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    I have a whole lot of free time coming up so I will be playing/leveling a whole lot until MoP is released.

    I would love to level with some of you guys from mmo-champ! I'll RAF or send SOR to anyone just send me a message and I will get back to very soon (I'm on here a lot).

    My main realm is Shattered Hand - US and all of my toons are HORDE. I have several maxed profs across multiple toons and I will make sure to give you full 16 slot bags when you start. My guild has 800 people (level 25) and I am one of the officers so you will have a place in the guild.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Looking for SOR/RAF partner on US.
    Servers: Kel'thuzad Horde or Eonar Alliance
    Will supply you with 10k gold as soon as you add 60 days to your account (gametime card or two months down the road)
    As for what we do together, that is up to you. I have 85s on kelthuzad/eonar alliance and horde kelthuzad. If you want the 10k gold offer I'll level with you on Eonar alliance or Kel'thuzad Horde. Otherwise I can go to the server you want and level quickly with you.

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    Looking for SoR US.

    If you wonder, I'm playing on Arthas horde (almost all classes 85).

    Send me a Pm or e-mail me: [email protected]

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    Hello I wish to RAF anybody, I can play Horde/Alliance on Grim Batol, but on other servers aswell. I will provide gold, and everything needed. I am usually online from the morning until evening, so I am easy to contact. Hope YOU would choose to RAF with me. ))
    My main char is on grim batol, named Arachna if you would like to contact me in-game.
    Send me a PM for more info and email on MMO or contact me ingame!

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    Can you send me ur email in PM?

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    Looking to RAF somebody. No strings attached. If you decide to reup and I get the mount it is just gravy. If it matters at all I am on US servers. Thanks!

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    Got a SOR to send out, Outland Alliance or for any Europe server, pm me info.

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    Proudmoore alliance, i play 10+ hours a day can supply you with mounts/bags/ and a 25 guild that does rbgs and raids and anything in between. I am offering 15k gold when I get the mount. Am interested in lvling as many toons to 80 as possible also want to lvl a few horde toons on Illidan. You have to provide your own keys and game time and ill provide the time/gold.

    Please PM me if interested.

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    Looking to be recruited, I used to play a long time ago when the cap was still 60, never played after BC came out. Looking to start up again. I can put in a few hours most week nights from 6-10 central time and occasional weekends. Looking to have fun more than be a 24/7 player. PM me if interested, Thanks!

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    Looking to Recruit:

    US-Maelstrom[Horde]. I can supply you with 10k gold(upon receiving mount), bags, and a Lv.25 guild for the perks.

    I'm willing to level multiple alts to take advantage of the XP bonus.

    You must provide the keys and gametime, I'll provide you with the gold and time!

    Contact me via PM for further inquiries!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffaloBill View Post
    Still looking
    Still looking

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    any one need an SoR?

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    still looking to RaF as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by HalseyUS View Post
    Looking for Recruit for "Recruit a Friend"!

    Server - Mannoroth US (Primarily)

    What's up everyone
    So with MoP around the corner I am looking to get Two characters up to 85 with professions to be my support characters for my main, So Tonight (Or whenever it is for you depending on when your reading this) I'm looking for a person to recruit to achieve this goal!

    What YOU Provide!
    1.) Game-Time (At least 1 Month / 2 Month's If your actually wanting to get into the game)
    2.) Game-Keys (BattleChest - 20 Dollars + Wrath (20 Dollars)
    *Note* - You only need to get what I posted since it goes up to level 80 with RaF BUT If you want the full game experience you will need to buy Cataclysm (40 Dollars)
    3.) A player that is willing to put in a good amount of time to achieve Both of our Character Leveling Goals

    What I Provide!
    1.) Veteran Player (Playing since 2004) to Help and Teach you along the way (If needed)
    2.) Level 25 Guild perks! (You don't need to stay after the RAF is over, But I'm sure you could until you want to get raiding with another guild or just stay a casual / Friend
    3.) Gold Costs (Glyphs / Training / Start-Off Gold / Mounts / Mount Training / etc...)
    4.) 10k Gold once my Character Leveling Goals are completed (IF you decide to stay on my server)
    5.) After my Personal Character Leveling Goals are completed... I will level one more character on the Server / Faction of YOUR Choice (If you want to)

    Thanks for Reading!

    If you are interested PM me via MMO-Champion PM OR email me at [email protected]
    Bump, Still Looking

    Halsey - Semi Retired | US[/URL] | Signature made by i4ni

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    im looking to raf somone i currently have multiple 85s on illidan and kel thuzad for ur expenses i will pay for ur in game items and will lvl as many toons as u want let me no if ur interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPaladinGuy View Post
    With the introduction of the new mount, which I must have since I'm a mount nerd. I'm looking to recruit someone.

    I'm on Stormrage - US - Alliance, the best US server you can be on for Alliance, 40+ 8/8H DS guilds, over 300 guilds in DS. Horde are virtually non-existent. Pugs happen every half hour for basically everything you could ever want to do at all times day or night, and with the introduction of OpenRaid you'll be kept busy.

    What I'm offering

    Level 24, soon to be 25 guild perks - My level 80 Herald toon is in a casual/friendly guild of which you will be invited to.
    More bags than you'll ever need
    Gold - 20k once you upgrade and pay for 2 months using a time card.
    8 years of experience which includes all content when it was relevant, I could be specific but there's no need.
    Guild Ventrilo, I can also get on Skype if needed, or mumble if you have a server.
    If your main playtime coalesces with mine I'll make myself available when you need me, but please realize this game is not my life, but I will work around your schedule as you're the one paying.
    And above all else, this is a game, be yourself when you play it, have fun in vent or whatever VoIP we use, there's no need to impress a new acquaintance. Though a positive/fun attitude would be preferable.

    What I'm requiring

    You buy a starter pack and upgrade to what's needed.
    Pay for 60 days using a timecard

    To get in touch with me please e-mail me at AficionadoStormrage at gmail dot com

    This is not my RealID.

    Bumps and stuff
    8600K @ 4.8 | NH-D15 | ASRock z370 Extreme4 | 1080 Strix | 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 | Samsung 830 Pro 256GB SSD | 1TB WD CB | EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3 | Sound Blaster Zx | Phanteks Enthoo Pro M (TG) | Logitech G900 | Logitech G810 | Sennheiser PC320 + HD419 | ViewSonic XG2703-GS
    WoW|FF14|Diablo 3|Steam

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    i can do it ravieg29 at gmail dot com. im not hardcore but wouldnt mind a few extra toons. email me and we can talk

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    Looking to Recruit anyone that needs it, and will send SoRs to 2 people if needed as well Send me a PM

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    Got a SOR to send out, Outland Alliance or for any Europe server, pm me info.

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    Have SoR's to give out...pm me............... US server Stormrage Alliance Medivh Horde

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    I want to level a shammy next. I'm on vacation and got a lot of time.

    I'll level it up on any server, just PM me and I'll RaF or SoR you ;D

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    Giving out scrolls. just pm me your info and I will send u a scroll asap.

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