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    Yep you can contact me at Fatalityrsbot at hotmail

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abbyblack View Post
    Yep you can contact me at Fatalityrsbot at hotmail
    Sent you an email.

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    i also sent an email.. blacorbin

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkabis View Post
    Hey are you still looking for a rof on illidan would pm you but i dont have enough posts. If he doesn't answer i'm looking to be recruited to play on illidan i'm not worried about gold or money my email is darkabis315live,com
    no longer looking for this, sorry :P

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    Looking to be recruited on a high population realm for Horde side EU.

    I can play about 6-8 hours a day and willing to try and get as many leveled as possible. PM me

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    Looking for someone to recruit on EU-Servers; if possible on Lothar-EU (Ger), but an english server would be ok as well.

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    Hi, returning player looking to be recruited. Coming off of a 2 year break, so I'm experienced. I was going to pick the battlechest up myself tomorrow, but if someone would recruit me instead, that would be equal amounts of rad. My only personal requirements would be that we can roll on an EST server (NY datacenter / US), with the Kel Thuzad realm in mind (because I have saved names on there via my starter edition account), Alliance side.

    Either way, I would like to be on an eastern server as long as it's well balanced in terms of population. I do have aspirations of upgrading fully to MoP before the end of November. Other than college, I do plan on playing for the better part of weekends and moderate play sessions on the weekdays, notably the later afternoons into evenings. Contact me via private message if you are interested in me. (If I don't get back to you right away, that is because I am sleeping).

    Thank you for taking the time to read.
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    Looking for Scroll of Resurrection on EU server, english speaking. Email is camel.emp(at)gmail.com

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    Looking for a scroll.
    Area 52

    Planning to buy play time,thanks

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    Anyone on US who would like to receive a SoR, give me a PM or send me an email to my gmail account, worldofxayrax.

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    i'm looking to be recruited on english EU servers
    if you provide the expansions
    i have 60 days game time ready to add to my account
    i can help you with your professions by gathering mats
    if you want send me email on : [email protected]

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    Anyone from Silvermoon alliance that wants to recruit me PM me to set a deal.
    I won't be able to play much though so lets talk first.
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    US English speaking, Looking to Recruit a friend! PM me or reply to this post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jordanator View Post
    US English speaking, Looking to Recruit a friend! PM me or reply to this post!
    Server us Illidan! A great well populated server with amazing raiding progression. Horde side.

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    Looking to be recruited i'll buy the expansions and play times all you need to provide is maybe some bags and a little gold for mounts and such since we will be leveling VERY fast .

    I really don't care about the realm or faction to much . What I would like is someone who is not flakey or has a super busy life and will disappear for days at a time . Not looking for anyone who lives with there parents . Looking to be recruited by an adult . I am just coming back to wow and would like to level up a few toons .

    My play times can either be ( 7am -2pm PST ) or ( 11pm - 3am pst ) morning or late night Pacific coast time I just cannot be on during the evening most days . If you can work with my hours and your mature i'd love to hear from you and get started as soon as possible .

    Vent ( or mumble or teamspeak ) would also be nice to get things going as fast as possible but we can work without it if you are not able to do voice chat for some reason.

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    Hello there! My name is Xerkxes ingame on server US Mal’ganis HORDE
    Anyhow, I am looking to recruit someone or use Scroll of Resurrection on them on US Mal’ganis HORDE.
    I would like to level up as many characters as possible. I play about ~16-18 hours a day so you will be getting a lot of leveling time!

    What I can provide you:
    -Gold for bags, mount and so on
    -Knowledge which can help us to level faster
    -More than enough time to play WoW
    -A level 25 guild with all perks (+EXP etc.) and with all 3 heirlooms unlocked (head, cloak and leggings) - I will buy for you of course!
    -Mumble Server or Skype

    What I expect of you:
    -You sadly have to buy the game, I am a poor student
    -You also have to buy gametime (If everything works well, I might buy one gamecard for you <3)
    -Enough time to play

    Contact me at my email: [email protected] or here on MMO-Champion by sending me a personal Message or contact me ingame: Xerkxes on server US Mal’ganis HORDE
    Or skype!
    Skypename = vodkawow

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    LF to recruit someone who is willing to be on TICH and horde and will be on about 1-3 hrs a day on weekdays and 1-8hrs on weekends must have ur own CD keys

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunarpower View Post
    Looking to be recruited on a high population realm for Horde side EU.

    I can play about 6-8 hours a day and willing to try and get as many leveled as possible. PM me
    you still looking?
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    Looking to recruit someone who is willing to play on darkspear-US alliance. My play times are 4:00pm - 11:00pm weekdays mountain time // and on weekends its flexible so w/e time is good for you. i am still in school and i have a life lol, so there will be times when i won't be on. I will try to be on as much as i can because i do want to level a couple of different classes fast.

    Message me ingame on Ekkage // or hmu on skype: bangbangez
    Edit: or reply to this post is fine too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spikess View Post
    Looking to be recurited , i have my own keys , US horde server , Can play today and sunday looking for 1 toon to max , pm me or aim me marlz827
    still looking?

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    LF fast 1toon max out for today(right now) and tomorow (4:00pm- 11:00pm)
    skype: bangbangez
    or reply to this post!

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    Looking for someone to SoR who will subscribe so I can get the Ghostly Gryphon mount, I'm not worried about asking you to come to my server or anything, I specially just want the mount. If that interests you, then PM me or leave a response here.

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