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    Re: Rogue - Cataclysm Preview Compilation

    Just wondering, the druid cat energy regen benefit by haste, do us rogue's too? It wasnt stated in the preview notes for rogues.

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    Re: Rogue - Cataclysm Preview Compilation

    Confirmation that Shadowstep won't be trainable = :'(

    Hopefully they'll allow more utility for all Rogues, or just make Subtlety the PvP spec for Cataclysm.
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    Re: Rogue - Cataclysm Preview Compilation

    On the whole "FoK only uses 1 poison" argument, it is a slight nerf for AoE PvE damage if you get Deadly Poison to 5 stacks on all targets, and want to burn the rest with Instant Poison. In all other situations, having a third poison available is a great utility for PvE and PvP.

    As for "FoK will do less damage", it will be just as good as it is now. Blizz will scale it from 70% to 200% or something so there will be no noticable change.
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    Re: Rogue - Cataclysm Preview Compilation

    Quote Originally Posted by Eduardomsc
    but Vanish actually HAD been fixed in the past...the thing is, they "de-fixed" vanish because they thought that Vanish working properly was overpowered...

    that was the most retarded thing I've ever seen in WoW so far.
    Vanish was never fixed, if you remember the patch, all it did was make rogues immune to all damage for a short period of time--first one second, then half a second--the problem therein was that the immunity passed over to encompass AoE damage as well. AoE has always, and will always be, supposed to bring a rogue out of stealth. the "rogue sees mage, mage fires arcane missiles, rogue uses vanish, mage proceeds to miss every shot fired at rogue" scenario will just remain implausible for now.

    While i do hope that one day Vanish will work the way we all wish it would, that was not the answer.

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    Re: Rogue - Cataclysm Preview Compilation

    I do think there is a problem with Vanish, but I don't think it comes from the ability itself. I think it comes from the attacks done when Vanish is to be used.

    This is all an assumption from what I've seen.

    If you understand the way range/caster attacks work, you know that everything is calculated (damage amount, chance to hit, etc) as the ability leaves the hands of the caster, not when it actually hits the target. You can see proof of this when a spell misses the moment the spell leaves the caster's hands and shoots off to the side of the target. If the calculations were done as it approached the target, it wouldn't be able to visually show if it should look like a miss until the very end. If they were to change when spells were calculated, I bet Vanish would begin to work much more reliably.

    As for FoK, if I interpret it right, I would see it as a nerf, because it doesn't say "also" when mentioning the range slot. So, it would only take into account the range slot, and not either of the hand weapons, also meaning that the poison on the range weapon would only be taken into account. Even if the range slot coefficient were to match the combined amount that both hands would accomplish, how would Deadly Poison work with it? How would the "other hand" be taken into account? If it doesn't, then that's only 1 poison, not 2, and in such a case with Deadly Poison, you not only lose out on the usual Instant procs, but the 5 stack Deadly proc to the other hand (which would be Instant as well). I would say it's a nerf to damage, but a slight buff to utility if you aren't one that deals with weapon-swapping.
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    Re: Rogue - Cataclysm Preview Compilation

    If they were to change when spells were calculated, I bet Vanish would begin to work much more reliably.
    The problem is the different spells range. If you're idea is use, you need add an other calcul to calcul how many times the projectile should use to hurt his target. And that's improve the numbers of calculs so this improve hugely the lag.
    It's not the solution. And there is no solution i guess.
    The only solution is to reduce the lag at low level between you and the server and between you're ennemies and the server. But it's currently impossible (different connection/lag/etc...)

    For FoK keep in mind they will nerf poisons (and autoattacks) and they may be reduce the numbers of stacks on deadly poison for this.

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    Re: Rogue - Cataclysm Preview Compilation

    I think at first I was a bit upset that they never mentioned any useful PvE abilities, but rereading this a few times has shown me that yea the current ones we got atm are awesome, and they prob didn't mention anything for em cuz they're not done with em yet. I personally don't PvP too much(ironic for playing a PvP server) but with these new abilities I might this about actually using my duel spec for once.

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    Re: Rogue - Cataclysm Preview Compilation

    Sexy thread and all, but lets keep the discussion going in the other threat.


    *hugs and kisses*

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