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    ive about given up hope

    2 days ago i log on to do my daily frost b4 i head off 2 school
    ~60 fps which is the norm for me in most situations
    i finish and start up norton 360 and do a comprehensive scan and set it 2 shut off when its done and i head out
    i come back 5 hours later and when i log on my fps now idles at ~10-20
    i get invited and summoned into 25ICC and during the valk pulls b4 LK it shoots down to 2-4fps and when the fight gets goin on LK it also goes down that low which basically takes me out of the fight (the disease and defile and what have you)
    for the last 2 days i have tried everything i can think of
    through googling i thought maybe it was a registry issue and have run the gambit of the free options 2 clean the registy as well as the one included in Norton360
    i thought perhaps it might be my video card Nvidia GeForce 9800 and through more googling i thought maybe This might be it
    but my attempt 2 update the driver didnt seem to go well and i had 2 rollback to the startup disc driver
    i just logged out of wow and the situation remains the same

    any help would be greatly appreciated
    if you need more information please let me know and ill post what i can gather

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    Re: ive about given up hope

    Sticky - Most importantly, your dxdiag info.

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