags, upgrades, mounts, etc.
    The willingness to log into your account and /follow so you don't have to be there for the 1-60 grind (If you so chose).
    Instance and Heroic grinding at 80 to get gear, and help you get into raids (if you want).

    Fun leveling services! I have a wealth of knowledge, being in a top US and World Guild (World 14th Halion Kill) and I am fun to level with. I can most likely jew someone into mass running instances to level quickly.

    What I expect:

    Someone interested in leveling 1 or more toons to 60 and beyond. We can get 3 or more (or fewer if you want) to 60, then start working on 60-80 together or separately.

    I am not after the rocket mount, I am after leveling some additional alts before the expansion is out

    If time is a concern, I have a LOT of free time and am willing to log into your account and /follow for instance grinding/questing. You don't have to be there for the majority of 1-60 if you do not want to.

    Anybody that is interested please send me a message. I am willing to RAF /follow multiple accounts for anyone interested. Most of the leveling will be via instance grinding, so it will go by rather quickly. At that point, we can start working on 80 and then gearing up.

    Happy Hunting!

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    Hi, I am looking to recruit you, for some core-xp grinding.

    Zone: EU
    Realm: Terenas.
    Faction: Horde.

    What do I provide: Normal & Epic Riding, if you buy BC as well, Normal Flying.
    20 slot bags (3), + 1 gathering bag (Mining, Herbalism).

    What do I expect: A lot of free time, or if not, that you provide your login details, so that i can continue to grind you to 60, and willing to pick up a gathering profession.

    What can you expect: A lot of grinding of: quests and mobs, and once we hit the right level: dungeons (have a 2nd account of which i can boost through).

    Skype: thakillers
    mail: micheldewit at gmail dot com

    Note: On skype you have more chance of faster reaction.

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    Recruiter: YOU
    Play times: All day everyday
    Benefits offered: I want to play on my current realm horde so i can boost us. Can provide gold and bags
    Requirements from you: Provide me with the Vanilla and pref TBC key.
    Realm/Faction: Daggerspine EU Horde
    Contact me via: Skype - iceblizz1988 or Ingame on either Jouji or Jouj
    Other relevant info: Looking to get at least 2 characters to 60 with RaF. If you wish to continue on my realm i can provide a pve guild, arena boosts, gold for epic flyer etc.

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    Dear Future WoW Leveler,

    I am currently Looking for an RaF partner.
    PlayTimes: 3pm - 10pm EST weekdays, Anytime Weekends.
    Benefits: All 16 slot bags. 100g starting. All mounts provided 1-60.
    Realm: Akama - PVP
    Faction: Horde

    Will consider hard-core leveling on weekends. Aim is to hit 60 with at least one character (prefer 2) and then get the flying mount.

    Plans: Lots of Dungeon farming. Good questing (Jinthalor, etc) between designated hours.

    Message me on here if interested within the next week otherwise I will be looking for an RaF by other means.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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