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    Problem with strafing

    Okay my problem is that while playing i often get stuck in movement and i cant undoe it until i charge (play warrior) or press all keys on my gamepad like crazy.
    I am playing with and nostromo n52 tournament edition gamepad (yes the one that swifty mentionned in his video but i got it before that. The drivers are installed.

    I am using snowfall key press but i get that problem with and without it.

    I really hate it, whenever we are fighting lich king or when moving hastingly and pushing ctr f (to what i have assigned slam) and pushing in a certain direction my gamepad seems to bug out and moves my someway. This is bad, i got it once on my keyboard but that is long time ago and i am not even sure if it is the same.

    I love my gamepad but in arena i creates hefty movement isues (happens 1 out of 10 games but then twice or more often)

    Anybody here who can perhaps point my to a sollution?

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    Re: Problem with strafing

    The only thing that comes to my mind is that it might have something to do with sticky keys feature. I am not sure if your operating system has it or not since you haven't mentioned your operating system. But, if I were you I would google it and make sure that it is disabled.
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    Re: Problem with strafing

    i am operating on w 7 and i have disabled it but i am still getting the thing

    i am moving left and suddenly my char moves left without me pressing the key

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