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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!


    Realm : Silvermoon

    Im looking for someone to refer. I will provide gold for repairs, bags, Profession needed items and help grind for the profesions, i will also pay for mounts and training [cept epic flying].

    I am free almost anytime of the day. I raid Midnight to 4am morning so that shouldnt conflict with leveling. I have vent and friends to help.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    EDIT: FOund a partner, ty

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I am looking for a RaF partner, I will recruit you.
    my realm: Trollbane, I have 40 80s, I am willing to boost some characters of yours as long as i can get a few characters to 60 with you.
    I am willing to pay for bags / mounts / gems, whatever

    If you are interested please P.M. me in-game, I will be on one of the following characters: Banos, Ffs, Farog, Syrath, or Bridinn.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    EDIT: Found a partner thanks to everyone else who added me, stay tuned for my next RaF post!

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Worldpart : EU
    Server : Arathor
    Faction : Alliance
    RAF : I recruit you

    Goal : Recruit up as many 60's as possible. Atleast 2.
    Experience : Done 2x1-60 already as RAF. Kingslayer 25m and 5 year raider.

    Basically we're going to quest fast to level 10, then go boosting from level 10-60. I got a variety of 4 80's to choose between for boosting. hunter, shaman, warrior and death knight. Also got a mage, but its on the account im gonna recruit you with.
    I got ventrilo that we can use while playing, also possible with skype.

    In short I will use my 2nd account as storage for all the 60s we level, and my main account to boost us.

    What I provide :
    - 4x16slot bags for each character we level up
    - 60% & 100% Ground mount for each character we level up
    - Boosting with well geared 80s
    - Also available for gearing if\when you get a char to 80.
    - Ventrilo server

    What you provdie :
    - The required CD-keys
    - 2 months of playtime on your account
    - Will to go for hours upon hours
    - Good sense of humor and nice behaviour
    - Trustfulness and dedication

    Levelling time :
    - Weekdays : I raid from 19.15->23.00 monday to thursday.
    We will plan the levelling together and see what days\time it fits us.

    PM me here if it sounds interesting.

    "Well you know what they say...if at first you don't succeed, rez the guy who died trying."

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    LF people to RAF at frostmane - us(horde side)

    i will pay for everything including your repair, mount, BOE gear, and bags, only requirement is that you have to pay for your account, ill pay a bonus of 1k gold for every 60 we level.we will be questing and queuing for dungeons while questing and we SHOULD get to 60 in a week.Would prefer players with oceanic timing though.PM me in game(dalgress) or send me a mail in mmo.

    EDIT : would prefer if you can play a tank as the first toon i gonna level is a shammy and i gonna heal for the quick queues and exp, but DPS would be fine too

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I will pay 2000 gold OR one month subscription for any person who lets me recruit them and buys 2 months game time.

    I have multiple level 80's for both Horde and Alliance on PvP servers (Dragonmaw & Nathrezim).

    Send me a message for more details. I am a man of my word - you will be paid in full.
    I'm sorry, but i just have to tell you that you are an ignorant, closed minded fool, and you need to chill out, think more, and quit being such a douche. Your responses are shrill, closed minded, and ignorant. You need to think outside the box sometimes, and realize its blizzards game and you are not ghostcrawler.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Horde - Mannoroth - US - I RECRUIT YOU
    I will pay for bags, repairs, profs ect.
    I have a beastly DK on the realm http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&cn=Alexandier
    When we hit 60 I will give you 1000g and when we hit 80 I will give you another 2000g

    Pst ;D

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Quote Originally Posted by callme
    So... has this been a good place to actually find people to RaF? I only ask because I don't know the results since it would happen in game.
    Yeah it's good mate so far the people I have RaF'd with have been great, funny and honest people, I would highly recommend you go for someone of MMO-Champ to other sites

    I am Rogue - Play Free Online Games

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Server: Mal'Ganis - US-PvP Horde

    RaF - I recruit you

    What I provide:
    Gold for mounts, abilities, and bags
    Quick leveling
    Help and assistance when you hit 80, including instant heroic queues that are completed quickly.
    Will pay for your epic flying.

    What you must provide:
    Your own keys
    Preferably a lot of time to play (I can play as long as you can)
    Keep playing for at least 2 months

    We will be playing on Mal'Ganis - US-PvP Horde (Don't worry, there's virtually no alliance. It's also one of the best progression servers)

    Whenever you want to level, I'll be on.

    PM me if interested, or if you want to know more to see if we're a good match.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Looking to Recruit a Friend.

    I will be leveling a Mage on Darkspear EU. Horde

    I have 4 level 80's and will help with bags, boosting when required. I also have all proffesions maxed except for Leatherworking and Tailoring. So i can help you with craftables etc.

    I have a mumble server we can use for voice communication as well.

    Once you hit the level cap I will help with gearing up and recruit you to my end game raiding guild.

    PM me on mmo-champion if you're interested.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Hey I am looking to recruit someone else for RAF
    We will be playing on the Dunemaul-US realm, it is an excellent PvP realm, and just as excellent of a PvE realm so you will win either way, if you choose to PvE or PvP or do both.
    We will be playing Horde, the horde is more dominant on this realm we out number the alliance and win events such as Wintergrasp all the time and hold control of it most of everyday.
    Would prefer someone who has expierence in playing WoW and isn't completely new.
    Must have mic and Ventrillo
    I will be leveling a shaman and I would like to get more than 1 character to 60 with you.
    would like to get to 60 in a reasonable amount of time, doesn't have to be like in a day.

    What I Provide:

    Gold for mounts (up until epic flying, will not pay for epic flying), spells, and bags (4 16 slot bags)
    A great personality and nice, fun person to level with.
    A Ventrillo that we can use.
    Experience in World of Warcraft and I do have a 80

    What you must provide:

    Your own keys
    some time to level (we can discuss this in pm)
    Keep playing for at least 2 months
    A mature, good personality, not someone who is rude or mean or unfriendly

    If you would like to talk to me and discuss becoming my RAF private message (pm) me here.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Looking to RAF on bdf or stormscale EU willing to pay 1.5k

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Region: EU
    Ideal Servers: Silvermoon Pve, Ravencrest Pvp, Anachronos pve
    Faction: Alliance

    Looking for a RAF partner, willing to pay for 1 month's subscription for your time. My character's name on Silvermoon is Felfury, /w if interested in-game

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Hello im looking for someone interested in leveling a character or 2 on Arthas-Horde, simple i send you RaF you start acct (i dont care if you just start a vanilla) and we grind FAST.

    Please msg me on AIM: Dustipalooza

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    [B]Its me again.

    so i have a linked RAF account it already has one WoW CD Key on it (no longer trail)

    Relm: Darksorrow-EU

    What i expect from you?

    • Next 2 CD Keys
    • Quick Leveling
    • Be on alot

    What can i give?

    • I can supply gold for Apprentice and Journeyman mount skill and mounts.
    • Good amount of gold for skills
    • Im on alot!
    • i level quick

    i already have started

    I have a Level 15 Warlock (blood Elf)
    RAF Account has level 15 druid (tauren)


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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    RaF - I recruit you

    What I provide:
    Gold for mounts, spells, and bags
    A fun leveling experience
    Help and assistance to gear up once you hit 80

    What you must provide:
    Your own keys (Sorry I ain't wasting money on a stranger)
    Dedication to level
    A good leveling schedule

    We will roll on Blackhand - US, Horde side
    I'm willing to take new to experienced players

    Playing times are 3:30-10pm on weekdays, and anytime on weekends (pacific standard time)

    If you are interested please add me on your IM: [email protected]
    or send me PM here on mmo, (expect a faster response if you just add me on your IM[instant messenger])

    (You do not have to pay 2 months for me to get the mount, I could really care less about it, so you are free to transfer your toons to your main account anytime you want (after we hit 60 of course))

    I want to start asap.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    ooking to RaF some1 as in i recruit you.

    Server: Illidan - US - Horde

    I am looking to level 1-2 alts to 60.
    You should be willing to level multiple times per week.(Can be discussed later.)
    I would like to be able to talk to you via Skype or Ventrillo.

    What you get from me...
    You will get everything paid for up to 60.(Bags/repairs/gear/skills/mount/training.)
    Once at 60 i will give you 3k gold.(The second 60 will be 2k gold.)
    I will help you gear up at level 80.(I have a decked resto druid, quick queues)
    A fun and easy leveling experience with someone who has played this game since release.

    I have a few friends that can run us threw instances/boost us(or i can use their accounts to do this) to speed up our leveling by ALOT. I hope to have 2 fresh 60s(Maybe more if you want) within 2 weeks. Like i said, times that we can level will be discussed once i have a compatible person to level with. It will mainly be on my days off/whenever you can play...I play alot haha. Please PM me if you are interested

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Looking for RaF partner, simple i recruit you you make acct and we grind to 60. 1-2 chars most likley. Arthas-Horde. i have 80s/gold to help

    MUST UPGRADE ACCT FAST. not trying to wait.

    AIM: Dustipalooza

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Hello MMO-champ' forum goers!

    I'm interested in Recruiting You!

    Server: Blackrock US

    Faction: Horde

    Basically looking to reroll on Blackrock US (best PvP server) to PvP. Looking to level up to 4 60's. I will give you two months of subscription, you buy the game + expacs. I play mostly weekends, im on the Central US time zone.

    Im 17, mature, friendly, looking for someone similar. I have vent and speak english as language, you must also. I can dual box if for some reason you cant be on. We will be mostly questing (gold+gear=reduced cost).

    Looking for someone who plays a decent ammount and wants to level multiple characters FAST. PM me if you are interested!

    Edit: Found someone.

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