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    sending SoR on EU pm with server/faction you want to play and your email

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    A veteran of 8+ years having extensive gameplay/ raiding experience with over 10 char Lvl 85s -

    Looking for a good RAF Partner to roll Horde on Barthilas-US (Oceanic) Or Alliance on Frostmourne-US (Oceanic) and make atleast 2 characters Immediately!

    Usual perks will be given - Gold 5,000 after each lvl 80, 20 slot Bags x 8 , Glyphs, spell training, Normal Mounts, 25 Lvl Guild with future raiding chances, etc..

    Additional 10,000 Gold after you Grant levels to my upcoming Monk on either of those servers.

    What I expect is your time with dedication.

    Please PM here or reply to this post, will be checking it quite often.

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    Still looking to recruit someone on Kazaak (Eu). Ill give you gold and bags after you buy a gametime

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    I am looking to receive a SoR, I wont be buying gametime and just want to mess around for a few days. (EU) Ravencrest.
    Email is [email protected] send me your character name and server so I can email Blizz. (normal SoR method wont work)
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    Offering a SoR US servers send me a message! I'm on The Forgotten Coast and will help you out if you need anything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMC View Post

    Recruit me get your mount

    ill buy my own game codes

    have some really good options so far but im still looking for a raf partner

    need good experienced player for fast leveling. and also looking for a good progression guild

    would like to get leveling done before mop

    hit me up with server/guild/your details
    i emailed you but no response...

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    Will be Leveling atleast 2-3 80s on Kazzak Horde side and Bronze Dragonflight Alliance side.

    Kazzak is one of the best Horde Populated realms and home to many top guilds.

    You Provide:

    All games up too Wrath.
    Time, i want to get them done in around 2 weeks.
    Some sort of previous game experience, i don't want to be teaching you the game as we are playing, please know what you are doing.

    What i Provide.

    Top Level Guild
    Boosts at 85 in Dragon Soul for gear.(Optional as MoP is coming out soon)
    Cataclysm, (Once we ding 2 80s i will purchase Cata for you, if you would like to continue too 85)
    Fast leveling, we can burn through dungeons or quests, whichever we decide.

    Please PM me on here if you are interested. I would prefer someone in the early 20's age range so we have some stuff to talk about in common (no offence old people), but doesn't really bother me.

    Thanks and have a nice day .

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    Looking for rate a friend/person to scroll of Resurrection.

    Server: Hyjal Horde US

    I can provide gold, quest help, Level 25 Guild, and pretty much anything else you need. Just let me know if anyone is interested!
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    edit: got sor
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    Looking for a Recruit a Friend Partner

    I am looking to level 2-4 toons in order to level grant my monk on MoP launch day. I will level as many additional toons as you would like after that.

    - Started WoW in 2007
    - Guild Leader since 2008
    - 6 lvl 85s
    - Robust knowledge of all game/class mechanics

    - At least basic knowledge of how to play
    - Availability to play from 4pm-10pm PST M-F and as we can on the weekends.
    - Purchase the battlechest and I will do the rest. (It's just for insurance purposes.)

    Additional Notes:
    - This will be a very fast paced leveling scheme purely through dungeon running.
    - It will be Alliance on US - Sargeras

    Please reply to this post or PM me for more details.

    P.S. I can send out a SoR to anyone who needs one.
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    Latvia & England
    LF someone to cast Scroll on my account US:

    Aegwynn Brutalluss
    World of Warcraft wiki
    World of Warcraft database

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    Looking to send a SOR/RAF to anyone that needs it don't have enough posts yet so please send info to irishsoldier1989atyahoodotcom

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    sor acquired
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    i will send SoR to anyone wanting jubei'thos horde or w/e doesn't matter
    Of course they did touch the class, a lot, in awkward places. But they basically denied it.

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    Looking to send out SoR, pm if interested. I'm on the Agamaggan U.S. server, horde side.

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    I can still send SoR but i can't answer on PM's, add me on skype for a scroll!
    I play on EU servers

    Skype name : ninehearts

    Or PM me your email so i can send it
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    I can Scroll of Ressurect you, but I'm looking for someone to RaF with:
    EU - Zenedar
    I provide gold for whatever you need early, I won't give you a mechano hog or traveler's tundra mammoth, but a total of 5000g per char maybe? I can also give you tbc or wotlk, but to make sure you will continue to play you pay vanilla.

    We will level to 80 in 2-3 days(real life time, < 24 hrs played). We will then gear up at level 80. The 20th this month, we will do Herald of the Titans achievement in Ulduar, I have half a group so far.
    Would be great if you want to roll a healer, but anything works. I'm probably playing prot pala.

    PM me!

    edit, some info:
    I play alot, have done all hc content on my rogue(main), have 4 85 alts, looking to get atleast one more before MoP.
    I have played since Vanilla.

    I also have all 2 seater mounts
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    Looking for an active RAF Partner for playing on EU-Kazzak I am a savior with 3x 85.
    *You pay for expansion etc
    *I provide you with gold and level 25 guild.
    *You have to be able to play activly till lvl 80.
    *I will be able to get us boost through instances.
    *We play on Horde side.
    *I have 2 seater mounts.
    *I am a social and interesting guy to play with.
    *Thats about it contact me via skype or here Skype (Antexx99) And no i am not born in 1999.

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    Looking to Recruit A Friend on EU ([email protected])!

    I'm willing to offer:
    • gold for bags, glyphs, mount & riding skill
    • level 25 guild
    • TS-server, Skype or whatever means of communication you prefer
    • mounts with vendors & multiple seats available
    • playing at least 2 characters to 80 or above
    • experience with every aspect of the game (PvE/PvP, tank/heal/dd, achievements, professions, etc.)
    • money for a month worth of game time once I've received the free to play month

    You should be willing to offer in return:
    • game key & expansions (including Lich King)
    • one month of game time (the second one will be paid by me)
    • time and motivation to level at least two characters to 80 or above
    • communication skills and a mature character

    Just PM me if you're interested!
    Krostas (Troll Warrior) & Yasmonith (Troll Druid)
    Guild Leader of <Legio Nona> @EU-Blackhand => Forum
    (currently recruiting for 25m HC raids)

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