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    Will SWTOR not have a Healer Class?

    From the class previews, it seems as though there aren't any healers or tanks. Will it be more of a non standard RPG than a WoW style MMO? Also do you think it will be good? Class wise, what other game would you compare it to?

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    Re: Will SWTOR not have a Healer Class?

    There is no "Trinity" system (which basically means the class system of Tanks-DPS-Healers) in ToR. In ToR you have group support and damage dealer classes if I remember correctly, some may have a little heal for emergency but that's it.

    Quotes from Bioware:

    “We just want to take the MMO combat and make it much more fast-paced, and make it feel much more action-packed.
    And it’s really simple decisions, like fighting more than one guy, having a lot more animations in combat, having things like combat music being a big part of it.
    There’s all these subtle things that as you layer on to combat it becomes what you saw in the demo in there. It’s not revolutionary, it’s just a whole bunch of evolutions that have brought us to that point”


    “MMOs are very slow-paced, it’s you versus one enemy, and you hit him fifteen times until he dies. That’s something we’ve consciously moved away from in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
    You’re fighting against multiple enemies, the action is fast-paced, there’s a lot more animations going on. We’ve gone out of our way, we hired a combat designer who had a huge amount of experience with fighting games, who really knows the secrets of making your combat abilities really feel powerful.”
    That’s something I think has really been missing from the MMO genre: Combat has always felt like an MMO, not like other games.”

    So it seems that they are trying to make the battles more like Star Wars rather than MMO.

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    Re: Will SWTOR not have a Healer Class?

    You'll probably end up stabing 1000 stimpacks into your leg like the Original KOTOR.

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    Re: Will SWTOR not have a Healer Class?

    Well... There is a Force Heal in KotOR... But I have to admit there were times when (like sometimes when you had to play your main character only) you had to use them a lot.

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    Re: Will SWTOR not have a Healer Class?

    So far

    The republic have the jedi consular (Can Heal in and out of combat)

    Sith have (Sith inquisitor will have dark heals)

    There are some support classes for each side also. Lets not forget - Each class will have 2 different trees. I am sure there will be some classes offering more heal/tank type abilities.

    More information is coming at this years E3 Convention. Stay tuned!

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