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    Vista Wireless problems

    I have played WoW flawlessly for the past moth or two. However, since a couple of days ago the huge annoying lag spikes of the past have returned and I realized that Wireless Zero Config must be to blame. I have looked into it and tried downloading an app or two, but the problem still exists.

    My Acer laptop came with an Acer utility that is supposed to be able to manage my wireless internet connections, but after disabling zero config, I was unable to get online.

    I'm looking to hear if anyone has an app for Vista that makes wireless online gaming feasible.
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    Re: Vista Wireless problems

    The WLAN optmiser is an application that will disable the attempt to regularly search for a stronger network signal.

    That is one of the causes of regularly lagging during gaming on wireless.
    It only has a temporary effect while it is running, leaving no system settings changed, only supressing that one function, unless you enable the other options it offers.
    Turning off the AutoConfig is effectively the same, if not the same as stopping the WirelssZeroConfig, so short of finding a 3rd party application to manage your connections, you will not be able to do that.
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