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    I'm looking for someone to RECRUIT


    Realm: Earthen-Ring EU PvE/RP (Alliance) //// Outland EU PvP/PvE (Alliance)
    Faction: Alliance

    What I am offering:
    I am very active. I love doing dungeons and raids. Also enjoy chatting.
    I will be able to run us through dungeons on any of my 80-85 chars. My main is http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ring/ademptio/
    It would be a bonus if you play a little, but you don't have to play alot, I'm happy as long you play a little so you can reach 60+
    I will get you the gold for mounts/training as well as bags (Including flying mount). I will also give you a nice bonus of 2000 gold for skills and mats to various skills or something else. I have quit good geared chars and experienced in any dungeon or raid.
    Besides all this I will help you with any help you need and give you information if you have any questions about the game.
    I will pay for the two first dual talents ( that means i will give you cash to get dual talents on two of your char's )

    What I would like is:
    You must supply all wow keys/game time (60 days)

    If you got questions feel free to PM me on this site or write me a mail with the recruit title on this adress: [email protected]

    Thank you in advance for any response!

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    looking to Recruit you

    I provide gold for mounts up to reg flying/bags/enchants

    You provide keys/gametime

    have 80's on antonidasUS/alliance malorneUS/horde
    If you would like to level somewhere else that is fine.

    Looking to get 1-3 60's if possible I play from 5pm-1am est weekdays, usually sat may be gone not sure. sunday 5-12am

    can contact me on skype-epicfailout

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    Ragnaros PVP Alliance(EU)

    What Do Crast Provide eh?
    -Lottery JACKPOT!Lots and Lots of Gold(Moneh)
    -Big Size Bags
    -A new retarted friend(well im not that retarded just a bit:P)
    -Crafted Gear(Best deal in town)
    -I will roll as a Priest or as a Shaman or as a Druid and all of them will be heals so we will enter eazy in dungeons
    -As guild i can bring you in a very social guild with random guild events,Guild tokens and many other or if you want i can bring you in my alts guild so you will have your own personal guild bank
    -Well if you fancy pets/mounts you can just tell me and ill do my best to get em for you
    -I can boost you with my other account if you fancy some gear
    -I play for 3 years and im know all things so you can just ask me(Im a Lorenerd also so if you want to know about lore just ask me:P)
    -Free Travelling across Azeroth(when its avaible),Outland and Northend i got the new XT-53 Dual Flying Mount+the 3 seat Mammoth
    -I know about half of my server (almost all pvp guys and i was in over 40% of the guilds i participated at the creation of some big guilds in past like Empire of Heaven(rip),Shadows(rip),Zeii(rip 50%),Guns n Roses(i was gm and it had over 250 members 1 year ago also rip),and many others
    ~~~Meh Schedule~~~
    In weekends i can play anytime,and during the week i can play in the mornings and after 19:00 server time
    What annoys meh the most?
    -Comming late at our schedule
    -Askin UBER RETARTED QUESTIONS example like:But Crasts im a rogue why cant i tank?
    Well i will respond to all of your question but if you keep asking me retarted questions ill go in rage for like 5 min but after that im ok:P(Told you im a bit retarted)

    -Buying shits with the money i gave you:example i give you 100 gold in one day and tonight you spend them all on stupid gear/pets/other shits dont buy them i can make you free!
    What do i want:P
    -To be nice(ofc)
    -To have a microfone but thats optional(i tipe fast:P)
    -And the most important to enjoy your game and experience

    PM me at crast29 live.com or crast_29 (yahoo)


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    Looking for someone who wants to refer me. I'm willing to do it on any medium+ pvp server but also you have to be able to power lvl us to 60 at least. pm me if interested. or you can talk to me on Aim: Najyeme (Alliance only )

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    I'm looking for some to refer me. Any server is fine, any race is fine. If you'd prefer to wait 'till Cata drops and level a Worgen/Goblin, that is fine too. I am getting it at Midnight so anything works.

    Send a PM with some info about you and what you want to level and i'll get back to you.

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    Looking to Recuit.

    Server: US Magtheridon

    Faction: Horde

    I'm Leveling a Goblin Frost Mage 1-85 come cataclysm. Would like someone to help the process move quicker.
    Will provide Gold for your leveling needs (Bags, repairs, mounts, mount training).
    Not willing to provide any keys/membership/activation (you have to pay for the account entirely).
    Recently finished school and no job so I can play very frequently.
    Looking to level at a very highly efficient rate.

    If you are interested contact me via:
    -Private message to me on these forums.
    -US-Magetheridon, playing on my mage Fridgeration, or my druid Battleturkey
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    I WILL RECRUIT YOU! (eu. horde)

    So i want some other classes than DK and Priest, so i would like to recruit YOU! We can go TANK + HEAL combo (I would like to make Druid or Paladin). I Got my mains at Kor'gall so, if we create to my home realm, i can sometimes run with my DK and give some money support.

    What i offer:

    Active and friendly person to play with.
    2k and frostweave bags.
    Help with any questions you have.

    What do you offer?:

    WoW Keys and 60gamecard.
    Nice and friendly person.

    I DON'T have gametime ATM, but if you can add gamecard and other rightaway i will be in action now. I will make new ad when i get gametime.

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    LF someone to recruit on Echo Isles US horde/alliance doesnt matter

    what you get
    - a friend
    - gold as you need it (will pay for mount training up to your first flyer)
    - someone experienced to guide you through the game
    - a tank to level with (instant queues!)

    all i ask is that you pay for your own game time and expansions PM me through MMO if you're interested

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    US Realm
    Somewhat populated Server Alliance or Horde I don't care
    Usually am on 2 PM - 8 PM PST on weekdays but over the next few days can be on basically all day
    10 AM - Whenever PST on weekends
    I have enough knowledge of the game to level up
    Fluent English speaker can use vent if you want

    What I expect:
    You to be active during the same times I am
    Quick Leveling
    Gold for Mounts,Skills, Professions

    You can contact me by PM on here or msn/email me at ryzoh(at)live(dot)com (guess you cant post links)

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    LF Partner


    Looking for someone to a) have fun with and b) level with.

    I'm looking to push to level 60 by the time cata hits (starting when I get a friend) easily possible in a very short time with the 300% buff. Also looking to level a worgen to realm first on whatever we choose to play on.

    I Can Provide:
    Big Bags
    Fast Leveling

    You must provide:
    A key (any will do Vanilla/TBC/Wotlk)
    Maturity (to a certain level)
    Willingness to work hard.

    Hope someone takes me up on my offer. Would be any EU realm, most preferably SWC EU as that is where I have my mains with money/looms etc. Also looking for someone to roll a healing/tank class as this would make dungeoning/leveling a lot easier. Looking for a good time! If the you do help me get realm first worgen I would be happy to help with getting any other class to lv 85 to play in cataclysm!

    For pre-cataclysm leveling it is up to you what race we choose to level and please P.M me if you decide to take me up on the offer.

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    looking for recrurit some one on eu server or be recrurited on us server
    I am a english customer server in a chinese trade company,I work 12 hours a day in china night.when night comes boss go home to sleep,so I can play wow 12hours long a day :P.I use a proxy to change ip as the pl comany do,so it is safe to play with me.I have already played on eu server for half a year and have a lvl 80hunter.the reason I doing this is not just to get some lvl60 char but to make some new friend and practice my oral english.if you come to my server I can provide you as much gold as you need.if I come to your us server I can play longer then we play together so I can grant you level.you must speak good english over vent or skyper with me.as long as you keep talking I will keep leveling as many lvl 60 as you want.
    and also willing to provide free boost or gold to some one come to my sever(bloodfeather eu) to level a alte if you are active in skyper or ventor
    looking forwrd to make some new friend and polish my oral english

    contact me over pm or msn email jxy615athotmail.com
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    Recruiter: Me
    Play times: We will discuss on msn.
    Benefits offered: I will provide gold, bags and now and then boosts.
    Requirements from you: Buy your own games.
    Realm/Faction: Haomarush PvP (EU)
    Contact me via MSN: [email protected]
    Other relevant info:
    I'm looking for a decent player, someone who can have a laugh and speak english. (I'm Dutch btw)

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    LF Partner

    Looking For a RAF for, Shadowmoon US, Or Blackrock US


    Im Looking for someone to level with (Horde Or Alliance) . I Want to get to my toon to 60 as fast as possible. For Right Now (Thanksgiving break, week off from school) i am online basically all day, But when my break ends ill be on from around 5:30 pm-1:00am'ish US central time (school). I Can and will work around your schedule I am a mature, easygoing, player, who likes to help new ppl to the game, but if your experienced then hey that's better. I have had 80's but i thought i was done with wow so i gave my account to my friend and he fucked it all up. But with Cataclysm around the corner i wanna get back into it.

    So if you wanna give it a shot PM me on here or Instant message me on AIM (gasmask210). We can get started right away. I'll be playing a healer so you wont have to worry about dieing to much. Also Dungeon Que's should be fast

    I can provide:
    - Maturity
    - Dedication
    - Knowledge Of The Game
    - Some what fast dungeon que's

    you must provide:
    - keys
    - dedication
    - maturity

    Contact info:
    - PM me on here
    - AIM: Gasmask210 or Omgitspalu
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    Looking to RAF someone!!

    I'm looking to RAF YOU. But i'm only playing on the US Tichondrius server (horde side)! I have a lot of time on my hands so i can play most of the day, i'm just looking to make an alt warrior and get him to 60 ASAP!! Maybe you can make a healer for instant ques, i don't care. I'm on the west coast so im in pacific coast time so please no one with a huge offset time that can't play...

    What I can provide -
    -Gold for your mount/trainers
    -Instant ques (maybe, might make him a tank just to level)
    -Ventrilo (if you want to use it)

    What you must have -
    -Keys (take advantage of blizzards 5$ deal)
    -Time to play

    You can contact me here or e-mail me: spike99000 (at) aol (dot) com
    aim: oAllElseFailo
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    LF Recruiter for fast leveling

    Hi I'm looking to be Recruited as Horde preferably on Burning Legion(US). I already have an unused key and I'm looking to make 3-4 60s before our month is up including a druid, warrior, mage, and maybe a shaman or priest. I'm available usually from 2pm-2am on the weekdays with some fluctuations due to work or class. I've been playing on and off since vanilla, decided to give up my account last year and now I'm regretting it.

    What I offer:
    -at least 3 lvl 60s
    -good conversation
    -knowledge of the game

    What I need:
    -your time
    -don't be noobish or at least hide it well
    -mounts at least up to regular flying and gold for skills/bags
    -fast leveling

    Please contact me through PM I will be monitoring it for the next couple days
    - Crimson2154

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    Not sure if this works in this thread or not but here goes.

    I'm looking for someone to buy me the full game and its expansions. The deal right now at the blizzard store is the whole bundle is 20 bucks. In return i'll allow you to recruit me for the rocket. I'll pay the 2months instantly via game card. Thats it, you dont need to level with me or nothing. A good deal i would think. . Offer is good until the 30th when the sale is over at the blizzard store. Send me a tell if you're interested and we can work out the details.

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    II'm considering coming back for Cataclysm. I am still thinking about it but if someone offers a good deal I might be tempted to return.

    I want to be recruited - EU only

    Stuff I need from you:
    - Don't care which faction \ realm, preferably yours so that you can provide gold.
    - You provide gold and lots of it. Preferably enough for an epic flying mount and skill training. The more gold, the more chances I will be tempted to go ahead and do this.
    - Boosts would be nice but I'm probably going to roll one of the new races so leveling the old fashioned way won't be a problem.
    - You need to be active and trustworthy. Don't mind using voice coms if you want to do that (not a native english speaker though).

    Stuff I will provide:
    - Will buy all the game stuff myself, including game time, cd-keys etc...
    - Will buy a two month subscription after you provide the gold in-game so that you get the mount.
    - I am an experienced player.

    - I am a legit, mature and social person.

    If you can offer something nice, don't be afraid to reply here or PM me. I will only do this with people I deem trustworthy.

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    I'm looking for a RAF partner. I'm not going to list a bunch of stuff I want from you or any of that crap.

    Basically just be online a lot to level with me, that's all I'm asking. I'm not going to treat you like dirt or tell you what to do, I'm a pretty fun person to play with and I know the game inside and out so I can help you with whatever classes your on.

    I will pay for the game Classic/BC/WoTLK myself but will not pay for any months after your free first one, if you're going to level with me, I assume you would rather use this account then your first one. You can always xfer the characters off of it when we are done with our month if you please, or you can stick around and continue playing with me on my server.

    The server would be Shattered Hand, alliance. Possibly one horde rogue so I can kill alliance people I don't like.

    That's about it. Please PM me with your interests or anything else.

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    LF someone to recruit me

    LF someone to recruit me.
    Any server (US) preferably Horde and your server or any server where you have gold.
    Language: English, Spanish, Croatian, French (Understand it, barely speak it) or Nahuatl.
    Time Zone: Central Time - 4:00pm - 10:00pm.
    Age doesn’t matter, but do please show maturity. Actually not under 17
    Willing to communicate and have a great time, not only related to the game but as a distant friend: P
    And please post or send me a message before the 29th Nov so I can get advantage of the discounts or you must provide the expansions and vanilla

    I’m a very experienced player, I have 8(eight) 80s which I have leveled myself. I have also leveled some other chars of my friends.
    I’m very efficient, meaning I level fast. I like hardcore leveling and that means I don’t play for 10 hours but casually 3-4 and in those hours I get up fast.

    I’m willing to offer 10 60s, more if you are willing to, possibly less, I want to get the most of our boost, so please don’t bother pming if you only want 3-4 60s. I’m also willing to level up to 80-85, but I prefer to get 60s first.
    I’m also willing to play up to 6 hours, every day. Except some weekends.

    I’m not going to tell you how to play, what to do, how to do it, as I’m experienced I also expect something similar, not to be the uber player, but at least to know some basics about what you are going to be leveling.

    I might sound too picky, but there's no need to be a hardcore gamer when we can have a great time while leveling, there's time for stupidity and time for other things, if we match perfectly then we can be stupid all day and level fast at the same time without any worries.

    More related to the game:

    I can provide Vent, I have Skype-account and MSN - It is really up to you, I don’t care.
    You must have mic and headphones/speakers and must be willing to communicate for anything related to the game.

    Game and Expansions:
    I'll buy everything up to Lich King so don’t worry about it You must provide cata if you are willing to level with me up to 85, but that entirely up to you .

    You must provide the following:
    Gold needs, that means mounts (ground 60 and 100%, normal flying). For the epic flying it's not necessary, but if you could help me that would be great (If we don’t level a toon in hour server, because I'll have 0 gold in any other). Ofc also gold for training and dual (100g)
    Professions: Not necessary, I'll be picking gathering professions and in a rare case, I might pick engineering and/or Alchemy and that will only be for one char. Hence I won’t be leveling professions while we level don’t worry about it.
    Bags - Not really an issue, if you can spare 14, 16 or bigger ones then I appreciate it, they don’t cost much either so no biggie.

    One major plus is to have mount for 2 passengers for the stupid shaman quests for totems.
    Another major plus is you being part of a hardcore raiding or pvp guild. I excel at both.

    And lastly:
    I have a Blackberry, so any mail will get to me instantly (actually 20min delay), so if you have problems getting to our "date" please send me an email. It really annoys me if you get late or don’t come: /
    I'll keep playing the new account for surely 2 months more, so it's 100% sure you'll get your rocket.

    I hope I have listed everything, but if you have more questions or whatever just contact me via hrvoje_182 (at) hotmail (dot) com, and be sure to put in the subject (RAF).
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    I am currently looking for someone to RaF with starting today. The RaF site is currently down, however; I already have the accounts linked. There is a full subscription on the account YOU will be getting. It is upgraded to wotlk.
    Be mature.. Be somewhat dedicated. Im an experienced raider/end-game PvP.

    Please PM me ASAP and we can get started TODAY.
    thanks guys.

    also, phone number: 407-286-9459. TEXT ONLY

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