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    Hello, Im looking to recruit someone to a US server.

    What you need to provide:

    Game Time
    Expansions [They're not expensive right now]
    Play Time

    What I can provide:

    Play Time
    Some Gold [Kinda poor right now so Yea :P]
    A Home Realm [Kel'Thuzad]

    Contact Information:

    Skype: Gemphysic
    Email: Zackgardner61 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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    LF scroll of ressurection.. add me on skype tbeckster1126

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    I am Recruiting anyone in any EU server for more info PM me

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    Looking to be recruited.

    The following are MUSTS

    MUST be mature (tired of young kids on the game as it is)
    MUST have skype (game is a lot more fun when you can voice chat and not type)
    MUST be able to play for extended periods of time (talking anything between 1-12 hours)
    MUST be PvP oriented, I have my fair share of titles and achievements to show I am serious about Pvp, I expect the same from you

    I don't really mind what realm or faction we play on, I do want to level a monk though. Hit me up sometime on here or on skype

    Skype: Flayeer


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    *Looking to be recruited*

    I am looking to be recruited I already have a MOP, and CATA of my own. I got during black Friday sale, If I am recruited all i ask is these things of the person, because the people I have tried with before have been either immature teenagers or just didn't work out.
    I am in my late 20's so I am not looking to do RAF with a young kid.
    Prefer someone that has some understanding of the game, and can play for a while.
    Since i am putting in my own CATA and MOP i would prefer they buy me the battle chest that is only fair. (Will email you pictures of the games if you want proof i have them)
    I am on East Coast Time Zone, so just throwing that out there.
    I want to play Alliance on either Tichondrius or Kelthu'zad.
    If anyone can make these happen, that's great. I dont care if its male or female player just looking for someone mature to play with not rage/be very childish. Feel free to send me a message or reply, I will get back to you asap.

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    Looking to Be Recruited on any EU or US realms! Prefer High pop realm

    I provide:
    12+ hours playtime a day.
    6 years experience of the game.
    A Serious and Friendly player.
    Mount + 1 month Gametime for you, right after I have been recruited.
    I Don't need anything ingame, I will get it by myself.

    You Provide:
    Expansions for me ( They are cheap right now! Christmas offer! )
    Here's prices:
    World of Warcraft Battle Chest for 5€ (£4) -- more than 60% Savings
    Cataclysm for 10€ (£8) -- more than 65% Savings
    Mists of Pandaria for 20€ (£17) -- more than 40% Savings

    If interested, send pm or add me on skype: Will-i-am12345

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    I am Recruiting someone to play on US Area 52 (Horde) server, This is a High pop server.

    I am on Eastern time zone/Indiana. I work hours between 7 am to 4 pm mondays through fridays. I'm on a paintball team so Sundays 10 am to 6 pm is booked.

    What I offer you
    Every expansion to Cata
    6+ years of gameplay
    Friendly person
    can do chat/msn/game/skype.
    2+ characters to lvl up.
    Pvp experience

    You Provide.
    Please be on daily to play the game not to just take my money.
    Have played the game before.
    friendly person
    Any Characters you want to level.
    1 + month of game time.

    If you can follow my rules and like them please contact me at Skype - falconpunch76
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    Looking to raf. I am laid off right now so have plenty of time to play. Would more want to play towards the evening hours maybe between 6-1 pm eastern time. I can level as many toons as you would like to as my time is endless untill march when i go back to work. I would like to be recruited and can do this on any us real, alliance or horde, pve or pvp. The most i can provide for myself is the battlechest. Can contact me at firehawk637 at yahoo.com. Just put in raf partner in the title so I don't consider you spam. thanks.

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    Looking for raf to recruit someone. Got 4 lvl 90s and alot of experience. Can also send SoR. Pm me with e-mail for free SoR.

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    Found someone, forgot to edit this and I've been getting flooded with contact requests on skype. Thanks!
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    Looking to recruit somebody so that means you pay for chest. You don't have to pay for time if you want so that is up to you. Been playing since classic. Leveling on H-Illidan(US).

    Will provide bags/10k gold to first person interested in leveling multiple chars.

    I can usually do stints of 1-2 hours so if you are looking or somebody to play 6 hours a night I am not your guy. Be mature and 20+ plz.

    PM me or add me on skype @ badlol5.

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    Looking to be Recruited on Illidan, Kel-Thuzad, Tich, Blackrock or any other populated realm. Wanting to play horde.

    I will supply my own keys.

    You will need to supply.

    Gold and bags

    Perfer leveling through Dungeons, but can quest too.

    Add me on skype

    Be able to play for long stretches of time please!

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    Hello! I am looking to recruit or be recruited.

    I would like to reroll on Horde Illidan (US). *Maybe Alliance. Only if it’s on Sargeras or Mannoroth*

    I am looking to level 3-4 characters to max (90). I prefer to go about leveling rather straightforward by doing LFD. I don't mind queuing for Tank or heals.

    I will be able to supply my own gold and bags if I am being recruited. If not I have no problem covering your bill with a "RAF Package" It will include bags and gold for flying.

    -- As well as courtesy gold for maxing out professions or doing whatever --


    I am currently enrolled in community college so my hours will vary for this upcoming semester (usually noon/night classes). Typically I would like to invest 4-6 hours a day but with school the weekdays will probably be shorter resulting in 2-4 instead. Weekends are usually spent gaming or training so I can dedicate more time on the weekends.

    also with the holiday coming up I will not be available to start until 24 hours or so after Christmas.

    -- I would like to be partnered with someone who is like-minded in the leveling process and is also interested in Raiding (I prefer HC, but I can settle with casual). I would like to get into PvP a bit more to this xpac.

    Please feel free to pm on this website. I will also be checking a email set up for this purpose ---- > mmorafsean - at - G M A I L . C O M

    Thanks for reading hope to hear from you soon!

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    Looking to recruit someone!

    What you have to provide:

    A lot of playtime
    Battle chest + expansions/gametime
    Sense of humor

    What I will provide:

    Lots of playtime
    Gold for mounts etc
    Sense of humor

    I'm swedish, but I can speak decent english, and I expect you to do so, too.
    PM me or add my skype, 'alexanderzachrison' if you're intrested!

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    Hey, I am looking for someone to grant me two Scrolls of Resurrection. It will be highly appreciated
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    Looking to RECRUIT you!

    What I can provide

    Guild (even faster leveling)
    Knowledge of the RaF Process (1-80 Record is 19 hours so far)

    What you need to provide

    Keys (Really cheap during the holiday sale)
    Willing to play for 5-6+ hours at a time
    Skype + Mic (a lot more fun when you can actually talk to the person!)

    I Can play Horde or Alliance

    If you want to use my gold we would have to play on theese realms

    Emerald Dream (Horde or Ally)
    Kel-Thuzad (alliance)

    We can play on any other realm as well... I have ways of getting us gold

    Contact me on Skype at Flayeer

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    Looking to Recruit you.

    I provide 2 months playing time card.

    EU outland

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    The Netherlands!
    Looking for someone to Recruit a Friend with,
    I don't care how long it takes, but i will level you up till 90, togheter!

    I play on Outland, One of the busy realms of EU.

    I Play Alliance mainly but if you wanne play as horde i don't mind.

    PM me if you are intrested.

    SoR Is aswell fine, just PM. =)

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    I don't remember
    Need a SoR thanks in advance.

    [email protected] USA Realm

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    Looking For Someone Recruit a Friend with,
    I need to level more characters and I level Fast I'm Going on Break and I have plenty of time to level I don't mess around.
    I have a mic+skype

    I play on Darkspear, Heavily Populated , but willing to switch servers PM if you would like to RAF or

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