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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Oi, i m away from the game for 5-6 months now, and i m looking to use recruit a friend on someone so we can level some alts together. Mostly interested in the realm EU-shadowsong, since my "main" was located there. Since i m gonna level a rogue/warrior first someone that wanted to level a healer would be cool, but there are no class restrictions, level whatever you want

    If you are interested send me a PM here and we can talk about the details, as in when we ll be online, etc.

    I am a wow player since the release of the vanilla so i know my stuff and i can help you with my main by supplying professions (crafts etc), bags, and some help to buy the mount etc.

    However i want the person i ll RAF with to be fluent in english, over 18 and a cool person, nothing extreme and well, to have some experience with the game :P
    Lastly i would like the person that wants to RAF to subscribe to wow immediately if possible instead of taking the 10 day trial.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!


    I am looking for someone to level some alts with. This will happen on Nordrassil EU where I have my other 80's. So remember, I will invite you.

    What you get from me:

    • 5000g when I get my first 60 and when you have granted the 30 levels, and 2000g every 60 after.
    • Gold for mounts
    • 4x 16 slot bags
    • Gold for skills

    What I expect from you:

    • You are active (Preferably GMT+1 timezone or something close)
    • You will buy your own Game Keys and Playtime
    • You can speak decent English

    If interested, sent me a PM.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Edit: Found a partner, folks. Sorry :-\

    Good day,

    I'm looking for someone to recruit me while my account "issues" are being resolved by the good folks @ Blizzard.
    I am hoping to play in the server Altar of Storms, Horde side, but for now any Eastern-time server will do as well.
    I am planning on getting atleast 2 characters to 60-70, a Warrior and a Druid.
    My schedule is Monday~Friday: Anytime after 4:30 p.m. EST til about 11 p.m. Saturday & Sunday: Anytime from 8 a.m. EST til midnight (break time for lunch/dinner ofcourse ;D).
    Please PM me if you are interested. I know I am.



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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Worldpart: US
    Server: Drak'Tharon (can level elsewhere though)
    Faction: Horde or Alliance

    I'm looking to RAF a (new) friend!
    I am aiming towards players who want to return to WoW without having an old account, or just plain new people.
    My own realm is Drak'Tharon(US), hordeside or alliance.
    I have 5 spots available to level new characters at.
    If wanted I can level 1 or more characters along with you. Will also help boosting in instances on my mains, and ensure you have some good gold to start with (think of ~1000g at the start, should help you through your leveling days including mounts and such).

    As said before, I don't mind leveling new chars on another server, could actually be fun.
    I wouldn't prefer a horde character if you choose another server though.
    You can let me know here by a PM if you wish to RAF with me.

    Thanks for reading, let me know if interested!

    edit: just thought I'd update this a little bit: I have alot of classes already, have good knowledge on most of them (except casters really). so if you are new and have questions, I can be a mentor kind of guy no problems with this.

    I have tons of experience in RAFing, my fastest 1-60 is in 2 days with 10hrs played! If you want to hit 80 fast let me know

    What you get from me:

    5000g when I get my first 60 and when you have granted the 30 levels, and 2000g every 60 after.
    Gold for mounts
    4x 16 slot bags
    Gold for skills

    What I expect from you:

    You will buy your own Game Keys and Playtime
    You can speak decent English

    Contact information:

    On Drak'Tharon (Hordeside): Xeric, Xcstasy, Xtinct, Xtinguisher, Xploit
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.aggression-guild.com (PM)
    This forums PM!

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!


    Sent you a pm, please reply back if your interested or not. Thanks boss!

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Horde: Dragonmaw.

    I currently have 2 toons on Dragonmaw which I will NOT delete to reroll via RaF, one is 74 (My death knight, useless class to RaF, so no harm done), and, of course, there's my 80, which is a Paladin. I have no toons on any other realm. I would prefer to roll a healing class (even more specifically, a Resto Shaman) so random dungeon queues will be fast if you want to level that way (especially if you roll a prot warrior/paladin or a feral tank), or if you would prefer to quest, there would be virtually no downtime since you'll never have to worry about your health. Only downtimes would be if you need to regen mana, as I can do so while you're still killing mobs, and step into heal if you drop below... lets say, 60%. Of course I wont /afkautofollow you and if you're not in need of heals i'll do my best to help dps mobs down, granted I have the mana to do so (so I'd more than likely level as elemental through questing, and resto through dungeons).

    NOTE:I plan on leveling only 1 alt at a time through RaF. Meaning, I will start one character, get it to 60 then once that character hits 60, start a new toon with you. Please don't level the toon that you are currently RaF grinding up to 60 with me. Leveling any toon Post-60 on your own, or if you want to level another toon without the RaF bonus, will not be a problem.


    ~Every toon we start together at lvl 1 automatically recieves 1k gold, and four 16 slot bags.

    ~Training costs are covered. This does NOT include Dual Spec.

    ~Another 2k gold for every level 60 toon I get due to RaF.

    ~1k gold on top of that when you purchase the 2 months required for me to get the RAF mount.

    ~Speak enough english so we can understand each other

    ~A leveling schedule worked around my raiding schedule and IRL schedule. PM me for more information on this. There shouldn't be much conflict with this, but i'd like to make sure before we attempt to do anything

    OFF REALM LEVELING: (alliance or horde, on any realm other than Dragonmaw)
    I will gladly roll a toon with you on a differant realm, but keep in mind that being able to pay you to RaF with me is highly unlikely since the only realm I currently have toons on is Dragonmaw.

    CROSS FACTION LEVELING: (Alliance on Dragonmaw)
    I will gladly roll alliance with you until level 60, payment will have to be worked out using the neutral auction house, since gold cannot be sent cross-faction.
    Look up, see the buzzards circling?

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I'm looking to recruit a person in Jaedenar EU.
    All you have to supply is paying for the account and such, so we can get started. And some dedication to level the character(s) up.

    I will supply all the gold you need for gear.
    I will pay for your mounts, bags, and all other stuff you need.
    I will also get some people to boosts us, and if we can't find any, we just sign up for a random dungeon.

    The requirement I have, is that ur active and we will make our char's on jaedenar EU - alliance.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    I im looking for someone to RaF with, to lvl one or more chars to lvl 60
    I Will pay for youre Bags,mounts,repairs,traning and such

    But to be able to do that we will have to lvl on Stormscale Horde

    you will have to :
    1 : Buy the game youreself
    2: Be pritty active, alteast 3 days a week
    3: Understand Norwegian or English
    4: Have Skype / ventrilio and a working mic

    If you're interested Send me a mail on [email protected] Hope to hear from any of you
    have a nice day

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    im really impressed over this system never seen it before but hell ill be interested to do this when the new RaF mount comes out,

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    LF Friend.

    You do not have to:
    * ... play WoW.
    * ... be interested in RAF
    * ... own a computer
    * ... anything, really.

    ... So ronery ;_;

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Hello, I am looking for someone to recruit ME.

    A little information about myself:
    I play on US servers.
    I live in Central time zone.


    By the way, I will pay for the game keys, and once we get level 60 on our first toons, I will pay for 3 months of wow time so that you may get your mount.

    Please contact me via PM. Thanks.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Server: Bronzebeard-EU (Alliance or horde)

    LF: Someone to RAF with. Experienced player, always online or sleeping.

    Contact: PM or ingame /w to Health, Messenger, Pristitute or Humo.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    LF RAF parnter,
    I am on EU servers,
    I want to play Alliance on the server Frostmane,
    I do NOT have characters there (but we can make quick money with the right proffs, i know how to)

    You need to buy ur own account and gamecard.

    and i prefer skype or ventrilo if u have a mic
    I have done RAF be4 (with succes), so i know how to do it.

    contact me here with a PM


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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Looking for a RAF partner on the server Mazrigos EU - Horde

    What I can give you:

    If you do not have alot of time currently, I will be able to boost whatever characters (though max 3, because that's the amount of classes I need, I won't be able to boost any more than 3) without any effort from your side. I will give you the gold for mounts, up to 150% flying and northrend flying and something extra to have fun with.

    What you have to do:
    • Pay for your own keys and gametime (I will level my characters to 80, if you want to aswell, you must pay for WOTLK)
    • Pay for 2 months of game time after getting max. 3 characters to 60 with RAF.

    Also, if you dislike the suggestion of me being on your account, I have no problems leveling whenever you have the time for it, though it will have to be discussed before-hand.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    WoW EU:
    Server: Open
    Faction: Prefer Alliance
    RAF: You recruit me!

    I have an Amercian account already with 5 80's, I have wanted to play on an EU server for sometime.

    What I bring to the table:
    I have played every class in the game to at least level 60. I know most of the alliance quests backwards and forwards. I have never played gnome or dwarf and do not care to. I have leveled, previously a few belfs as well. I am very fast (single minded) at leveling with little time wasted.

    I have been playing since the late days of vanilla.

    I have my own private vent client, and will get an Instant Messenger if needed.

    I am a professional and live in the eastern US. My schedule rotates each week, One week I have 3 full days off, the other four days, I also have some nights available. I normally raid 4 nights a week. On my days off I am avaibale to play from 11 am gmt to 11pm (if I am raiding - later if I am not) .

    I have RAF'd (dual/ triple boxed before ... thats a pain ). 1-60 can be done with an 80 to run through in under 24 hours straight (usually closer to 18).

    I will pay for my own account, and both months so you can get the mount. I will pay for the second month after we have the first 60.

    I am willing to run up several toons, alliance and horde.

    I am over the age of 18 (you should be as well.)

    I am very social, funny, charismatic... and yes a real girl.

    What I expect from you:

    A med-high pop PvE or RP server, with a good economy, and chosen faction favored PvP (such as WG).
    An active leveling partner @ least 3 days a week.
    The ability to listen and speak on Ventrillo.
    The ability to speak English, and be able to understand me.
    4 (16 slot) bags for each set of toons leveled.
    Training and gear for each set of toons.
    All mounts paid for (through at least first flight)
    Assistance in getting a "main" to 80 and gearing.

    Judging from the posts I have seen here, I am sure I will recieve a few offers, so anything you might wish to add. ( I am not looking for outrageous) could sway it your way. I will speak with you via vent, before RAF'ing just to make sure we can understand one another !

    You may PM me here.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    So... has this been a good place to actually find people to RaF? I only ask because I don't know the results since it would happen in game.

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Barth - Oceanic server.
    will recruit YOU
    Will play up to 3 characters.
    will provide all good/bags etc - help with professions.

    you will need to not be spastic/capable of breezing through stuff. times of play can be negotiated.
    pm on here

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    Nyty i ve send you a pm, if you didnt receive it by any chance let me know

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    we will be playing on aglazor US alliance

    got a 80 so will be paying for bags both ground mounts (maby reg flying) and training

    willing to lvl as many guys as u want would like to lvl at least 2 tho

    got some one that might be willing to give us some runs

    i know what im doing to :P

    can play all the time

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    Re: Looking for RAF-partner - Post here!

    If it's allowed on here, since I'm sure some people would just want the mount before it gets changed, or if you can hold the reward and get the new mount too, I don't know.

    I'm looking for someone to pay a month's subscription, since you get a free month, and recruit me, you can pay a month's worth via paypal or something after I've bought all 3 cd keys, then I'll buy 3 months of game time or whatever it takes to complete, and you get your mount. Buying the game + expacs (~$80?) then not paying for a subscription would be sort of .. retarded? So I think it sounds safe enough for both parties.

    Would have to be US. Don't care if you level with me or whatever, it would probably not be on your server anyways, but probably a horde/high pop/pvp server. If I can't find someone to pay, you could pm/msg gold offers or whatnot and I'll write them down incase.

    AIM: wowmefail
    XFIRE: mefail

    Seen a few posts on here about people offering that to recruit someone, so I figure it's worth asking, if it's against the rules, feel free to delete. Otherwise I'd just as well give a free month to an old friend I barely know anymore from when I used to play the game.

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