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    Re: Cataclysm Class Preview: Warrior

    As a long time reader of I am amazed to see how the majority of the posters are negative about the announced class changes for their own class. The constant stream of tears and rage is seen in every forum. I don't get it, what's with all the depressive negatism? Blizzard posted some ideas that they're working on, the game is not in beta yet and the release is months away. Nothing is set in stone.

    Nobody knows how it will work out yet because they have only announced a fraction of the new spells and talents. Furthermore, they stated that every single ability will be tweaked to suit the new stats and spell scaling. Therefor, every bit of QQ that compares how strong a spell or talent is at the moment with the recently announced concepts is just silly. It will change and you and I both do not have a clue how it will turn out.

    As to some "thoughts" recently posted, I'll try to put them in another light in my first ever post here (about time, been lurking for years );
    Quote Originally Posted by diegofsv
    One of the new abilities is a new bleed (really, is that fun?) and works way better in pvp.
    There will probably be dungeon and raid encounters in cataclysm where boss movement is involved, so it will find it uses I guess. And yes, it will be situational in PvP as well I think. I have no idea yet how we will fit this spell into our playstyle since we lack more information about their intent for the new arms rotation. Hell, maybe it will be a part of the fury rotation as well in some situation, who knows. But if you define a "fun" ability as an end-all OP ability that will need to be mashed every cooldown then it won't live up to your expectations I guess. Better wait and see what their intend for Gushing Wound is.

    Quote Originally Posted by diegofsv
    The other one, a limit break ability, while cool, is passive and the numbers seems broken right now.
    I assume you mean Inner Rage? I'm curious how it will work out as well. But I don't understand the "numbers seems broken right now" comment as we all know that every single number will be changed/tweaked so we have no clue how powerful it will turn out. There is no point thinking about numbers tbh, rather you should consider if you like the concept.

    Quote Originally Posted by diegofsv
    Heroic Leap is cool for tanks, and tanks alone. Fury warriors can't use it, and arms may pull a lot of aggro.
    I don't know, maybe it will be a nice opener for arms warriors (on trash?) as well. Because we have no clue how much threat Thunderclap will generate for arms warriors in cataclysm. If the threat generated is only moderate it could be a better opener than charge because you would apply the Thunderclap slowing effect and thereby help out the tank+healer. Will have to wait and see how that will work out maybe later we can compare it to charge as an opener.

    Quote Originally Posted by diegofsv
    Our new rotations is BT>HS. Slam dont have utility right now.
    I honestly don't understand how you can be so certain what our new fury rotation will be. You haven't seen all new abilities nor the new talents. Once again, we don't know.

    Quote Originally Posted by diegofsv
    Shouts still useless, we will use to generate rage but its a useless raid buff if we have paladins.
    Quote Originally Posted by diegofsv
    MS was already useless in PVE and in PVP got nerfed. And other classes have the samething right now.
    The spell Mortal Strike does quite nice damage and is part of the arms rotation, so it's not useless. The healing debuff aspect of that spell is intended for PvP indeed. But how the new PvP balance will turn out with the reduced healing debuffs across the board, that's a whole different discussion and we need way, way, way more information to consider arena balance. And ofcourse, there are quite some classes with a 50% healing debuff already so it's not like they are killing our niche.

    Quote Originally Posted by diegofsv
    Sunder armor for fury? WOW. Sunder is nerfed and the new talent is useless.
    As pointed out by many others, sunder armor will remain an important debuff because it will boost every melee his dps. And if you run a raid schedule where noone else can apply that precious armor debuff, the fury warrior is on sunder duty. It's been like that for a while now and if you don't sunder on such occasions you're holding the raid back. The proposed change of max 3 sunder stacks makes it easier to apply sunder armor and on top of that they add a talent that deals damage while sundering and provide us aggro hoes with a threat reduction talent as well. I don't see the drama here tbh, because the change in the numbers for sunder armor are all part of their giant spell scaling overhaul. There is no way of knowing how that will work out, as is with all your other points of QQ.

    Quote Originally Posted by diegofsv
    The best specialization from arms is gone. Now all of them give us the wrost one (for pve at least).
    Hell yea, you should be glad that we don't need to respec when we get another weapon. They already announced they would get rid of a lot of passive stat increase talents, and here is just another example. There is no use to speculate how that will turn out because it's just a tweak in the numbers for all damage etc... again. So considering the passive buffs for poleaxe and mace specialization are gone and compensated for by tweaking all spells in general (get it by now?), the new sword specialization alike talent (that applies to every weapon out there) is not a bad mechanic for more arms damage I think.

    Quote Originally Posted by diegofsv
    Disarm now will fear the target. almost good for pvp (well, the disarmed char would be already useless or at least nerfed), potential wipe talent for pve (OH NOES, THE FEARED MOB PULL THOSE 3 PACKS OUT THERE, WHO THE HELL FEARED THE MOB?)
    I think you should read the original post again. It says "cower in fear" and I think that implies that units under that effect will stay put where they are and just look very affraid for 5/10 seconds.

    tldr for the minds clouded by rage and sight troubled by tears; they announced only a fraction of the new spells, talents and general ideas for cataclysm and said that EVERY spell/ability/talent/whatever will have its numbers tweaked. So calm down and relax already, it's a fun game and will continue to be.

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Preview: Warrior

    Quote Originally Posted by Tendovvi
    Overall, heals cast by players in Cataclysm will be a lower number relative to players' health than the current game. So to make the Mortal Strike debuff less mandatory but still useful in PvP, Mortal Strike will reduce healing by only 20%. All equivalent debuffs, including the Shadow priest and Frost mage debuffs, will be for 20% less healing. At the moment we aren't considering giving this debuff to anyone else, though we will certainly consider PvP utility for historically under-represented specs that use other mechanics.

    GG. Destroying warriors totally
    I don't have the stomach to comment on every mindless rage/QQ post out there but I'll post my thought on this one before I go. I assume you mean by "Destroying warriors totally" that we will be nerfed in PvP because the healing debuff on MS is going to be 20%?

    Let's see, are we doing well in PvP at the moment? Sure we are! Today's statistics show us that amongst high rated PvP players, 12% is a warrior. Because there are 10 classes in this game, being represented amongst high arena ratings with 12% is above average. Ideally, every class should be at 10% because we all like balance, right? Actually, you will see that warrior/pala and warrior/druid account for a whopping 24% of the top100 most popular arena setups at the moment... let's just say we are really strong at the moment and keep it at that. No need to go into a PvP balance flamefest here.

    Now why would we be "destroyed" if the MS debuff goes down? Sure, it's a signature for our class in PvP but we bring a lot more than to the table than a single debuff (burst, mobility, plate, etc). If you argue the decrease of the MS debuff "destroys" us, I assume you think rogues and hunters will be "destroyed" as well? Pfff, I think not. The question about PvP balance is how the numbers will work out in the end. Warrior PvP has always been about warriors scaling with stats/weapons and therefor being meh at the begin and becoming unstoppable at the end of TBC and WotLK. Everything will change and the MS debuff numbers depend on a gazillion things, amongst other the numbers put out by the healers.

    So you should just wait and see how the warrior scaling issue and general tweaking of every class/spell/talent out there is addressed by blizzard in cataclysm because nobody has a clue how it will work out just yet.

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Preview: Warrior

    Gushing wound looks like itll be very annoying

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Preview: Warrior

    i will speak about pvp.I think that all the new 3 abilities are useless. We need new strikes and more mobility. Everything can stop us and we can't burst when we want. Indeed now bladestorm is useless very often so burst is very difficult. We need something as heroic fury but in arms tree or something that grants immunity to cc for few seconds.

    Healing will be nerfed but we are strong for the mortal strike. With his nerf now it is storng as priest and mage 's mortal mind blast and permafrost so this is another buff for them. if blizzard nerfed our mortal should delete their mortal i think but it isn't happened.

    Inner rage: i don't know how rage will work but, 50% more rage consumed is too much. Maybe you want that we socket only haste but this is very bad.

    Gushing wounds: a rend more useful for pvp... exiting -.-. It would be strong if stack go on until you don't stop for some seconds (10 stack--> too much damage for second to move).Give it a cd and this would be very useful. This would give war a chance to do damage to a target that doesn't move.

    Heroic leap:it isn't useful for pvp and pve. only for tanking maybe. Even if it wouldn't share cd 2 min cd you think is to much. This would be useful only if it will free from moviment impediments and do a good stun (maybe 4-5 sec) and not tc -.-

    Sorry for my english i'm italian

    ps the nerf to whirlwind is very bad. Often aoe isn't with lots of mob but only 5-6. Indeed it was useful when thre were fight wit 2-3 target. Now we will do more and more dmg in giant aoe but this will be a great nerf in all the rest.
    Nerf to whirwind would nerf also bladestorm dmg?

    pps gushing wound proc with taste for blood?

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Preview: Warrior

    If Blizzard is going to release the Heroic Leap, I do hope that they change so you don't have to be in Battle Stance, so it would be more useful for the raiders (me) who would like to stay fury for the 1h DW.

    If not, Blizzard shouldn't even release Heroic Leap, IMO

    Reply or Quote if you have similar opinions comments

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Preview: Warrior

    Also mastery sucks. Fury without arp but with enrage!we don't use enrage in our speck. it's useless. bonus swing for arms... something better?

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