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    Time warp???

    i remember when people said that shamans didnt get buffed because we already had an insane ability "bloodlust" but now another class has a better version of it, will shamans see more frequent buffs?

    i know we supposed to be an offensive hybrid, but will we ever get some defensive buffs. i like the spiritwalker's grace but you walk at normal speed, so this wont help you get away from anyone w/ slows/snares etc

    Im just thinking that no matter how hard blizzard makes us hit, that it wont matter if every other class has defensive CD's they can use, while we have none?

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    Re: Time warp???

    I know, I hate when stuff is so unfair months before beta and even further from live.
    I'm quitting cz of it.

    O wait

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    Re: Time warp???

    Shamanistic rage is a defensive cd. Sure you need it for mana most of the time but it is one. Shaman will get buffed, don't fret. The preview isn't the endall. It is a preview. The Mage bloodlust may not even go live.
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    Re: Time warp???

    ive already quit, but im probable coming back during nov or whenever cataclysm comes our, just to lvl my druid and shaman to 85. but i just remember talking on wow forums about how we need buffs because it doesnt matter how much damage we can do, if i die in 30sec (exaggeration) Hence no defensive CD's, while other classes have 3-5.

    People would say, blizzard isnt going to give shamans a buff while they have a unique ability that is almost required for 5's, so unless you lose BL then your not going to get the buffs. now BL is almost useless for us, because who wouldnt want a mage instead of a shaman for arena

    poly instead of hex
    same power (if not more) with a ton more of survivability
    Time warp instead of BL (which time warp currently seems like a better spell, if same haste is granted)

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    Re: Time warp???

    I expect mage will see a DPS decrease because of this buff, and they'll probably end up being the lowest of the pure DPS classes.

    Oh, and Hex is WAY better than polymorph.

    IN other words, you want to QQ because someone got a buff you have, when for the past 5 years we've all been forced to bring bad shamans to raids because we needed their one buff.

    Now we can bring a good mage over a bad shaman. If you're not bad, you have nothing to fear. But your crying over adding additional utility to the game and aiding the balance of 10-man raids leads me to believe you indeed are not.
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    Re: Time warp???

    Hex is better than polymorph? What game are you playing?

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    Re: Time warp???

    ^^ indeed. hex is not better than polymorph. sorry

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    Re: Time warp???

    There is already a thread on timewarp:

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