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    Looking for a SoR US! PM me! Or email me at timidfighter45 at gmail.c()m Thank you!
    just sent you one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engorgio View Post
    just sent you one!
    Got it thank you so much!

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    Greetings, I am currently looking for a RAF Partner. I am a level 90 Frost DK Horde side on the server Illidan, one of the most populated realms, and home of Blood Legion. Illidan is 99.99% Horde, plus PVE on Illidan is amazing, which I am focusing on. I am looking for someone Mature, with WoW experience, who can be on a lot. I live in California US.

    What I can Provide:

    I can provide Money, Bags, Hours of playing time.
    A fun and fast leveling experience, for multiple characters.
    A fun and experienced raiding guild.
    Almost anything that needs to be provided.

    What you need to provide:
    A battlechest, or any WoW account that I can RAF
    A responsible person to level with, and someone that can easily be on whenever needed.
    Skype is optional, yet helpful.

    I am Pacific Coast Standard time. Add me on skype: Becausemagic, or PM me here. Contacting me on Skype is the fastest way to talk and get your questions answered. Reply fast.

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    I am looking for someone who is willing to send me a Recuit- A-Friend request.
    I do not care what server we play on(pvp/rp/rppvp/normal all included), and I am willing to play any race/class/spec combo you wish me to play if you think I will be useful in your gaming future.
    I will roll either pvp-pve or both, I am skilled in both.

    I know how to heal and tank very well.
    I am also willing to level as many character as possible on as many realms as possible during our time linked together. I really want a lot of 80+s and versatility. I have plenty of free time on my downtime from school.

    None of my friends play the game anymore I am interested in playing again.
    The only thing is I need someone to get me the initial game. I have two unused time cards I got for my graduation that I am willing to supply one to you and use one on this account and I will invest in the expansions after I see you are serious about what the recruiting entails for us as people, the journey we will grow through of developing a relationship, a friendship where we get to know each other personally through a game even if by accident. Playing a video game at even at the lowest level shows you how a person thinks, the choices they make, how they react to things, what they pay attention to, what they observe, how aware they are, how passionate they are, how strong their convictions are. You learn a person while watching them play a video game. When you play a video game your avatar becomes a part of you, your brain ACTUALLY whether you aware of it happening or not believes it IS the avatar at some points of its physical structure, you experience everything your avatar does even though you really aren't, your avatars interact. This isn't just some minuscule game.. this is an MMORPG as deep seated as WoW. You really bond with people over this game whether you see it that way or not. I need you to be serious and hope you won't just disappear out of my life after a few weeks..

    Here are a few things about me.

    I am age 21 and from the East Coast, I am a male.
    I am very laid back and chill, I like to drink and smoke and get on vent and chill. I am down to skype and just shoot the shit and talk about life and freaking GEEK. I am a very trustworthy person. I feel like a lot of people can trust me because I am easy to talk to and think carefully about what I say but always tell the truth to be in a way that does not offend them so people confide in me a lot. I am down for any type of conversation. I am not racist or sexist in anyway but I do enjoy racist and sexist jokes a lot. I know my limits and won't say anything to offend you, but if you establish the limits for me I will not cross them. I just have a great sense of humour and am down for any type of joke in the sense of humour and fun. I am not religious person, or a political person. I do have my own personal strong beliefs and philosophy that I am down to talk about for the sake of philosophy but will not push on you. I love deep conversation and making friends.

    When I game I am very social. I like to communicate but I am capable of playing and knowing what needs to be done without any speaking. I can talk via text in game or via VoiP.
    I am competitive by nature by like all players I am just down to have a good time. I play WoW to have fun, but I take everything I do seriously even if I am doing it as a joke because I am investing valuable time in it.
    That doesn't mean I am an asshole about the game though.

    My interests encompass such a broad amount it would take too long to discuss in this. Chances are if you like it ,so do I, there is nothing too obscure for me.

    You can get at me on here or on skype: plidanownjew
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    Alliance Sargeras player looking to recruit someone to RAF with. I'm 23, an EMT and am pretty laid back. I've got guildies who can help with dungeon runs.

    I can provide:
    Lots of time as long as I'm not raiding.
    Gold for bags, mounts etc
    A level 25 guild to level in that raids and has a great social atmosphere
    Mumble for to chat back and forth with while we level (if you want)

    What I expect you to have:
    Desire to level

    Add Strues#1177 or PM me here

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    ANYONE ELIGBLE I"VE BEEN PLAYING SINCE VANILLA WAS IN BETA (before wow was released to public) I am looking to level as many characters as possible as fast as possible through dungeons PST ME ASAP


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    Hamburg, Germany
    Looking for someone to send me a US SoR. Email is ninjasteve(at)web.de
    If you wish to level along we can do so, but keep in mind that I live by CET

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    Im looking to do RAF on US servers.

    I would prefer to recruit you and willing to buy you game card or possibly a battlechest if needed.
    I dont care what faction we go to.
    I prefer PVP servers but Im willing to go PVE, also prefer medium-high pop servers.
    Can match almost anyones play times.

    Pretty knowledgeable about the game. Looking for a new friend or group of friends in the gaming community. I dont have many friends that play wow any more.

    About me:
    played since vanilla
    Just coming back to the game.

    pm me here or email me at [email protected]
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    Looking for someone to Recruit ,Im on EU server Laughing skull Alliance,If your interested Add me one skype : Markred123456

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    Looking to recruit you. Zul'Jin Horde. Server is PvE EST time zone.

    You provide your own keys / game time.
    I'll provide gold for bags/mounts/gear

    skype: darth.pride

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    Looking to recruit someone to stormscale-horde (EU). Will provide bchest. Not writing everything here but if you're intrested add my skype.
    Skype: alexanderzachrison

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    I'm looking for someone to RaF or SoR, I would like to lvl a few alts with you, currently playing on Frostmane EU (pvp) Alliance side, preferable stay there with alts, but we could find another server as well. I'll provide bags and gold on Frostmane and the Battle Chest.

    If you're intrested you can contact me on Skype: Icemanoftheice or you can pm me here

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    Looking for someone to recruit on US Zul'Jin-Horde, High pop, PvE, EST time realm.

    I'll provide:

    Gold for Bags/Mounts/Anything reasonable you need
    Experienced and fun levelling partner
    Insight on any class/spec you want to play
    A very good social and raiding guild you can be part of

    What you need:

    Buy your battlechest / gametime
    Be available on times I'm also available (5 PM - 7~10 PM EST) - you don't need to have a lot of free time, I'm not looking for long grinding hours
    Be willing to go all the way and level at least 2 toons
    Having Skype is a plus

    Contact me by PM. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormwarrior View Post
    Looking to Recruit for EU ~ ASAP ! ! !


    Highly skilled and veteran of this game since last 6 years raiding at high level guilds/ leveling over a dozen characters to lvl 85/ 90 on old account x2.

    I Will be rolling different class Tanks, so am looking for a player whose interested to roll a healer or dps.

    Would like to start As Soon As Possible! Very Active Player.

    Providing all necessary Items to a comfortable RAF experience. Will pay additional 10k gold after 2 char to lvl 80.

    Expecting a good Player with the right attitude and wiling to buy his own Battlechest.

    I can buy you a expac providing you stick with me for ateast 3 chars to lvl 80.

    Can reply to this post or PM/ or Skype.

    Thanks and looking forward to having a Blast!
    Still looking

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    Looking to Recruit on Kil'jaeden US Horde
    I can Provide
    Level 25 guild
    Gear at low levels up to 80
    Questing nonstop as long as you want to, also willing to let you put me on follow and go afk all night if you want, just want to get us some 85's real fast
    Also have a few multi passenger mounts so you don't have to run around when you feel lazy

    What you Provide
    Your own Gametime and Battlechest after you buy the gametime and battle chest I will also pay for your regular epic flying

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    Am still looking to RAF someone on Silvermoon (EU)
    What you will need:
    To level at least 2-4 characters to 80+ (more if you want ofc)

    I'll bring:
    Knowledge of wow and raiding (4/13 hc t15)
    A good bloke who'll happily use voice comms with ya
    Battle chest if I'm convinced of your earnestness

    PM here or add me on skype jamie.poole999

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    The pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.
    I am looking to recruit you. You provide battlechest and gametime. I'll provide pretty much everything else: Mounts, guild, gold, flying, gear, as many characters as you want, time, entertainment over any coms (I.E Skype, vent etc) and loads of friends to boost us as fast as you want to level. I'm 23 years old and have sick music playlists

    I'm on Stormreaver Horde EU, it's a PvP server and perhaps one of the best PvE realms in Europe.

    If you're interested, just send me a PM of your skype name, battletag / real ID, or email address. Or if you have any questions, feel free to poke me.
    ~The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it. But the way those atoms are put together.~

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    Found someone =)
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    Looking for someone who can send me SoR. I just gonna re-start on my server Auchindion. Only want to start with boost. You can reach me via Skype. Message me.. Skype : hanifigurbuz

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    im am 21 and work part time so im looking for someone who is keen to casually lvl with and isn't going to be pissed if we miss a day. i am happy to play both horde or alliance on frostmourne server as i can provide both gold for bags and mounts as well as a lvl 25 guild of good friends qho are willing to help with dungeon runs and other things. if you are interested message me at s.shooter1991(at)hotmail(dot)com

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