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    Help me choose

    Okay so real life has let up and I now have time and money to to return to one MMO but which one? I could go back to Aion and continue leveling in hopes that the major patch NCsoft keeps promising hits by the time I'm lvl 35-40. Or I could go back to WoW which I had been playing for 4.5 years before I was forced in a gaming sabbatical.

    From what I understand both WoW and Aion have lost much favor in the gaming community. I really don't know which to choose. Thanks for your input.

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    Re: Help me choose

    neither, play a single player rpg untill cata comes out

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    Re: Help me choose

    Quote Originally Posted by ScottK15
    neither, play a single player rpg untill cata comes out
    Pretty much this, yes

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    Re: Help me choose

    if really need a mmorpg to paly then play WoW.Aion is boring and only grinding.If you dont need an mmo find a single player rpg.(like diablo 2.still kickass even if it has bad graphics)
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    Re: Help me choose

    Play a single player rpg like mass effect 2 or dragon age origins until cata comes out, unless of course you want to see icc then go play wow, aion lost my interest after 4 levels it bored me to death even if it was pretty.

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