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    Need a SoR. Character is Dahalo on Eonar (Horde) but wish to use the transfer to Blackhand (Horde). Thanks!

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    Offering RAF and SoR. I'm on Horde on Hyjal-US. If someone is serious about RAF and is willing to level some characters with me via dungeons, hit me up. I may offer to pay for a month of game time.

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    Need an SOR from Thaurissan (Horde). Looking to swap to horde after 8 years of being alliance.

    email me at : [email protected]
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    Looking for a SOR invite. I'm not sure if I qualify - but if you wanna have a go at sending me one send me a PM

    EDIT: EU.
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    if anyone need a SOR pm me with your email i'll be glad to give you one (US)
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    Hello, I'm looking to be recruited. I have lots of experience with WoW (almost 4 years), I can play almost anytime you want. I require you to buy me all expansions (including MoP), and I will level with you on any realm and on many chars you want. I level really fast and I don't need any gold or bags or mounts(only expansions). I have friends on certain servers that can help in carrying us through dungeouns. You buy me expansions as we level, not at the beginning. My skype name is: dinnowtf
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    Looking to recruit someone ! Info ;

    What I provide ;

    -We'll be playing on Vek'Nilash, a medium populated EU server. Race is up to you ! Alliance or Horde, your choice !

    -Ingame gold for bags and other stuff ( I'm poor though so I can't provide enough for mount training )

    -A fun and down to earth guy to play with. I don't rage or yell when something goes wrong, it's a game after all !

    -I DONT provide any expansions, or game time ! This request is purely for people who want to start over who can afford the game and expansions themselves, or for new people that are just new to wow.

    What you will need ;

    -Mic & Skype

    -Be active

    -Must be from the GMT timezone.( Europe -> ( UK, Belgium, Norway, etc ... )) & must speak fluent English

    So why should you be recruited by me ? I'm a fun and reliable guy to play with. I'm not too serious, being fun and telling some jokes every now and then, but I know the limit and will be serious when needed. I won't just leave in the middle of doing a dungeon or raid or levelling. I'll be very active and helpfull. So all-around I'll be a very fun guy to play with

    Interested ? Add me on skype : rancidrode

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    Looking for somone to recruit (RAF) im on Kazzak EU (horde) and burning blade EU (alliance) will provide 15k gold when i get the mount

    Add on skype if Interested : erikebra

    please dont message me if ur not planing to Upgrade ur acc and buying 60 days gametime

    Can level with u untill 80
    I DONT provide any expansions, or game time
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    Want to get Recruited to an EU realm??
    Contact me at [email protected] or here (private message or a post)!

    Will level with you and even supply you gold for mounts and gifts!

    New: i get you Cataclysm if you get Battle Chest + 30 day of game time after accepting my RaF invitation

    About myself:
    I have been playing wow since 2.4.3 and have played raider and pvp player whole wotlk, since then i had had lost the account and started a new one.
    today I mainly playing on The Maelstorm EU and Chamber of the Aspects both alliance;
    If you want to get recruited to the horde or another realm i will level with you and get you gifts anyway!
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    Looking to send RAF or SoR to anyone US. Send me a PM with email and I'll get one out to you!

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    Siksia can you add me on Skype: dinnowtf so we can make a deal, since I can't PM you (don't have enough posts to PM). Thanks

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    Still need an SOR from Thaurissan Horde, preferably. Looking to swap to horde after 8 years of being alliance. If you're on a HORDE PVP server tell me the name and i might reconsider going there, depending on the population, as its been 2 days and i havent gotten any reply from any Thaurissan people.

    I've got an itch to scratch and i gotta scratch it now. And that itch is MOP.

    email me at : [email protected] or just PM me.

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    LF some one to throw me a SoR. Get yer mount. I'll be playing on KJ alli/horde. Would prefer some that wants to lvl new toons together either fraction. Don't need charity, but would prefer a grinding partner. Have every piece of heirloom, and don't mess around much unless I feel like poning some scrub-nubs in bgs.

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    Still looking for be recruited on US Servers. I'm up for any server as long as you can supply gold for endgame once we hit 90. Don't mind leveling a couple toons. I'll be supplying keys for myself. Contact me on my skype shika201111

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    lf raf partner i will be one recruit you. You have to get your own game and i am experienced and played 4 years. I will provide gold for fast leveling

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    Want to get Recruited? Need an EU Scroll of Resurrection?

    SoR can be requested for any EU realm and Faction, just include the details!
    Will level with you and even supply you gold for mounts and gifts!
    *if you are planning for playing for atleast 60 days!
    I am mainly playing on The Maelstorm EU.
    Contact me at [email protected]
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    Looking for a person to be recruited by me, EU realms only.

    This message is intended for serious players only, because no benefits will be provided other than those which are traditionally given by Blizzard. No additional IRL money, in-game money, game cards, etc. should be expected.

    Contact email:
    alex_l1 ((at)) bezeqint ((dot)) net

    Thank you.

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    If you wana play on EU realms and want a RAF message me lets talk business!

    I play both ally and horde and know pretty much 99% of this game in and out!

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    STILL Looking to be recruited, will provide my own keys, would prefer level one character on Horde Mannorth US, then we can level on what ever server you'd like and/or faction. send me a pm if interested. or shoot me an email at [email protected], easiest way to contact me is via skype, fluffypants25, looking to start asap

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    Hi, I'm looking to recruit someone in wow. I have about 4 years of experience under my belt and I'm a skilled player, I've participated in high end/heroic raid progressions pre nerf as well as 2200 in RBGs and 3's. I recently sold my account and created a new one. I need to level as fast as possible to 90 so I would love to do recruit a friend. The xpacs are really cheap right now, on sale so there's no better time. I'll be able to provide gold from people and I'll be able to get people to power run us through dungeons. I'd really like to play on Kel'Thuzad alliance but I may consider other servers. Please add my skype: big.dman13198 OR email me: [email protected]


    SKYPE: big.dman13198

    EMAIL: [email protected]

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