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    A7X Album

    Anyone know when the new Avenged Sevenfold album is projected to come out. I know it got pushed back since The Rev died RIP

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    Re: A7X Album

    No clue but i'm still anticipating a new Linkin Park Album, hoping they go back to their old stuff.

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    Re: A7X Album

    I believe it's meant to be out around July or so, though I may be getting confused with other new albums, there's a lot this year. A7x, Bullet, Linkin Park etc.

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    Re: A7X Album

    I think they got Mike Portnoy to do the studio drumming for now, so I can't see anything holding them back at the moment. Not a huge fan of A7X, purely because of the vocalist. But I do applaud the talent of guitarists, and the late Rev. Replace the vocalist/vocal style and I can see a band I could easily become a fan of!
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    Re: A7X Album

    They said that the album is done now.( Saw it around facebook ) Still dont know when its coming out. Looking forward to listen to their new songs with Mike Portnoy Drumming, RiP TheRev :/

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