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    Hello. Looking to recruit someone. Add me on skype nomnomponies. I am avaliable pretty much all weekend EST. Weekdays from 2:40pm - around 9:30 to 10pm. Im looking to level a couple of 80's. Must be alliance. Maybe one horde. You can provide your own Battlechest or use one of my accounts that I raf'd(Which you may not keep). Add me if intrested. PvP - Vashj

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    I'm looking to be recruited (or recruit potentially). I'll be making a new (US) account. As for the expansions and battle chest, I'll be paying myself. In the short term I'll be available at any time, though if you'd like to know, I'm on the west coast. At the moment I'm only interested in leveling one character to 80, though I may level more if there's a gold incentive. I'm willing to play on any realm if you're willing to provide gold compensation. I most likely will later transfer. I've RAF'd quite a few times and have made it to 80 in under 10 hours played on a fresh account. It may not go as quickly this time around but if you are looking for an experienced and laid back recruit, look no further.

    As an added bonus I can quickly boost us through levels 70-80 via LFD if we create Alliance characters; I have a level 80 that can queue for and solo all LFD dungeons in that level range.

    My skype is nsc1119 (n - s - c - one - one - one - nine), please message me with your information and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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    Saturday with not much going on. Therefor I am looking to recruit someone on EU. To play a little today or maybe even much ? I can play all day and night.

    I have been playing for 5 years know the game in and out, can provide with:

    *gold for epic flying (280 % ) and mounts,
    * and whatever you may need in-game.

    You pay for your own battlechest, but I stand for all costs in-game. Mostly looking for a fun social person to skype with while playing!

    Skype: Jocke.bk1

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    Looking for scroll of res in EU servers! Thank you very much!!

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    Looking for Scroll of Res in US Servers. I'll pay so you get mount. <3

    Made by the fabulous i4ni <3

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    Looking to recruit US Alliance or Horde, pref Emerald Dream server (guild perks) I have been playing 6 years, have quite a bit of spare time and am looking to lvl a few characters. I am mainly just looking for a leveling partner, I will not provide game time or keys, but I will actually be around to lvl and get thing done..so if you have the game and time hit me up...if you choose to lvl on ED alli or horde I can provide in game gold and guild perks add my tag Malisce#1191 or skype amber-churchill pls be mature 20+ and have skype or vent
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    looking for a dedicated RaF partner, I will be recruiting you, I would require you to buy battle chest and cata, and I will pay for MoP if we get that far. and I will pay for all expenses over our course such as repairs, gear, mounts, riding and epic flying skills, enchants etc, will also offer a home in a level 25 guild, I will be expecting someone who plays alot of hours so we can make the most out of our xp bonus, and will level as many character's as my partner wants, I am a extremely fast leveller but I will match a pace we come to agreement to, also needing someone who I can talk to and actually have fun with in the process, ontop of that, I will pay a large sum of gold for your time effort and money, and we can live happily ever after.

    Contact me at;
    Skype- Azzdotbain

    or of course, PM me

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallon View Post
    i want to be recruited ( i have battlechest) i play on EU u must be willing to level a few 80s pm if intrested
    Hey, I am willing to recruit you. add me on skype if interested : martijn9871

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    Hey I am looking to recruit someone on US Tichondrius - Horde. Looking to level 2 characters.
    I am a college student that can play generally a lot on weekends and even some weeknights.

    What you need to contribute:
    -Your own battlechest key.
    -Good communication for what times you will be available.

    What I contribute:
    -I will give you a cataclysm key.

    If interested please contact me by EMAIL. ---> [email protected]

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    Looking to recruit someone on Frostmane-EU (Alliance)
    I provide a lot of time and expenses you might need ingame.
    You provide cd-keys for yourself. PM me

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    Ok, so apparently my account needs to be inactive after March 4th 2012?.. I thought 4 months of inactivity would be long enough.. damn.

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    Hi guys
    I am looking to RAF someone on Suntrider Horde EU, looking to level 1 character!
    I provide:
    20k gold. which will be given in parts and not right on the start to make sure you don't go anywhere...
    You take care of what's needed for your account/game-time/cd-keys etc...
    LF someone whos active so we can do this and it wont take too long.
    PMe if interested.

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    Hi, I'm looking to recruit someone for RaF (I send). Preferably Suramar US server (alliance) but not required. Role/class doesn't matter I mainly want to level a few alts quickly and get the mount. I would prefer someone who can level atleast 2 toons to 80-90 but the more the better. I can help with mounts and other fees if on suramar.
    Please and thank you =).
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    I'm sending out Scroll of Resurrections to anyone who meets the following criteria:

    -EU only!
    -willing to pay for one month of game time up until 5 Feb!

    If you are interested, send me a PM here, or send a mail to voyambi(at)gmail.com!
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    How about Grom's spirit returns to strike the final blow but slips on a goblin oil slick and accidentally decapitates a passing Cenarius.

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    Hey people! I'm looking for someone for RaF!

    I play on the Alliance side of Dalaran (US) I have a 90 Hunter and Druid, mainly do Pvp with them both. I can help with gold/bags and anything of that sort in game. Also I can get us in a level 25 guild for the perks.

    I will NOT be able to provide a battle chest or anything of the sort out of game.

    I would like to level as many characters as possible. So come prepared! I would also like to make a new friend in game too. Leveling alone is boring!

    If interested and committed , send an email to tmlayden14(at)gmail.com

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    ~~~EU~~~EU~~~~EU~~~~EU~~~EU + GIVING BONUS +

    Hello !

    I'm looking to recruit someone,
    Can play pretty much on every server, but I can supply you with gold and bags on Outland-A

    What I provide:
    -free cataclysm key and 30 days gametime after we reach lvl 80
    -I will play tank class ( we will spam quick dungeons )
    -I'm very friendly
    -We will reach level 80 in 1 to 3 days max depending on that how much you can play
    -I can play most of the time, expecially over night

    What I expect from you:
    -be friendly
    -have expirience
    -provide your own battlechest key

    if interested please contact me on skype:

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    Looking to recruit somone
    Im on Alexstraza ally so i can pay for your mounts bags and all that good stuff if we play on that server. You would need to buy your own expansions and sub tho im not gonna pay for you to play.

    I have leveled multiple characters through raf running tanks/healers to spam quick instance groups. Usually I am able to get on weekends for a while but weekdays its a little harder.

    If your looking to get back into the game or playing for the first time im sure you will have a relaxed leveling experience with no pressure other than to have fun. private message me and we can talk details.

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    Looking to recruit someone, If your looking to be recruited let me know on my skype which is Khromix
    we can talk about details there

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    looking to be recruited to wow US. You have to buy me the battlechest buy i will pay for the rest. Would prefer horde on good server like malganis or illidan. I am pacific time zone in United states. I can play at least 4 hours on weekdays and 7+ on weekends.

    email: [email protected] or skype: raymond.liou1

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