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    Add my skype smashdaddy, nick64cap

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    In the light of the NEW Promotional Offer that blizz is putting out, I wish to recruit a player on Stormscale EU ( high populated pvp realm )
    I'll give :
    -gold for your mount, professions, general expenses.
    -plenty of hours to level ( I would like to level at least 2-3 characters )
    -spot in a 2.2k+ pvp team ( if you decide to dedicate yourself to a lot of pvp )
    -Gear and enchants at lvl 90
    -2 months game-time code if you decide to pay for at least 1 month and buy at least battlechest ( and if you are active ofc )

    You have to :
    -buy your own keys ( since the offer is 70% off )
    -pay for 1 month of game time. ( if you pay for 2, we can travel faster with the 2x person flying mount )
    Other than that, just be sure you have plenty of time to waste in wow, be friendly, preferably 18+ and have your own credit card / means to get the money to pay.

    For more, PM me here or contact me at cr15ti_1503 on skype ( don't forget to include as much detail as possible if you add me on skype )
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    Hi I'm looking to recruit someone to level one character to 80. We will be pretty much leveling through the dungeon finder (I've done this before). Looking for someone who just wants to get a quick 80 now that the battle chest is only $4. Skype: evanbe93

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    Hi guys,
    I would like a SoR.
    For Alliance Emerald Dream US Server
    PM Me with ur email cause i can't send mine i need 10 posts before replying a PM.
    Thank you very much!

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    kushdawg007 I need ur email cause i can't PM you until i have 10 posts.
    Can you send a scroll from Emerald Dream Alliance side?
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    Looking to recruit someone on Horde US-Frostwolf. Will be paying for your battlechest, must be friendly and patient as i do have a life outside of WoW. skype for quick reply, sidk07.

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    I am looking to be recruited. Any High Pop US server, preferably horde. I have plenty of time this week and through the weekend.

    You can contact me via battletag, Bane#1323 or pm.
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    Looking for someone to recruit me, looking to play on Illidan Horde. Please be active and able to play alot this week and be able to grind out 80 in about a week and probably level a few more 80s while RAF is going. Would be awesome if you could provide me with some gold to get mounts / training.

    If interested add me on skype trad3markk

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    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who is a veteran and wants to RAF me.
    I've been playing wow for sometime since WOTLK I've got a main account with 5 character all above 85. In short I won't be much of a burden for you to teach from basics but I have stopped playing wow for sometime and on some small parts I might need some guidance, cause it looks like alot of the talent system has changed since MOP.

    - I'm a 28 year old G.I.R.L (Guy In Real Life)
    - Plays wow daily 5 - 6 hours or more on a good day
    - I work on a rotation shift basis of night and day shifts, both 12 hours each BUT i'm able to play wow while i'm in office.
    - Due to rotational shift style of working I have off days on weekdays and weekends.
    - I don't mind using skype/vent/teamspeak whatever you can think of
    - My time zone GMT+8 (Singapore)
    - Looking forward to joining an alliance packed US realm cause my main account is mostly horde on Thaurissan
    - I Will be subscribing and purchasing battlechest the whole shbang up till MOP

    - Part of a lvl 25 guild thats casual or raiding I don't mind but as long as its lvl 25 for EXP boost
    - Able to support me financially with gold, of course the more the better.
    - Bags, bags & MOAR HUGEASS BAGS
    - Able to match most of my playing time so both of us can really reap the exp boost.

    Serious players can email me kamale.loco at gmail

    Best offer wins of course =) I will be purchasing 1 month first and renewing the following month only then will you get your mount.

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    I am looking to be recruited

    What I will provide
    Flexable time
    Open to both regions eu and na
    Good Personality
    Willing to level multiple characters
    Will pay for at least two months before the month is over and if we get to 90 or which ever level
    Willing to level multiple characters
    Willing to play na or eu

    What you must provide
    Game Keys (Their cheap right now)
    Basic Starting stuff makes it easier to level a fair bit

    How to contact
    Private Messege or skype at kristie-chan (if you add me on skype please reference the post)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smashdaddy28 View Post
    Looking to be recruited on any US realm, alli/horde does not matter... I have my own keys and 2 months game time ready to go once we get started... If you are interested please let me know, also let me know what you would be willing to provide/how we would level.
    Add me on skype ID:k33lzz

    so i can tell you all the information !
    Ty :P

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    Hi guys i would like a Scroll of resurrection on Bleeding Hollow alliance side. Thank you very much.
    Im currently Horde on Darkspear US and would like to go Alliance Bleeding Hollow US
    PM me and i will send u my real ID thanks!

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    Really bored as hell of this game . Looking to find a new realm with a new friend . Been playing for 7 years and know everything about all classes . Just doing this for fun . I'll get the basic 80 account and if everything is good I'll get the 2 'mo's so you get the mount . Only thing I ask is that you play very very late night us time ...or any oceanic player would be fine . I can play from 1130pm pst to 6 am ....us pacific time ...or 6pm oceanic to 1am

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    I am looking to be recruited on Stormscale-EU. I'll buy keys by myself. All I want from you is just play with me for x3. Skype : jackassimperia

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    Wanna Recruit-A-Friend?

    Oh, hi. I didn't see you there...

    My World of Warcraft account was permanently banned the other day, and as I take responsability for my actions I'm not going to call them about my account, and rather just start a new one. I'm therefor looking for a caring, but serious player to recruit me. I need you to be active, able to communicate, and I'd also need your account password if you're not as active as I wish. I'm planning on leveling several characters to 80, so prepare yourself to get bored of leveling.

    Oh, by the way. I'd prefer someone that lives in Oslo, for security reasons, but this is not a must.

    Please, send me a message, or reply if you're somehow interested, or wants more information.

    Skype: Zebra-ni
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    Hi there!

    I wanna reqruit someone to RaF with. I have played this gear since the first beta, so I know about all that is to know. Now I kinda want a priest and maybe a hunter, and cba to level from scratch as normal.

    I would love if you we're from Norway or Sweden.

    For further information and questions, add me on skype kixiynwa

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    Looking to Recruit on US realm Korgath

    I WILL
    -Buy battlechest and gametime (should we still be leveling char's)
    -Supply gold for bags and mounts as best i can
    -Be available most nights and weekends (6-12pm ET, all day weekends)
    -Want to lvl mulitple chars to 80

    You will
    -Be available during those times for the most part
    -Be open to stay on my realm

    email is kohl8585 at gmail

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    Looking to be recruited. I'll provide myself with the battlechest and cataclysm. I'd like you be able to get me the Mist of Pandaria expansion though. I don't really mind the server as long as it's not dead. Likewise with faction. Skype is shika201111.

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    Hi everyone! I am looking for someone on one of these servers (US)
    Blackwing Lair
    Blood Furnace

    If you are on any of these servers let me know so I can add you as a battletag friend so whenever I need to farm (or just have some peace and quiet) I can group with you and phase to your realm!

    PM please!

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    Looking to be recruited.

    So I plan on returning from a brief hiatus from the game. I have the next few months to myself so I can be pretty active during the day and some nights (EST). I am looking for someone to recruit me.

    This is what I would be looking for -

    - Entire Battlechest and the expansions - they are 70% off.
    - 1 month game time

    I ain't looking for a guild, gold, RBG, raid carries since I am mostly just looking to have a laid back run around the game. However, I wouldn't mind joining you on your realm but I prefer on rolling on Emerald Dream unless you are on a better realm. However, it would be awesome if you do join me on the same realm. However, we could still group together for dungeons and quests via the battletag system.

    So you can send me a PM and let me know if you are interested. Or you could email me @ [email protected].


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    ===========US Realms ======= BIG BONUS INCLUDED =============
    Hello to all that are reading my post !

    I'm looking for RaF partner ( I recruit you ),

    What I will provide :
    - ALL the time in the WORLD ( this mean I can play anytime you want, I have no job/work and I can adjust to your playtimes )
    - 25LvL guild so we can level faster
    - I have a ton of exprience in WoW
    - I know the fastest way to reach 80 ( can do it in 2 days if you are dedicated )
    - I will play tanking class ( warr, druid, monk ) this means we get instant ques
    - We can level characters as much as you want, the minimum is 1
    - I'm very very friendly
    - BONUS: I will give you cataclysm key for free when we reach lvl 80
    - BONUS: I will give you Mists of Pandaria key for free once we reach lvl 80 with 2 characters

    What you need to have:
    - Preferably someone who has alot time to play ( but its not a must )
    - Preferably someone who has expirience ( but its not a must )
    - you must buy your own battlechest

    Servers & Faciton:
    Any server and faction you want. But I prefer Illidan for horde and Kel'thuzad for alliance. They are both high populated strong servers

    Contact info:
    Skype: lovetonyhawk

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