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    Looking for a Recruit A Friend partner. Prefer late night PST time to level around 9pm. Has to be on a PST time zone server that is full of active players. and must be HORDE. thats about it. if you would like to RAF contact me at akyuratyper (AT) gmail (dot) com

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    Looking to get back into the game, and RaF seemed to be the only way to go.

    As such, I will be paying for my copy of WoW and all the expansions, you just need to recruit me!
    Ideally I would be looking to play Alliance on a US - PvP server, EST if possible.

    I provide:
    - WoW and all expansions + gametime
    - Availability
    - Decent knowledge of the game

    You provide:
    - GOLD and plenty of it
    - Stable guild to aid with leveling
    - A fun and entertaining personality to keep me interested (no homo)

    Text me at 9197934019 (easiest way to get in touch)
    Email me at bigrballer(at)gmail.com

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    Looking to recruit. I play on Frostmourne-Oceanic-US server. I live in Australia so I might be playing at different times to a lot of you, so keep that in mind if you want to be my RAF partner.

    What I offer:
    -Gold for bags, skills, mounts, etc
    -Casual playing, I only want to get 1 or 2 toons to 80 and I work 10:30-6 weekdays. I can only promise like 3 weeknights of play (probably more but it will vary) due to staff meetings and needy girlfriend etc ;P
    -I have a decent knowledge of the game and extensive knowledge of a few classes
    -Horde faction, if we play Alliance I can't offer you any gold or such
    -A good mate to run heroics and raids with at 85, I like tanking

    What you provide:
    -Your own expansions, I don't mind if you only want to go to WotLK (lv70), but you must provide your own
    -Your own CD keys!!! If you buy one month, I'd be happy. If you buy two months, I'd be happier.
    -Preferably you're Australian or a Kiwi. But as long as you speak fluent english and can abide to my availability, all is well.

    If you're interested, please PM me here.


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    if anyone wants to get back into the game ill recruit ya.

    ravencrest alliance pve
    level 20 guild
    any play times you want

    im not promising you anything im here to help you out not to beg you to come back lol

    email or real id me at [email protected]

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    found someone
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    Hey , im looking to recruit some1 on Stormscale EU horde.

    I will provide:
    -15k gold for bags/spells/riding etc.
    -lvl 25 guild
    -Fun atmosphere
    -Lots of time to play
    -Depending on the class you play , maybe a spot in a decent raiding guild

    You provide:
    -Your own gametime/cd keys
    -Beeing able to play when i play. this shouldn't be too hard cause im on vacation now , but i will be unavailable during guild raids (more on that if ur interested)

    I want to level just 1 toon cause im a bit low on gold , but if you want more we can work that out.
    Also , you wont get the gold in the start since i dont want to get scammed. Again , if you are interested we can work that out in private chat.

    PM me if you want what i have to offer

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    Hello, I'm looking to recruit someone on US-Korgath PVP, a very pve competitive server, I am willing to play alliance only since there is where I have all my gold and guild
    I will provide:
    -The gold you need to level/mounts/bags etc
    -Top alliance lvl 25 guild
    -I would like to point out that since I am in the core group of the top guild of my server I won't be able to level when I'm in raid.

    You provide:
    -Your own gametime/cd keys

    If you are interested hit me up here or email puppet.sasori(At sign)hotmail(dot)com
    My native language is Spanish but I can write and understand English very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by royo View Post
    Looking to be recruited on an EU non-RP server. Hopefully by someone in a high level guild with the xp perks available. I'm a WoW veteran and I'm somewhat intent on going Horde if possible, also bonus points if the referrer provides the WotLK key.
    Still available.

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    Looking for recruit to Kor'gall EU Horde

    I offer:

    * Bags
    * Some gold for mounts and skills
    * Nice and friendly player, who can help you with you problems.
    * I play WoW at least 2h/day
    * I have my own 17 LvL guild (For perks)

    What you need?

    * I don't have any Keys, so you must provide CD-Keys and Gametime yourself.
    * Well there is nothing else that you must do, than play.


    I have 4x 85 at moment. Please send a Private message if you are interested.
    (I will give bags and golds, when you are level 21+)

    Still looking

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    I'm looking to recruit you on Ravenholdt EU!
    Ravenholdt is a friendly server with lots of fun and nice ppl!
    (We could add each other real ID and instance que together and grind instances so you can level on any server!)

    What I offer!
    -Lots of time to play
    -Gearing U up in bwd,bot,4winds
    -A level 23 guild
    -Social and fun Play

    -Your own Game time
    -Your own CD keys
    -Willingness to play


    Or private message me on mmochampion

    I've done recruit a friend before and know how to level fast.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dandaman3145 View Post
    Recruiting You!

    What I will provide:
    Bags, Money for Mounts up to first flying and cold weather, and skills.
    2+ Level 80s
    A very good partner.

    What you will need to provide:
    All the Expansions
    Game Time
    Time for leveling

    Realm: Alliance Stormreaver US

    Method: Most likely questing until level 15 then doing Dungeons all the way.

    Please contact me through MMO-Champion.
    Offer still stands.

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    EDIT: found someone. Thanks.

    I'm looking to be recruited and start ASAP.

    Looking to start on a high population server USA (preferably Horde but Alliance is OK too). I've had two 85's but sold my account earlier this year.

    Please contact me on skype:

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    Hey guys just made an account to post in here.

    'm looking to recruit someone on Earthern Ring EU Horde.
    ER is one of the most active RP servers with a great community.

    What I offer!
    -A level 25 guild
    -Hardcore playing if you want to.
    -Social fun guy.

    -Your own Game time
    -Your own CD keys

    Private message me on mmochampion please.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Liax View Post
    I'm looking to recruit someone on Archimonde - US. I only want 1-2 characters on my realm then we can move to any server of your choosing. Only thing about that is that I can't provide gold and bags.

    I can provide:
    Mount gold
    Lots of time and experience in leveling

    You should provide:
    CD keys (up to WOTLK)
    Experience (optional, I'm a fairly nice guy)

    Send me a PM here and let me know!
    Still lookin! I can start asap!
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    Looking for a RAF

    -I'm a very active player
    -Very Nice, i never rage at anything
    -I have alot of knowledge of the game
    -I have a mic for vent, etc..
    -Will be making a tank for fast que's
    -Will play Horde or Ally

    What you have to provide
    -Your own Game time
    -Your own CD keys
    -Dedication, and being active when we level

    AIM: gasmask210
    or you can pm me on here.

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    Looking for a RAF

    -I'm a very active player
    -I have alot of knowledge of the game
    -I have a mic for Skype if you want!
    I will be leveling a hunter.
    - We will be leveling on Outlands server Alliance !
    - I will provide you with 3000 gold!

    What you have to provide
    -Your own Game time
    -Your own CD keys
    -Dedication to level one character to 80! Maybe more.

    My skype is gav.sweeney
    Please don't Pm me here, most likely wont see it.

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    Looking for a RaF partner. Pref on the Bloodhoof server Ally. Willing to do it on other servers or as horde. Just will not be able to supply gold and such if we are elsewhere.

    I supply
    Gold for mounts and skills as well as a bonus for each level 80 we get.
    Knowledge of the game.
    A lvl 25 active guild.
    Social and laid back attitude.
    My own vent server

    You supply
    Game and time for leveling.

    You can contact me on here through private message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcrazy20 View Post
    Looking to recruit a friend on Muradin-US, alliance

    What I give:
    -Short dungeon queues as I will be rolling a tank/healer.
    -An invite to a level 20+ guild.
    -15k (5k at start, 5k for epic flying, 5k at 80).
    -Vent, for chatting or music.
    -Pretty casual schedule, not too busy now, so I can easily level for 1-2 hours a day.

    What you need:
    -CD keys, and your own monthly sub.
    Still looking! And it is now a level 25 guild!

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    Right, greetings everybody!

    My name is Lovemonkey, best monkey EU also world. I'm currently in search for a RAF partner to supply my needs for loads of amazing alts (or well, as many as you can be arsed to).


    What I can offer:

    2k Spending gold.
    Mounts on top of said spending gold, this includes: Ground Mount, Epic Ground Mount, Flying Mount, Cold Weather Flying and Flight Master's License.
    I can also offer Epic Flying Mount if you are possible to supply WOTLK aswell.
    Level 25 Guild.
    Social friendly player who loves everybody! ;o
    Skype VOIP during leveling sessions.
    I'm also available for play most days until the 17:th of August, vacation period til Uni starts, which means you pretty much decide the schedule.

    What you need:
    CD-Keys to supply yourself with (Classic at minimum obviously), as mentioned earlier, if you want to supply WOTLK aswell I can also sort Epic Flying Mount.

    Server info: (Europe)
    The server of choice is Stormscale, horde side. I'm planning on leveling a Priest at first, I don't mind which class you pick, but would obviously prefer a tank class.
    After Stormscale characters are done and we're both pleased, I'm available for leveling on the following servers:
    Azsune Alliance
    Kazzak Horde
    Kazzak Alliance

    If this seems interesting to you, you can contact me either through PM on this forum or adding me on skype: Tauron753

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    found someone
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