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    Re: Paragon World First Lich King HC Kill Video

    That was great and I was in awe the whole time, loved the music, loved the PoV switch from time to time, was really well put together. I do have a question tho to anyone who would know, their resto shaman has imo the best set up, UI wise, I've ever seen. Could anyone message me a list of his addons or a link to where I can find them, especially the little grid icons that show what benifical spell is on each player. Thanks and again that was awesome.

    [Banhammer, Kungen's Bane]

    1.60 sp mace
    150 str
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    80 dodge
    93 parry
    "As you look upon the mace, you hear the whining of a thousand fanboys. Something deep with in your soul makes it impossible to think anything but 'lol.'"

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    Re: Paragon World First Lich King HC Kill Video

    awasome movie tbh,great job once more !

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