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    LF someone to RAF with on Kazzak EU. I can offer 4 16 slot bags, 500g + seperate gold for training/mounts. I also got people to do instance boosts for us. Please message Drakzqt/Validan if you are interrsted

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    Hello guys! My name is Maddi and I am looking to be recruited for RAF! I only want to level the toons on BLACKROCK Horde though! I am looking to get 2-3 60s this weekend starting Thursday and going into the 3-day weekend! This is going to be a VERY hard task and will require a lot of grinding by post of us but the result will be worth it! So if you're looking to get some VERY quick 60s, recruit someone for RAF, meet a nice new friend to play with, grind your butt off this weekend, and you meet the requirements below, PLEASE get in contact with me! I will be paying for ALL real world money expenses during our RAF time!

    Please meet these requirements!
    -Must have previous RAF experience
    -Must have mains on Blackrock Horde
    -Willing to grind hours and hours over this weekend
    -Have you weekend be completely free!

    Please contact me in the following ways if you think we can do this together! Thanks again for reading!
    EMAIL: [email protected]
    AIM: maddi3640
    Skype: maddi3640
    Windows LIVE: [email protected]

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    looking to be recruited

    am a retired player looking to get back into the game. I stopped playing when I had to travel abroad for business shortly after WoTLK came out. I came back to see that my former guild and most in game friends were gone. I am looking to reroll on a fresh server, fresh account. You refer me, I provide my own key. If all goes well and we reach 60 or beyond with some characters then I will add a 2 month game card for your mount. I am starting fresh so if you have gold for mounts or can provide dungeon runs etc it would be much appreciated. PM or catch me on AIM s/n is Andrewfrink

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    Smile Looking to recruit you!

    I'm looking for someone to RECRUIT

    Realm: Earthen-Ring EU PvE/RP (Alliance)
    Faction: Alliance

    What I am offering:
    I am very active. I love doing dungeons and raids. Also enjoy chatting.
    I will be able to run us through dungeons on any of my 80-85 chars. My main is http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ring/ademptio/
    It would be a bonus if you play a little, but you don't have to play alot, I'm happy as long you play a little so you can reach 60+
    I will get you the gold for mounts/training as well as bags (Including flying mount). I will also give you a nice bonus of 2000 gold for skills and mats to various skills or something else. I have quit good geared chars and experienced in any dungeon or raid.
    Besides all this I will help you with any help you need and give you information if you have any questions about the game.
    I will pay for the two first dual talents ( that means i will give you cash to get dual talents on two of your char's )

    What I would like is:
    You must supply all wow keys/game time (60 days)

    If you got questions feel free to PM me on this site or write me a mail with the recruit title on this adress: [email protected]

    Thank you in advance for any response!
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    maddi123 i just did a google on ur email u come up alot on account sale websites and more.
    Pls remove maddi123 from here email : maddi3640 do a search on it u will find alot of things.

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    Looking to recruit!

    What I provide:
    Gold (normal, epic and finally normal flying)
    Bags (16 or 20 slot bags)
    Help even AFTER our time leveling
    My undivided time, I'm dedicated to leveling as fast as possible
    Gold for skill training if permitted

    You're on your own for professions, sorry!

    What you provide:
    CD keys for yourself
    YOUR undivided attention
    You must have vent so we can talk, etc

    email: [email protected] or PM me!

    Server: Eredar - Alliance

    Armory is on my sig, contact me ASAP.

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    I'm looking for someone to recruit,

    I can provide gold, bags etc.. whatever you need, help with various other issues, like a guild and what not, also use to a ventrilo server+private channel,

    you; purchase your own copy of the game, be as active as you can, enthusiasm for leveling toons

    I play on Outland Alliance.

    Please contact me in a PM

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    Hi everyone!

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Oliver and i am just getting back from not playing WoW for a couple months and i am SUPER FREAKIN Excited for Cataclysm and wanna get back into it.
    -I reactivated my account and want to level an ALLY on Kel'Thuzad (PvP) server.
    -I want to know if anyone is willing to take a couple days and level to 60 REAL quick.
    -I have flexible hours
    -I can be in vent as well to discuss this.
    -I am a great, knowledgeable and intellectual player.
    -You would buy the game, and i would recruit you to lvl up together with my account. my friends would also be able to run us thru dungeons for sure

    I PROVIDE: Enough gold for everything necessary, including reg and epic ground mounts and 16 slot bags.

    -Let me know if you are willing to do this we can get some 60s real quick right before cataclysm! RAWR!
    contact me here and we can take this further elsewhere.
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    I am looking to Recruit YOU.

    Server : Hyjal
    Faction : Horde

    What I offer you.

    - I have a second account with a very well geared tank/retadin that will run our toons from 1 - 60 in under 15 hours /played each.
    - Gold for mounts, training, dual spec, repairs etc.
    - Flying mount, and upgrade to epic flight if you decide to continue leveling with me to 80.
    - 20 Slot Bags, for your inventory and all bank slots.
    - Fast, friendly, leveling.
    - Should you choose to continue leveling until 80, and you so choose the path of PvE. I can drag you through my weekly alt ICC10s to get you geared up quickly.

    What I ask of you.

    - You pay for 1 month of game time upfront.
    - Your willing to level 1-10 toons to 60 ( or higher )
    - Have a good sense of humor, and talkative ( vent ) is a plus. But not necessary.
    - Be willing to play on a US PVE Horde server.

    If your new to the game, and looking to level quickly. I would be glad to offer any input I may have, if any. That can benefit you in learning your class. If you would rather lvl 1-60 via quests, or dungeons I can roll a tank or healer for quick ques. This method is a little bit longer, but will help you get a better grasp of your toon. If your just looking for fast endgame. We can do endless run throughs, I have now leveled 3 full RAF accounts, and have found the best paths for the maximum gain of exp vs time spent.

    If your interested, please send me a PM and a way for me to contact you be it email, or AIM, or ventrilo and a time we could speak. : )

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Looking to recruit!

    What I provide:
    Gold (normal, epic and finally normal flying)
    Bags (16 or 20 slot bags)
    Help even AFTER our time leveling
    My undivided time, I'm dedicated to leveling as fast as possible
    Gold for skill training if permitted

    You're on your own for professions, sorry!

    What you provide:
    CD keys for yourself
    YOUR undivided attention
    You must have vent so we can talk, etc

    email: [email protected] or PM me!

    Server: Eredar - Alliance

    Armory is on my sig, contact me ASAP.

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    Looking to Recruit someone, i just recently start again after being out for over a year. im back and want to start quick all you need is a CD Key and we can get going. i can supply gold on these servers. Emerald Dream/Lothar/Rexxar. plus speed runs.

    hit me up on AIM - Lowprodro

    i can have flexible hours and i want to start ASAP!

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    Recruiting an RaF partner. EU.

    Hi there!

    I am looking to recruit an RaF partner on EU-Grim Batol Alliance side.

    I'm wanting to level 5 or so characters to 60, and even 80 if you feel like it, although I doubt we're gonna get 5 toons to 80 for the duration of RaF, unless you're just as geek as I am. xD

    Since Cata is only 3 weeks away, I'm also up for some leveling some when cata launches. (If you are, that is. )

    About me:

    -I'm danish.
    -I'm 14 years old. :>
    -I have ventrilo, although I do not own a microphone.
    -I'm extremely active; I play 5+ hours a day, although I do not require you to do the same. At all.

    What I offer you:

    -A smooth leveling experience on as many toons you desire.
    -A friendship that lasts far beyond the RaF duration.
    -A decent amount of gold. (Enough for mandatory stuff, such as respecs, dualspec, normal & epic ground mount, normal flying, and Cold Weather Flying if you want to go all the way to 80. ).
    -The choice of using ventrilo for communication (only one way though, since I do not own a mic).
    -A FLEXIBLE leveling experience; I do not care whether you want to complete quests, spam dungeons or battlegrounds. I like all of them; it's your choice.

    What I require from you:

    -You have to be mature. (I don't really care about your age -- it's just a number. ..)
    -You have to WANT to level a lot. I don't want you dropping out because you ''can't the bothered''
    -You have to be relatively active. I want to level 10 hours or so through the week at minimum.
    -You have to pay for your own disc & game time.

    If you're interrested, or want to know more, please send a private message to me here on MMO-champion.

    Kind regards, Daniel.
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    Looking to Recruit you!

    Things I provide:
    Gold (for mounts up to first flying)
    A free copy of Zygor In-game Leveling guide--- perfect to help you level up quick!
    My personal help at anytime you need it

    Things you provide:
    Game keys
    Game time

    I play on turalyon US, horde. I have 4+ years of WoW experience under my belt and hope to get you enjoying the game soon!

    You can send me a private message or shoot me an email @
    [email protected]

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    Looking to be recruited for Cataclysm Only Us Servers Alliance :TO CONTACT ME LEAVE A PM ASAP WANT TO START ASAP!
    -1-2 60s maybe more when cata goes live
    -Looking for 6200g (Flyn training spells ect) just for the main char and spell training and up to reg flyn on any other 60s we make
    -4x 20 slot bags per 60 char we make
    -Must have vent and be active i do not want a person that's sporadic
    -looking to get 60 asap so if your slow don't bother pming me again why i need someone that's active on wow
    -must be mature at least 16+
    -must have knowledge of the game i don't want a nub rafing me
    -I have been playn Wow for a combined 3 years from vanilla-wotlk so i am no noob i know what i am doing
    - PVP or PVE servers only no RP servers
    -Alliance dominated server is preferred with medium-high pop
    - East or Central Time zones preferred

    Send me a pm with the following INFO if you fit the critera above: Server/Faction(Alliance only sorry horde) Population of server (high med low) And the ratio from alliance to horde i want an Alliance controlled server i dont care about battlegroup. Pm me the 80s on your server of alliance and horde numbers from http://www.warcraftrealms.com/census.php or i can with the server you listed.Also let me know your usual play times.

    What you get from this
    : Free month game time and the mount as well as 1-2+ 60s
    :Mature person to Raf with i am 20 years old btw (Know what im doing so i wont be asking dumb questions about wow)
    :I have vent and its preferred to level while in vent so its less boring
    :Upon Starting i will upgrade from trial to full Wotlk and apply a 60 day time card so you get month/mount asap
    :We can level via lfg questing for even AB weekend which is this weekend
    :I have a lot of experience as dps from many different characters, which i will prob roll a spriest or a warlock so. I am always high dps no matter what dps char i play so im no noob
    :I can be on flexible times except for the times i have class usually on late night atm. weekends i can play whenever

    I look forward to your pms and will stay in touch via pm
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    Want to recrute some one

    Hello guys, i wish to reroll goblin male warrior when cataclysm is released, i will start playing asap when server´s gets up (since i bought and install it allrdy) and wish to play 15h+ each day the first days, prefer if you do a healing toon that can also do dps, like resto druid (maybe troll? or resto shaman so we can go instant que for dungeons when we get bored of questing.

    Realm: Kor'Gall EU PvP
    Tiime: 7th December and until the toon is 85
    I will provide: gold four your mounts inc blue flying (maybe epic to, will see, and bags etc.
    Im from: Sweden (prefer swedish or english spooken guy, no ventrilo needed dont want voice chatting)

    I will recrute you, then you buy wow+bc+wotlk+cata, when u enter your game keys on the recruted account we will get 3x leveling speed

    /w me in PM here on mmo-champion


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    Wanting to Recruit a Friend


    I'm hoping to recruit an individual and provide the following perks if I am choosen.
    - 1000g start up
    - 5000g Paid for your flight training after hitting level 60
    - Your own guild created as per your request
    - Power levelled by an 80 if you choose horde//partnered with level 1 Shaman if alliance is choosen

    Info about me I play on Proudmoore which is a highly populated PST server . Alliance to Horde ratio is 3/1, on wowrealms is listed with 30k players. I'm currently in process of working on my crusader title on my Horde character, hence i'm doing low level quests, so you will be power leveled extremely quickly. I'm a mature father who plays regularly 9pm-12pm. Hope to hear from you!


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    I'm willing to do recruit a friend with someone. I have plenty of gold to cover all costs of lving to 60+. Currently unemployed - not going to be working til after Jan 1st. So have plenty of time to lvl all the way to 60, several chars. Will do whatever it takes at whatever speed, just looking for something to do. I am 24 years old, have very good knowledge of the WoW game, will be able to level w/o a problem.

    Have a second account to run thru everything w/o a problem.

    Will provide:
    Whatever else just let me know, be reasonable.

    Only thing I require is the person to be 18+ and speak english.

    Must be on the Stormrage server (alliance) we lvl on. Also, feel free to armory: Zethious

    Already have two (2) RAF rockets. I've done this before, I definitely know what I'm doing, not doing it for the mount, doing to have something to do, and help someone out.

    PM me, or email - [email protected]. Email preferred.
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    - you provide your own cdkey/game/gametime
    -must be available to play ALOT dec7-dec31, i know people have work/plans/xmas shopping very understandable so if you can dedicate like 48-72 hours straight to get to 1-85 then that be sweet lol, get it done and split. im down for leveling on different servers/factions after my first which is a goblin shammy. once 85 on the gob then il accompany you if you want to go elsewhere, very flexible...no role playing though >_<
    -has to be HIGH POPULATED US HORDE SERVER, it can be fairly new but popular, im not asking for blackrock or illidan i have toons on there already and its really laggy at times but if you want to im all for it.

    What i provide
    - if your new i provide you with everything you need to know about the game, game mechanics, classes
    - i played from vanilla wow to wotlk, i was a raider leader of a top PVE guild on a PVE server up to ULDUAR, multi season gladiator on multiple characters (aka im good), play time was 236+days last i played
    - gold, bags, pvp partner, a buddy
    -mature 24yr old asian accountant, aka im hardcore gamer
    -a healbot or dpser, i'll be a shaman so if your play style is to aggro tons of mobs go for it

    if this description fits you then PM me mmo i check it daily. cheers!

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    looking to Recruit you

    I provide gold for mounts up to reg flying/bags/enchants

    You provide keys/gametime

    have 80's on antonidasUS/alliance malorneUS/horde
    If you would like to level somewhere else that is fine.

    Looking to get 1-3 60's if possible I play from 5pm-1am est weekdays, usually sat may be gone not sure. sunday 5-12am

    can contact me on skype-epicfailout
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    Looking to Recruit

    Server: Twisting Nether (PvP EU)
    Faction: Horde

    I'm looking for a person that i can recruit and level some toons from 1-60 or to 80 if you want. I have some 60-80 alts that I'll use to boost us and I have some lvl 80 friends as well. We'll play horde on Twisting Nether where all my friends and guildies are. You will decide how many toons we will level up! I will also help you with raids and such if you want to level up all the way to 80. You will also have to be very active.

    What I'll Provide

    - Gold for normal mount - normal flying
    - Bags
    - Repairs
    - Spells

    What You'll Provide

    - Gametime
    - Gamekey

    (Private Message Me if you Want to be Recruited) or email me: Theswedishfilipino(at)gmail.com
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