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    Oh they removed 15$ subscription free ice still lol
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    This is great. I pissed my pants watching the tutorial, and I'm ruminating about how this is even legal. How do they get past the copy right blizzard has?
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    HOLY CRAP, i laughed pretty hard while watching the litle video and while lookin at the screen shots
    its just like WoW

    "Hey i know, lets just make a game that is exactly like WoW in everyway possible, lets even name some of the stuff the same as WoW, yea that sounds like wonderful idea...."

    stupidity at its finest hurrpadurrp
    Its a crazy world out there, luckily i rarely see, expierience or go out into it cause ive got my own world.....of warcraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almega
    What about the two sides fighting over landscapes such as darkstone mountain, swamp of remorse, and the vast wastelands

    Doesn't exactly top world of lordcraft, but still
    At least the creators of Lordcraft credited it being based on Warcraft.

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