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    Stratagy game help

    hi im looking for a stratagy game that i can play with my brother on our two comps that doesnt require the disk to play. any help would be great thanks

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    Re: Stratagy game help


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    Re: Stratagy game help


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    Re: Stratagy game help

    the Command and Conquer games, I think.
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    Re: Stratagy game help

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikesmit
    the Command and Conquer games, I think.
    i thought that they required the disks to play?

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    Re: Stratagy game help

    Warcraft 3. Dawn of War. Really, any game which you just crack.
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    Re: Stratagy game help

    how do you crack games?

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    Re: Stratagy game help

    Age of Empires 3 is very fun, and when Starcraft 2 comes out i know it will be super fun because im in the beta and its amazing, you can buy a warcraft game, warcraft 3 you'll probably like the best, Starcraft is fun but not my favorite, i'd say until Starcraft 2 comes out get Age of Empires 3 and its expansions, it is a really fun game.

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