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    For Restoration Mastery I would like to be that your overheal HOTs leave something similar to Power word: Shield but more like Barkskin. Something like your HOT overhealing leaves a buff absorbing damage equal to 10% of the HOT overhealing.

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    Wild Mushroom looks nice, lets hope its going to be a usefull spell in cataclysm .

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    Is it just me or is our lates cata moonkin build the most boring one ever? I thought that blizzards idea was to give all the passive/boring bonuses as mastery and leave the fun stuff as talents. We were suposed to take the core mandatory talents and have a lot points left for the fun/utility talents. There were suposed to be decisions to make and people having diffrent builds that were still valid. So i ask what went wrong?

    After taking all the dps increase talents and those that i have to take to get to them i get 1 point left! Wow thats gonna be so much fun and such a big decision...

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    After taking all the dps increase talents and those that i have to take to get to them i get 1 point left! Wow thats gonna be so much fun and such a big decision...
    Half the decision is in those you have to take to get anywhere. There are several points you simply cannot invest into straight damage increases.
    It wouldn't really work otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wewa View Post
    For Restoration Mastery I would like to be that your overheal HOTs leave something similar to Power word: Shield but more like Barkskin. Something like your HOT overhealing leaves a buff absorbing damage equal to 10% of the HOT overhealing.
    Blizzard mentioned that they want Cataclysm to be about "keep people away from 0%" instead of "keep people at 100%". That means that there will be a lot less overhealing and a lot more required healing. There won't be time for overhealing, trust me.

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    I am super worried about the changes to druids.
    I was going to play mine first thru the expansion but I just don't feel them (or any other class) will be a fun healer in the expansion.
    I see us running about spamming everything for 20 seconds...being oom and then trying to drink, innervate etc.
    Hoping for mana before the tank dies.

    TOL at least they didn't go with the 70% movement debuff.
    Why have they wanted that in every expansion?

    quiz why do you have a picture of GC ?
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    The whole point is not to spam. That is why they have changed it so everyone has every type of spell.

    Besides the fact, what do you think we do right now? Sorry, but Rejuvx5 and wg wasn't working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syan View Post
    I don't understand the whine about the ToL changes, I've been looking forward to this ever since they were toying with the suggestion in a blue post some time ago.
    Tree of life as it is is just like being in normal caster form with some extra sp and 6% healing aura, the only time it had real character was when it gave +healing received to members of your group that scaled with spirit, with movement speed reduction at least that was interesting.

    But now, the changes they give us everything we get in tree of life form, but in caster form - and then a cooldown we can pop for a huge buff/style change on top.
    Even if you never use the new ToL cd you still have everything you had before and MORE, because you can cast roots/cyclone dps spells.

    Granted it doesn't happen too often, but there are times say on something like Blood Princes where one of the kenetic orb people just cant make it in time, saving the day with a few wraths feels worthwhile, and would be even better if you didnt have to shift out and waste gcd's/mana to do it, this is especially true on something like the 10m hardmode version of the fight where you have limited people and they cant afford to move around so much.

    New ToL is a massive buff to resto in general and comes at the cost of ONE GCD - even in spamfests like Lanit'hel you dont cast every single gcd into healing spells for the whole damned fight, and even if you can, the single gcd to make everything stronger that ToL brings would offset the usage.

    For those of you that say that a big healing boost is disruptive and unnecessary? Every raid since blackwing lair has had moments of extreme incoming damage, huge incresed AoE damage phases in particular which us resto druids have had the best tools to pick up since the inclusion of wild growth, recently = saurfang soft enrage, lana'thel bloodbolt whirl, LK edge phase transitions etc.

    Where these phases can at the moment be really overwhelming on current healers, having a huge fat powerful metamorph tree of life hopefully could potentially top up an entire raid itself, depending on how big the buff to the hots (assuming they go for the tree=hots primary approach again) and save the whole thing or close too it, it'll be an especially powerful tool on 10's/hm's no doubt.

    I would kill for this flexibility, even at the loss of my beloved tree graphic, wonderful /cry and /laugh, and silly /dance.
    (hope they have that minor glyph in!)

    -some of you people should stop being so pessimistic and look forward to the biggest positive change to the class since the end of vanilla!
    Yes, you are the man. Very well put. I'v been reading down this thread and finally! I remember being a Warlock in TBC and I was tanking Leotheras the blind. We made it soo close to where that 5-10 extra seconds if someone else was dpsing we would have got him down. We called out everyone to burn him down, but no go. I know that there are plenty of times to other people when this happened on any boss in TBC. Wrath is different, I know. They are changing things more-so to the way it was in TBC. I can see the benefit of DPS as a druid healer for times like that. I dont have all the offense in the world but I know if that situation ever arises again this time it might make a difference. Or even the other way around, when its coming to a breakign point before enrage BAM! You pop tree to take the strain off the other healers and they can even concentrate on doing damage while you hold everyone up.

    I'm looking forward for the changes, I was a lock in TBC, Resto Shaman in Wrath and I can't wait to be a Resto Druid in Cata.

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    Feral dps in the PTR

    hi there guys !
    i just wanna ask about things i found in the ptr !
    first of all my dps as a feral is not like it used to be ! shreds ferocious bite and every thing r less now since the savage roar has changed !

    any idea's about it ?
    and the innervate is nerfed pretty bad ! the amount that i get from it not even enough for one heal
    and one more thing
    i wish if we can get ability that can reduce the healing done on the target like the rogues warriors and many other classes so we can team up with any class to pvp or to play arena

    thanks in advance

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    feral dps is so bad atm. bears out doing cats on meters. imo the first changes i saw for cata i thought were promising. then came the 31 pt talent trees. ok i got that. only problem is you lose the customization between the two specs by a lot.

    i play tree however so. i wanted to talk a little about that spec instead.

    this idea of making all the healers balanced is a two sided sword. on one side it allows you to get healers regardless of class to fill in at any roll. problems? you could potentially roll 5 H pallies or whatever combo in there depending on what healers at the time are OP due to talents. thus the niche that each healer once had and the need for them is gone.

    but let me move on to my main issue with resto.

    making us tank healers? ok i got that. but thats all we are good at now. blizz has been so worried about giving us the ability to tank heal and nerfed our raid healing into the ground. i get that LB needed fixed so bad and alone without the talents in the tree LB is still shit imo fix the spell stop adding talents to our tree to improve a broken heal. yet to make it worth while i have to spend like 4-7 talent points. this is where a larger non 31pt tree comes into play.

    give us the option to spec one way for tank healing and another for raid healing. stop confining us to tank healing alone. so this is what BC all over again?

    another thing blizz is concerned about in this xpack is mana management. was this not supposed to be the focus when wotlk came out? ya we see how well that went at higher levels of gear. but here is the issue druids are all about HoT's which overheal a LOT. we have more hots than any other class yet say you have a raid member at 50% hp you toss a rejuv but your H pally in your raid hits him with a big heal your whole rejuv is wasted and is overheal.

    i have always loved my resto druid. our greatest ability is to play defensive healing and anticipate incoming damage with pre hots on a target. now we are being forced because of mana issues/ talents to be more of a direct on demand healer with HOTS??? ok funky but we have other spells HT RG Nourish SM what about those? HT is a joke. SM has a CD. RG is our best rounded heal and nourish is fixed now to be more of a flash heal as it should be. BUT RG has a Hot effect not to mention rejuv LB and WG over half our spells are Hots. this was fixed in Wotlk by insane amounts of mana with low mana costs to spells allowing us to "blanket the raid" with rejuv and WG believe me when i say i use regrowth a lot in there along with nourish to cover larger chunks of damage throughout fights so blizzard belief that we use only those two spells is insane. we normally do about 50%-60%+ overheal but the low mana costs and gear (specifically T9 and above) allowed us not to really worry about mana.

    ill admit though when i first started Hicc modes all those months ago mana was an issue. now with the lol 30% buff its hard to go ooom unless i die or use a vate on another person. even then its hard to go ooom. i think mana management is a good idea but at what cost to druids who spend their time overhealing a lot?

    im not going to lie i love to be the best healer i can be. if H pallies or H priests are going to blow other classes away you better believe i will take one of my 80 alts and make it my main for cata. i love my tree but i wont sit around for 2 patches waiting to get fixed.
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    Thank you so much for making this info available, tentative or otherwise. As of right now I'm fairly happy with the changes to Restoration but first I just need to get this off my chest...

    YESSSSSSSSSSS FINALLY! YOU'RE GETTING RID OF MY UGLY TREE FORM! (L O L) While I initially liked having a different form than the other healers because like all druid specs my form while performing is unique, that old brown ancient and worn-down looking tree has never (ever) been fun to look at. We are supposed to inspire life and that tree looks wilted. A thick head of green leaves would be nice. Also, resto druids have had some pretty nice-looking gear in the past but we never got to see it much because of tree form, and I honestly thought that it's a huge reason that maybe our gear as of late hasn't been so amazing to look at (what's the point if nobody in the raid will ever see it right?). Then there's our functionality. My most epic memories as tree are those when I had the allowance to switch back and forth from elf to tree to do things in elf form that I can't do in tree (like CC for example). In addition:

    - I love the idea of hitting a button to go tree for massive performance enhancement. HoTness. Like a priest's angel form only we don't need to die for it rofl I love it. I can definitely see us using it, say, mid-fight or near the end of a boss fight when every little bit counts a tad bit more. How cool would it be to see all the resto druids in the raid shift into tree at the same time?

    - Hooray and bravo for making us have to use more than 2 (maybe 3) spells to be efficient and top the meters at the same time. I'm not going to lie, Rejuvenating the entire raid and hitting Wild Growth each time it's off CD, (yes it can be messed up if your timing's off so it still takes precision to a very (very) small degree but) I've personally been extremely bored with this current method. All of these spells I have that never really get used, I'm excited to start using them again. However, unless the casting time of Healing Touch is decreased substantially without having to glyph for it (omg it's sooooo slow!), I just don't see myself using it during a raid especially a new raid where we'll be getting hit a lot harder and can die a lot faster. Right now I only use Healing Touch maybe 1-3 times during an entire raid if that, ALWAYS in an emergency and ALWAYS combined with Nature's Swiftness, never without. This of course is because I'm primarily on the raid. Slow heals I believe are better utilized for tank healing, so if that's what I'll be doing as well (as in doing more than the few HoTs I keep on the tank now?) then I can see HT having a better shot at my rotation.

    - Tranquility being more like Divine Hymn instead of only healing those in my party. Nice. This is yet another spell we rarely use in a raid because it was quickly determined that in the time it takes us to channel a full Tranq during massive raid-wide damage, possibly allowing another five people to die in the process, we could have rejuv'd those five in our party and everyone else to give them just enough HoTs to keep them all alive until they can get a bigger heal. May I suggest one thing though? Make it raid-wide and to balance it out lengthen the CD. This would make Tranq a LOT more useful as an emergency heal. Thanks!

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    sure some things are cool take tranquility. yes its finally worth using however the way reiign descrbed it is not correct. the tranquility use you see coming for cata would be what you stated as easier to HoT up those targets rather than channel it. but with rejuv changes (4.0 mana cost and hot time reduction) tranquility will be better. i agree with the healing touch we prolly wont use it bc of the cast time even with the glyph. i dont think i ever use it now with the lol 30% whats the point? rejuv wg regrowth... nourish in emergency. let the tank healers do there work.

    but honestly when it comes to tree form. yes i like the 3min cd i believe i posted about that on wow forums and it was changed the next week from 5min cd to 3min. and ya so what if we lose tree form no big deal i think the current cata use for it is fine. yet boomkins get to stay in form, cats stay in form, bears stay in form...why cant we? who cares about showing off our ugly armor t11 looks worse than t10 and thats saying something.

    my problem with this whole thing is the mana management. how can we be mana efficient when druids are hot healers. give us more direct heals and i think we fit in fine. and i meant to add to my last post about the LB +nourish talents/changes. i know LB is up to a 10sec tick. most if not all druids will be going emp. touch its a must have atm. so lets talk mana management with those spells. you want me to refresh LB by keeping a nourish up on the LB target every 10 seconds. should not be a problem since the LB will be on a tank and im sure he will be taking dmg. however what if he dosent need a heal yet LB is about to run out? im not going to let it drop only to spend 3 gcd's restacking it. so im wasting nourishes and mana on keeping a HoT up. its just frustrating. like i said before fix the LB spell itself stop giving it all these talents in our tree to fix it.

    efflorescence- while i agree spamming regrowth to proc this was retarded to begin with. giving its proc to swiftmend is just as dumb. swiftmend is used by most druids 90% of the time on the tanks when other healers are cc'd, los, unchained, out of range ect. so this will create the proc at the tanks which is great for fights which require the tanks to stand still not movement fights. please find some way to fix this.

    look at every other healing class in the game. most if not all of the spells they use are direct heals or the hots they use are minimal in comparison with a druid. with the supposed changes that cata raiding brings we know direct heals will be a better choice due to mana management, the way boss dmg has been explained, and the less overhealing they provide compared to druids.

    i hope with the release of 4.0 this next week blizz can and will find major problems with our healing and fix it before cata. out of all the healing classes druids look the worst by far and not to mention the most boring. besides a few changes to our spec we have no new heals where as every other healing class will be getting something new that is just disconcerting, 4 years total before we see something new. ive said it once and ill say it again cata will either ruin this game or make it great. i do miss the large scale of azeroth i miss all the old zones and the excitement i felt when i played vanilla. i just hope we dont have to sit around for 2-3 patches before things are corrected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iLive View Post
    Blizzard mentioned that they want Cataclysm to be about "keep people away from 0%" instead of "keep people at 100%". That means that there will be a lot less overhealing and a lot more required healing. There won't be time for overhealing, trust me.
    You're partially right but still wrong. Over healing is still inevitable if you're doing your job right. For example, you'd never let LB fall of a tank right? There are times where the tank will take less damage than your DPS, or the classic fight where heavy mechanics are used but the damage output isn't very high so you can easily keep your tank up as long as people follow the rules of the mechanic.

    Another point, and a reason why I wouldn't like this mastery suggestion.. Wild Growth, with the nerfs to efflo WG is a great choice to heal multiple people up in combination with a rejuv or whatever. However, just like WotLK and Efflo, there is the chance that some people will be wasting the WG with over heals. In a 5 man this highly likely, in a 10 man this is likely, and a 25 man this is less likely.. Making this suggestion more towards a 25m druid healer than anything else. The bark skin "like" buff would more than likely be put on players who aren't taking damage.. range on a range friendly fight, or a good player who stands out of the fire for example. The people who do need it would be the ones taking damage and this is where iLive is correct.. it's not very likely that you'll do a lot of over healing on them if they're taking damage in the first place. One of the first things you need to learn about healing in cata is that people don't have to be topped off all the time, you dont have to spam heals, you just have to make sure they live.

    My own personal suggestion would to add a small buff to efflo, something that graudually makes it better to use and puts druids in a place where we can AoE heal a little better. Over all, putting points into mastery wouldn't be for tank healers only.
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