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    Looking for someone to resurrect me on US Servers. Come get your mount!

    I can send you one if you want.....PM me or something (I think I just pm'd you though lol). Or just tell me your email you used for the account on here...doesn't matter to me xD.

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    Looking for someone to recruit to level with me as Horde on Tichondrius US.
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    Looking to recruit someone to play on Ravencrest EU Alliance(got most characters there.)

    - Mature(18+ is a plus)
    - Willing to level at least one Worgen character
    - Provide time to play and battle chest(includes lich king so it's all we need for 1-80)
    - Any class is fine, I will not be leveling a tank/healer though. Questing or dungeons doesn't matter much.

    - Will provide bags, guild, gold for epic flying for at least one character(if we level more than two I will provide 2k. ie. half if you are exalted with Stormwind)
    - Can provide glyphs(no guarantees for any classes, I try to research every day. Though I don't have all glyphs for all classes)
    - Time to play
    - Game time will be afternoon/weekends
    - My timezone is GMT +2(summer time)

    Will only respond to PM as I won't check in this thread too often.
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    Hello, I am looking to recruit someone to the World of Warcraft!
    What I will provide for you:
    -A good, fun time
    What you will need to provide:
    -Rest of expansion packs
    -Game time
    About me:
    -Looking for a casual leveling partner
    -Can play weekdays from 4-whenever I sleep
    -Can play at random times on weekends depending on my plans
    Email me with questions, comments, concerns, whatever you want!
    Email: joe729_rivera at att dot net

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    Looking for someone to cast a SoR on on me. (US)

    Kazeius2 at gmail com


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    Looking to RAF (Recruit) Providing 2 month prepaid subscription + Gold&Items in game.

    Hello, I'm looking to a recruit someone interested in being a leveling partner.. Looking for someone within this criteria..

    What i will provide:
    1)Knowledge of the game
    2)2 Month Subscription (WoW Prepaid Gametime Card)
    3)Gold + Bags + All other available resources needed. (If pandaria expansion i will also pay for epic flying training (5,000 Gold)
    4)A good time and new friend

    What you will need to provide:
    WoW Battle chest & all expansions upto atleast WTLK
    Ability to play with my play time.. Im Central US and most active during 12AM - 12PM so night owl. Daytime i might be able to work with.
    Also, willing to level on a PvP based server preferably horde faction but im willing to play alliance if you prefer. Dont care what class or race you choose but a healer or tanking class would make lvling faster.

    About me:
    Im 21, male - very friendly easy to like im laid back have great sense of humor so youll never be bored. Ive played WoW since TBC release, My main is a Protection Warrior raid tank. I have PvE/PvP knowledge of all classes and races, know how to level very quickly, and pretty much knowledgable about most details of the game up to date..

    Contact info:
    Skype : ClookyNChesty

    ---------------------------------------------------- Please feel free to ask any questions or give feedback. Thanks.
    If i missed anything let me know please ty.

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    Looking for a SoR invite (EU)

    I'm coming back to WoW, first come first serve.

    cold_pressed_apples (AT) gmx.com

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    ill do it im looking for partner

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    I'm recruiting you!

    Playing US Horde, Tichondrius PvP Server.
    I'm from New Zealand (GMT+12). I usually play from about 4pm to 10pm with a break for dinner. Extended hours on weekends.

    Happy to provide starting gold, bags and teach you the mechanics of the game if your a new player.

    Add me on Skype: Ohbleachy

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    Hello! I'm looking to be recruited. I'm a 29 year old female looking for someone to help me out by teaching me how to play. I have played a little before but didn't get too far. I figure finding someone this way would make it a bit more fun!
    I am hoping to find someone around my age and someone who doesn't mind that I sometimes have a hectic schedual sometimes so can be easy going.
    Email me at shutupamelia(at)live.co.uk

    Ta! x

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    I am looking to RECRUIT someone on Europe server, On twisting nether EU HORDE

    What I can provide:
    - Friendly leveling guild ( 12 with all perks or a 25 guild );
    - Gold for as much as possible not to rich but i'll help if it's something you really need while leveling and as much help with level 90 gearing up I can offer.
    - Help with better understanding of the game ( PvE and PvP point of view ) if you are new or newly comed back to the game;
    - A mature and decent player with experience in kinda everything this game has to offer.
    - teamspeak server or Skype if you want to chat, tbh I am not looking to chat but I can do it.

    What I am looking for:
    - Fast leveling for for our new characters.
    - New friends.

    What I am not offering:
    - I am not offering to pay for your Battle chest or any expansions
    - I am not giving a raider spot or any kind of PvP bgs / I can do arenas and conquest caps and farm honor :P although if I consider you good enough I will put in a good word for you.

    About me:
    - I am 17, male, I have played this game since Early vanilla (I didn't raid hardcore back in vanilla i just got boosted through MC And the easy instances when naxx got released when my brother and his guild had cleared it) and I am a Terrible Joke teller.
    - I have played way to much hardcore PvE and as a PvPer I reached 1750 in 2vs2 in season 8 I think.

    If you are interested, PM me here or add me skype: Xaraphyne
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    Quote Originally Posted by Musette View Post
    Hello! I'm looking to be recruited. I'm a 29 year old female looking for someone to help me out by teaching me how to play. I have played a little before but didn't get too far. I figure finding someone this way would make it a bit more fun!
    I am hoping to find someone around my age and someone who doesn't mind that I sometimes have a hectic schedual sometimes so can be easy going.
    Email me at shutupamelia(at)live.co.uk

    Ta! x

    I will gladly recruit you girl! . I sent you an e-mail and stuff :P. Please message me back!

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    Was Wondering if anyone could Scroll of Resurrection me

    email is - mcgill94 (at) hotmail (dot) com
    US server

    Thank you

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    Hello there RaF community! I am looking to be recruited on EU!
    I have come to a point where I really would like to RaF with someone but I believe that since the other person get so much ( Mount, extra month of subscription, extra level 80 every second 80 we level etc..) that they should pay for at least something.
    I am a very active gamer that has played WoW before so I know how to play it but I realized that my chars are on a dead server so it would be better to level up new ones.

    What I'm looking for is
    A active player that lives in a country with times close to GMT +2.
    A player that is able to play on evenings during weekdays and all weekends (to some extent).
    A player that plays on a very active server (preferably Stormscale Horde, Outland Alliance or Ravencrest Alliance since I would like to start PvP later on)
    A player that is able to provide me with battlechest. (And I will buy 2 month of subscription, cata and MoP on my own, don't worry)
    A player that if possible, provides bags for a more solid leveling.
    A player that is fluent in English and not afraid of talking on skype. (Will check before we start RaFing!)

    If you are interested, please contact me on skype -> Immbas

    I hope to hear from you soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by siblyx View Post
    Still looking
    Still looking....

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    Quote Originally Posted by siblyx View Post
    My Raf post got deleted?

    I am looking to recruit someone on US Realm - Kel'thuzad, I've been playing for some time now and wanting a warlock, warrior, along with a boomkin. I am willing to buy you guild heirlooms, provide bags and gold, also a level 25 pvp guild who will supply you with pvp blues if you're interested in pvp. What you must provide: your own gametime and keys. Please send me a PM here or add me on skype aidengrey, I am usually on skype 24/7 so that would be a better way to reach me.

    I am available for hours most days, so this would be a good opportunity for someone who is looking to get back into the game and level a main character real quick. Or for someone looking to start on a new server. I also have Scrolls of Resurrection for anyone needing one.
    Still looking...........

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    I will very gladly SOR you. I sent you one just now.

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    Looking to be Recruited by Hardcore Individual

    Hello there and hello all.

    I am looking to be recruited by a hardcore individual. I recently came back to the game with a fresh appetite for all things leveling. I'm not sure how recruit friend works now-a-days so any additional info regarding changes would be appreciated. Anyone who is looking for someone who can play hours upon hours to level up those multiple alternates will now potentially have a leveling partner.

    I am looking to be recruited preferably by someone who can provide keys. By providing those keys, I will be able to purchase two months of game time after the end of the trial period. The two months will not be purchased before hand due to people flaking out or not being as "hardcore" as they claim to be. Therefore, in due time, the player will receive the RaF mount.

    Must be US Horde or Alliance does not matter to me. However, I do prefer Horde. I can play every class so whatever you choose to level I can pick a class to compensate for the lack of whatever support skills.

    Additionally, I hope the player can provide a smooth leveling process and the necessary equipment to level quickly. I have be apart of multiple RaF experiences through the expansions and yet this will be my first time returning to the game since a few months after the Pandaland launch.

    The more you can give in-game the more you'll get from me in terms of dedication, speed, entertainment and a faster leveling process all together.

    I would be interested in leveling multiple characters provided the first character runs smoothly.

    This is understandably asking a lot so those individuals who are actually interested in someone who will dedicate their time to help you help me; please respond via PM.



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    im interested in recruiting a friend to bring into worldofwarcraft I will provide gold and bags to get us leveled you just have to buy the battlechest and we should be good to go im usually have the same routine for wow so hopefully we can line it up together and knock out some leveling.

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