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Thread: Healing

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    Re: Healing

    I dont like current whack-a-mole healing mini game. However they change it is welcomed by me.

    Wrath came along and in present day its pretty much the same without the worry of running out of mana. (If you have plenty of replenishments)
    We base all our gemming through maximizing our throughtput.
    I never see people in high end progression gem intellect anymore.
    One thing that dissapointed me the most was the removal of mana potting on CD.
    I quite enjoyed having to worry about my mana and hoping my next mana pot came off CD before I became oom.
    Anyone remember the good ole' Alchemist Stone?
    I swear I used that thing forever just to get more mana return out of my Pots in TBC.
    By removing pots and consumable, Blizz lifted the terrible grinding and brought the raiding game closer to the casual mass. It was a wise decision

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    Re: Healing

    Their apparent intentions for healing seem good. I would love to bring more challenge and strategy back to healing. It does seem to move away from their catering to the casual though.

    Just as an aside, why do I have this feeling that pallies are gonna get some kind of "Radiance" AOE heal: something like their beacon target will heal players around them - like a burst AOE heal with a CD. Basically what we've wanted lightwell to be for years. I feel it coming!

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